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Acceleration clause- This is a portion/clause contained in your mortgage that allows the bank to call in the whole balance due on the loan in the event of missed payments. Without this clause, the bank must declare a separate default for each missed payment as the payment is missed. An acceleration clause allows a missed payment to be considered a default of the whole note and mortgage, and allows the bank to call the full balance due. ( )

Accrued Interest – The amount of interest earned on a note, but not yet received in payment.  An example would be a straight note (no payments).  At the end of the first year the balance owed would be the original principal plus one year’s interest.

Ad Valorem Taxes– is a Latin term meaning “based on value,” which applies to property taxes based on a percentage of the county’s assessment of the property’s value. The assessed value is the standard basis for local real property taxes, although some place “caps” (maximums) on the percentage of value or “parcel taxes”, which establish a flat rate per parcel. Ad valorem taxes may also be applied to personal property, such as a duty on imported items and motor vehicles.

Add-On Interest – The interest is applied to the loan amount to get yearly interest.  This is multiplied by the number of years.  This total interest is added on to the loan balance.  The monthly payment is calculated by dividing this number (principal plus add-on interest) by the number of payments.  This method contrasts with charging interest on the remaining principal balance.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) – A mortgage or other real estate loan wherein the interest rate and payments that correspond to the interest are adjustable from year to year according to some index such as the rate paid by the government on Treasure Bills.

Adversary– The bankruptcy rules consist of nine distinct parts with Part VII governing adversary proceedings. Under Bankruptcy Rules Rule 7001, an adversary proceeding may be filed in a debtor’s bankruptcy action for certain specific reasons. An adversary proceeding may be filed to recover money or property of a debtor, for the sale of a debtor’s property by a co-owner, to object or revoke a discharge, to revoke the confirmation of a reorganization plan, to determine the dischargeability of a debt, to obtain an injunction or other equitable relief, and for other matters.

Affirmative Defense– is a type of defense in which the defendant seeks to avoid liability by introducing new evidence not addresses in the claims of the plaintiff’s complaint. Such a defense must be raised in the defendant answer, and because affirmative defenses require the assertion of facts beyond those claimed by the plaintiff, the defendant has the burden of proof for the defense. The burden of proof is typically lower than beyond a reasonable doubt. It can either be clear and convincing or preponderance of the evidence. An affirmative defense must be timely made by the defendant in order for the court to consider it, or else it is considered waived by the defendant’s failure to assert it. SEE and and

Algebraic Logic – The calculator logic of putting the operation sign (plus, minus, times or divided by) before the number is entered.

All-Inclusive Deed of Trust – A note secured by deed of trust that “wraps around” a smaller senior loan.  See also “Wraparound Mortgage”.

Allonge– A paper attached to a negotiable instrument to enable writing endorsements when the back of the bill is full. An allonge is rare because bills of exchange are no longer very common. Limited case law regarding this matter exists because of its rarity, but there is some.

Amendment Of A Note – Changing the interest, payment schedule, or due date on an existing note without writing a new note.

Amortization – The payments on an amortized loan are established to contain both principal and interest so that the loan will be paid off in full by the end of the amortization period.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – The true cost of a loan to a borrower as required by the Truth in Lending Laws.

Arrears – 1)  Behind in making payments, as in “The payments were 3 months in arrears.”  2)  Later than earned, as in “Loan interest is paid in arrears.  The interest for May is paid in the June payment.

Assignee – The person acquiring a note from a previous holder. 

Assignment – Transfer of the right of a note from one holder to another. 

Assignor – The person giving up ownership of a note to a new holder.

Automatic stay– is a freeze imposed on the lender as soon as you file for bankruptcy. The stay prevents lenders from moving forward on debt collections. Bankruptcy automatically triggers the stay, but in some situations lenders can convince the bankruptcy court to lift the stay.

Bankruptcy- Chapter 7– A filing under Chapter 7 is called liquidation. It is the most common type of bankruptcy proceeding. Liquidation involves the appointment of a trustee who collects the non-exempt property of the debtor, sells it and distributes the proceeds to the creditors. Not dischargeable in bankruptcy are alimony and child support, taxes, and fraudulent transactions. To qualify for relief under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, the debtor may be an individual, a partnership, or a corporation or other business entity. Filing a bankruptcy petition automatically suspends all existing legal actions and is often used to forestall foreclosure or imposition of judgment. After 45 or more days a creditor with a debt secured by real or personal property can petition the court to have the “automatic stay” of legal rights removed and a foreclosure to proceed. When the court formally declares a party as a bankrupt, a party cannot file for bankruptcy again for seven years.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13–   Bankruptcy law provides for the development of a plan that allows a debtor, who is unable to pay his creditors, to resolve his debts through the division of his assets among his creditors. The philosophy behind the law is to allow the debtor to make a fresh start, not to be punished for inability to pay debts. Bankruptcy law allows certain debtors to be discharged of the financial obligations they have accumulated, after their assets are distributed, even if their debts have not been paid in full. Chapter 13 allows individuals who have reliable incomes to pay all or a portion of their debts under protection and supervision of the court. Under Chapter 13, you file a bankruptcy petition and a proposed payment plan with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The law requires that the payments have a value at least equal to what would have been distributed in a Chapter 7 liquidation case. An important feature of Chapter 13 is that you will be permitted to keep all your assets while the plan is in effect and after you have successfully completed it

Bankruptcy remote is a term that describes the relative position of one company as it relates to bankruptcy vis-a-vis others within a corporate group, whereby the insolvency of the bankruptcy remote entity has as little economic impact as possible on other entities within the group. A bankruptcy remote entity is often a single-purpose entity. In practice, due to the concept of limited liability, most companies in developed legal systems will be de facto bankruptcy remote from other members of the group (except in limited circumstances where creditors are permitted to pierce the corporate veil). However, in financial structuring, references to bankruptcy remoteness usually imply additional steps being taken to protect group members from attendant liability, such as by using an orphan structure to remove the legal ownership of the bankruptcy remote vehicle from the group, whilst retaining the economic benefits of it. Such structures are used where the vehicle’s activities may give liability to the group as a whole, for example, under certain environmental protection legislation, or in relation to tax liabilities in certain countries.

Commercial mortgage loans often require that the properties financed be placed in special limited liability companies (LLCs) or corporations which are bankruptcy remote from their owners, to allow the lender to seize the property in the event of loan payment failures and not be stopped by the owner’s filing bankruptcy.

Balloon Payment – A large payment on a note, usually due at the end of the payment schedule.  There can also be partial balloon payments during the note term.

Beneficiary – The person entitled to receive the payments on a note.

Bifurcation -Splitting something into two pieces. For example, an investor might wish to run portfolio analysis under different market conditions, such as if an interest rate cut occurs or does not occur. See 

Blended Rate – The overall interest rate when two or more loans are on a property.  It is higher than the rate on the lowest rate loan and lower than the rate on the highest interest loan.  Also called Overall Rate (OAR).

Boiler Plate – Slang for standardized legal language or template format writing often used in loan forms, real estate closings, and legal contracts.

Buy Down – In order to reduce the interest and payments on a loan for the buyer, the property seller may pay the lender some money up front to “buy down” the interest and payments for a certain period of time.  Example – The seller buys down on a 30-year loan at 14% interest so that the buyer of the property only pays 11% interest for the first 2 years.

Calculator – An electronic machine, programmed to perform specific computations.  It has a “mind of its own” which was developed by the programmer and manufacturer.  Different calculators are designed for performing different jobs.

CallableAble to be redeemed prior to maturity. The term usually applies to bonds and convertible securities. The issuer of a callable security has to state the conditions under which the security may be called at the time of issue. For most securities, there is a certain initial time period in which the security cannot be called. A bond will usually be called when market interest rates fall below the yield being paid on the bond (bonds are usually called when the price rises to a certain point). To reflect this risk, a callable security is usually priced lower than a non-callable security

Carry Paper – For a property seller to take part of the entire sale price of the property in the form of a secured note.  Example – The seller carried $20,000 in paper to facilitate the sale of his property.

Cash Flow Diagram – A graphic representation of a series of cash flows, in or out or both, showing how much and their timing.

Cause of Action– is a right to bring a lawsuit. A person or entity may have a cause of action limited by the time frame set forth by statute for bringing a lawsuit. A cause of action may exist under the common law (judge made law) or granted by statutes. In order to have a valid cause of action, all the legally defined elements of a claim must exist.

CDO.- An investment-grade security backed by a pool of various other securities. CDOs can be made up of any type of debt, in the form of bonds or loans, and usually do not deal with mortgages. CDOs, like CBOs and CMOs, are divided into slices, each slice is made up of debt which has a unique amount of risk associated with it. CDOs are often sold to investors who want exposure to the income generated by the debt but do not want to purchase the debt itself.
. A general term used to refer to collateralized bond obligations (CBO), collateralized loan obligations (CLO), and collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO).

Certified Mail– is a method of delivery used for important mailings that require proof of receipt, such as legal notifications. Certified mail provides the sender with a mailing receipt and a delivery record that is maintained by the Postal Service. A return receipt that provides the sender with proof of delivery can also be purchased for an additional fee. Certified mail service is available for First-Class Mail and Priority Mail. Certified Mail using Priority Mail is not yet available through this service.

Chain of titleChronological order of conveyance of a property given in an abstract of title from the earliest owner to the current one.

Chargeoff- A chargeoff of a debt occurs when, after a certain period of time, credit card or loan issuers consider an unpaid credit card or loan account as a loss and therefore charge it off their books. Often, the account is then turned over to collection firms or attorneys for handling. A chargeoff for debts can be collected several years later unless it was discharged in a bankruptcy procedure.

Civil Procedure– is the body of law governing the methods and practices used in civil litigation. It can be enacted by the legislature or the courts. It can be the rules that are used in handling a civil case from the time the initial complaint is filed through the pretrial discovery, the trial and any subsequent appeal. In a nut shell it can taken as the methods, procedures, and practices used in civil cases.

Clear – Remove previous instructions and data from the calculator so they will not interfere with the next calculations.  You can clear the program, the financial registers, the storage registers, and the display.

Clear Title– refers to the uncontested and unencumbered ownership of real property. A property lacking clear title is said to have a cloud on its title. A cloud on title may arise, for example, by a lien for nonpayment of a note secured by the property. Clouds on title may be removed by bringing an action to quiet title in a court of equity.

Closed-End Mortgage– is a loan in which the lender is given a security interest in real estate and the borrower may not repay the loan before the maturity date. The loan amount may not be increased or extended over the life of the loan. The borrower must also seek permission from the lender to incur additional debt, using the same collateral as security for the debt. It is the opposite of an open-end mortgage.

Closing – Completion of a transaction, including details like preparation and recording of legal documents, procurement of applicable insurance coverage, and transfer of fund.

Closing Costs – Closing costs are the expenses associated with buying real estate. Some of the items that may be included, among others, are:

– the loan origination fee or a point, charged for the lender’s costs of processing the loan. The fee is usually a percentage of the loan amount and the percentage varies among lenders the loan discount, called point or discount point, which is a one-time charge imposed by the lender or broker to lower the interest rate credit report fee, used by banks to determine the borrower’s credit rating. The Real Estate Procedures Closing Act, RESPA, requires lenders and mortgage brokers to give you a Good Faith Estimate of the loan-related expenses that are due at closing. However, this is only an estimate and actual costs may be significantly higher. Certain costs are prorated between the buyer and seller, such as property taxes. Closing costs may be negotiated between the buyer and seller. State and federal laws, which vary, apply to determine whether the seller or buyer may negotiate at the time of contract who pays certain closing costs. For example, FHA loans and 90% LTV (Loan to Value) typically allow a 6% seller contribution.

Collateral – Property pledged as security for performance of an obligation.

Collection Service – A neutral third party, other than the borrower or lender.  The collection agency or collection service collects the payments due on a note and forwards the proceeds to the proper recipients.

Complaint– In foreclosure, a complaint is the initial document filed with the court or other authority by a person or entity claiming legal rights against another. The party filing the complaint is usually called the plaintiff and the party against whom the complaint is filed is called the defendant or defendants. Complaints must properly state the factual as well as legal basis for the claim. A complaint also must follow statutory requirements, which vary by jurisdiction. When the complaint is filed, a copy of the complaint and the summons must be served on a defendant before a response is required

Compounding – The situation where interest accrues and then gathers interest.  Example – A $310,000 straight note (no payments) with 12% compound monthly interest earns $91,200 the first year.  Adding that to the original principal gives the next year starting balance of $401,200.  This sum will earn 12% interest.  The process repeats each year.

Compound Interest – See Compounding.

Constant (Loan Constant) – The yearly payment on a loan divided by the remaining principal balance.  As amortized loans are paid down, the Loan Constant increases.

Continuance– is a postponement of a date of a trial, hearing or other court appearance. An order for a continuance may be requested from the court by one of the parties, or the parties may agree to stipulate to a continuance. A court is more likely to decline a continuance if there have been other previous continuances. A continuance may be requested for various reasons, such as unavailability of an attorney or interested party, necessity of extra time to prepare for the matter, and others

Contract for Deed – A contract for deed allows the seller and purchaser to elect specific requirements concerning purchase price, interest, and payment terms. Also, fees related to insurance and taxes can be set in the direction of seller or the purchaser at their option before the signing of the agreement. A deed is the written document which transfers title (ownership) or an interest in real property to another person. The deed must describe the real property, name the party transferring the property (grantor), the party receiving the property (grantee) and be signed and notarized by the grantor. To complete the transfer (conveyance) the deed must be recorded in the office of the County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds. There are two basic types of deeds: a warranty deed, which guarantees that the grantor owns title, and the quitclaim deed, which transfers only that interest in the real property which the grantor actually has. The quitclaim is often used among family members or from one joint owner to the other when there is little question about existing ownership, or just to clear the title. A quitclaim deed conveys only such rights as the grantor has. A warranty deed conveys specifically described rights which together comprise good title.

Core Proceedings– In bankruptcy law, a proceeding is core if it invokes a substantive right provided by the Bankruptcy Code or by nature could arise only in the context of a bankruptcy case

Court Costs– include filing fees, charges for serving summons and subpoenas, court reporter charges for depositions, court transcripts and copying papers and exhibits. Court costs are often awarded to the successful party in a lawsuit. Attorneys’ fees can be included as court costs only if there is a statute providing for attorneys’ fee awards in a particular type of case, or if the case involved a contract which had an attorneys’ fee clause. Some statutes provide that costs may be waived upon the petition of an indigent person in certain cases where otherwise a person would be deprived of their due process rights of access to the judicial system.

Courthouse – Place where deeds and real estate paper are recorded.  See also Recorder’s Office and Registrar of Deeds.

Counter-Claim– is made by the defendant to a civil proceeding, in a main action against the plaintiff or against the plaintiff and other people. This claim may be an attempt to offset or reduce the amount/implications of the plaintiff’s original claim against the defendant, or it may be a different claim.

Credit Report – The report on a person’s credit standing issued by a credit information bureau such as Experian.  It shows what credit a person has been granted and what their payment record is.

Creditor – The person to whom money is owed.

Current – Payments are current when they are up to date.

Current Principal Balance – The balance currently owed on a note, which may be smaller or larger than the original principal balance.

Dead Equity – Equity in property, not earning interest, not being used to acquire more property.

Debt – An obligation owed by a borrower to a creditor.

Debtor – One who owes money to another.

Debt service – The monthly payments required to keep the loans on a property current.

Decimal – The period between numbers designating the difference between whole numbers and parts thereof.  Example – 1,1, wherein the first 1 is a whole number and the second 1 represents 1/10th.  In this case there is on number to the right of the decimal.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure– is a method sometimes used by a lienholder on property to avoid a lengthy and expensive foreclosure process, With a deed in lieu of foreclosure (DIL), a foreclosing lienholder agrees to have the ownership interest transferred to the bank/lienholder as payment in full. The debtor basically deeds the property to the bank instead of them paying for foreclosure proceedings. Therefore, if a debtor fails to make mortgage payments and the bank is about to foreclose on the property, the deed in lieu of foreclosure is an option that chooses to give the bank ownership of the property rather than having the bank use the legal process of foreclosure.

Deed of Trust – A deed of trust is a document which pledges real property to secure a loan, used instead of a mortgage in certain states. A deed of trust involves a third party called a trustee, usually a title insurance company or escrow company, who acts on behalf of the lender. When you sign a deed of trust, you in effect are giving a trustee title (ownership) of the property, but you hold the rights and privileges to use and live in or on the property. The trustee holds the original deed for the property until you repay the loan. When the loan is fully paid, the trustor requests the trustee to return the title by reconveyance. If the loan becomes delinquent the beneficiary can file a notice of default and, if the loan is not brought current, can demand that the trustee begin foreclosure on the property so that the beneficiary may either be paid or obtain title. Unlike a mortgage, a deed of trust also gives the trustee the right to foreclose on your property without taking you to court first.

Default (legal meaning) – default refers to a failure to fulfill a legal obligation or duty. For example, a default by a borrower under a loan agreement permits a lender to take certain actions in response to the default. Also, refers to the failure of a party to do something that the law required him to do. A default occurs when a person who is required to be present before the court of law for some proceedings before it, fails to appear in court.

Defective Title– Defective title refers to a title to real property which is invalid because a claimed prior holder of the title did not have title, or there is an inaccurate description of the property, or some other “cloud” over it, which may or may not be learned from reading the deed. To avoid a defective title problem, a purchaser will often research the chain of title.

Chain of title refers to the history of passing of title ownership to real property from the present owner back to the original owner. A record of title documents may be maintained by a registry office or civil law notary. Chains of title include notations of deeds, judgments of distribution from estates, certificates of death of a joint tenant, foreclosures, judgments of quiet title, and other recorded transfers of title to real property. Before purchasing property, the purchaser will usually hire a title companies or abstractors to search out the chain of title and provide a report so that a purchaser will be assured the title is clear of any claims. In many real estate transactions, insurance companies issue title insurance based upon the chain of title to the property when it is transferred.

Delinquent – When payments are overdue, they are said to be delinquent.

Delta – A Greek symbol shaped like a triangle, which stands for change between two numbers.  Example – Delta % from 100 to 125 is 25% increase.

Deposition– The sworn testimony of a witness taken before trial held out of court with no judge present. The witness is placed under oath to tell the truth and lawyers for each party may ask questions. A deposition is part of pre-trial discovery (fact-finding), set up by an attorney for one of the parties to a lawsuit demanding the sworn testimony of the opposing party, a witness, or an expert intended to be called at trial by the opposition. If the person requested to testify, called the deponent, is a party to the lawsuit or someone who works for an involved party, notice of time and place of the deposition can be given to the other side’s attorney, but if the witness is an independent third party, a subpoena will be served on that person to appear to testify.

Discount – A purchase price less than the remaining principal balance of a note.

Discounted Paper – Real estate paper bought or sold at a price less than the principal balance.

Discounting – The practice of adjusting the price of a note to compensate for other factors such as terms, payments, interest rate, security, and needs of the seller.  The discount raises the yield to the buyer.

Discount Points – A point is one percent of the principal amount.

Discount Rate– refers to the interest rate that banks pay on loans to them from the Federal Reserve. Banks whose reserves dip below the reserve requirement set by the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors must take immediate action to make up their shortfall. The Federal Reserve will usually make a short-term loan to a bank in this situation to give the bank an opportunity to make adjustments in its loan and investment portfolio that will permit it to raise its reserves.

Discovery– is a fact-finding process that takes place after a lawsuit has been filed and before trial in the matter, in order to allow the parties in the case to prepare for settlement or trial. It is based upon the belief that a free exchange of information is more likely to help uncover the truth regarding the facts in issue. Court rules and state rules of evidence govern the discovery procedure. Some discovery methods include written questions called interrogatories, requests for admission which can be only admitted or denied, oral questions at depositions, requests for inspection of property impossible or impractical to move, and requests for production of papers and other physical items to be delivered to the requesting party.

Double Escrow – Two separate but related escrows or closings, each contingent or dependent on the other.  Example – You are buying a note and reselling it immediately for profit.  The buy and resale escrows are contingent on each other and close at the exact same time.  See Simultaneous Closing.

Due Process– Due process generally requires fairness in government proceedings. A person is entitled to notice and opportunity to be heard at a hearing when they have property at stake. Laws should be applied to persons equally, without discrimination on prohibited grounds, such as gender, nationality, handicap, or age. For example, when a person’s home is in danger of tax foreclosure, the notice of delinquency is required to be sent within a certain time period and the person must be allowed to pay the full amount owed before it is sold to a third party. If there is an error in taxation or the person wishes to contest the appraisal, an appeals process is available.

Due on Sale Clause– Due on sale clauses are provisions in a contract, typically a loan against property, which is an acceleration clause in a loan, calling for payment of the entire principal balance in full, triggered by the transfer or sale of a property. Such a clause permits a secured mortgage lender (federal, state or private) to call the entire unpaid loan balance due and payable immediately if the property securing the loan is sold, transferred, traded, gifted or otherwise disposed of without the lender’s prior written consent.

Durable Power of Attorney– is a legal document that enables the grantor (Principal) to designate another person called the agent or attorney-in-fact to act on behalf of the Principal, even in the event the individual becomes disabled or incapacitated. Therefore a “durable” power of attorney stays valid even if the Principal is not able to handle his or her affairs (incapacitated). Usually a power of attorney becomes ineffective if its grantor dies or becomes incapacitated. If the grantor does not specify that that the power of attorney is to be durable, it will automatically end when the principal becomes incapacitated.

Effective Interest Rate – The overall yield earned on an investment, taking into account the discount and all existing loan terms.

Encumbered– means to burden with debts or legal claims. For example, an interest in real property may be encumbered by mortgages. When property is jointly owned, signatures of all owners is usually required to encumber the property.

End Buyer – The person who purchases the real estate note you find.

Endorsement–  A signature used to legally transfer a negotiable instrument. Usually found at the bottom of last page of the Note, if there is no room, then an Allonge is attached.

Enlargement of Time– refers to extension of time during which a party may plead a case, file a requisite document in court etc. The party seeks the court’s leave for granting such time when he or she files a motion for Enlargement of time.

Enter – Putting a number or other information into the calculator.  An entry starts in the display and then is entered into the calculator inner workings for use.

Equity – The amount left over after subtracting the loans from the value of the property.

Equity Cushion – The margin of safety over and above a specific loan on a property.  A $100,000 property with $65,000 in loans would have a $35,000 equity cushion to protect the loans.

Escalation – Rising loan payments as time goes on.

Escrow – A neutral third party stakeholder that receives the instruments, contracts, documents and funds in a transaction as needed from both parties.  Escrow sees that the terms and conditions of the contract are fulfilled according to the escrow instructions.

Escrow Instructions – Written instructions to an escrow officer, signed by both parties to a transaction.  This tells the escrow officer exactly what to do to complete the transaction.

Escrow Officer – The person responsible for administration of the transactions in an escrow office.

Execution – The legal signing of a document.  In order to record an instrument, a Notary Public must witness its execution.

Existing Financing – The financing on a property before making any changes.  Example – When looking for a property to buy, you are first interested in the existing financing.  See also Proposed Financing.

Extension Agreement – A written agreement giving a debtor more time to pay on an obligation.

Face Amount – The original principal balance appearing on the face of the note.  Be sure to check the current principal balance of a seasoned note because it may be drastically different than the face amount.

Fannie Mae– is another name for the Federal National Mortgage Association. Fannie Mae is a private, shareholder-owned company that aims to assist Americans become homeowners. Rather than lending money directly to home buyers, Fannie Mae works with lenders to ensure they have sufficient money to lend to those trying to obtain mortgages.

Final Judgment -. the written determination of a lawsuit by the judge who presided at trial (or heard a successful motion to dismiss or a stipulation for judgment), which renders (makes) rulings on all issues and completes the case unless it is appealed to a higher court. It is also called a final decree or final decision. 

Financial Calculator – A calculator designed for dealing in computations involving money, loans, payments, and time.

First Loan – (Note, Mortgage, Trust Deed) – The first loan to be recorded as a lien against a specific property (first in time and security).

Flipping – Slang for referring a note to an investor and making a quick cash profit.

Foreclosure – A judicial foreclosure is the means of enforcing one’s right to payment under a Mortgage.  The judge orders the property to be sold at auction and the proceeds used to pay the creditor.  A Trust Deed can be foreclosed by having the Trustee auction the property via Trustee’s Sale.

Free and Clear – Property that has no loans on it whatsoever is free and clear.

Full Disclosure– is a legal requirement in various situations, such as real estate transactions and prenuptial agreements, that seeks to balance the negotiating power of both parties to a transaction through equal possession of relevant information. It is a requirement that the whole truth must be told before a purchase is made or a contract is signed, so that the purchaser or signer is fully informed about the consequences of his/her decision.

Fully Amortized – A loan whose payments include both interest and principal and will eventually be paid in full during its term with no balloon payment.

FV – Future Value – The balloon payment of a loan or the loan balance as of some future date.

Ginnie Mae– is a nickname for the Government National Mortgage Association, which guarantees investors the timely payment of principal and interest on mortgage-backed securities (MBS) backed by federally insured or guaranteed loans — mainly loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Good Faith Estimate– provides the borrower with the information needed to shop for a loan effectively. A Good Faith Estimate sets out all the costs associated with the mortgage, and often experts recommend seeing it before committing to a loan. When a person applies for a mortgage, the government requires the lender to give a “Good Faith Estimate” within three days of the application. A Good Faith Estimate helps to compare the real costs of competing mortgage offers. It may be tricky if different lenders list the same costs in different way, or if the same costs are incomplete or inaccurate. A Good Faith Estimate covers every expense associated with a home loan, including interest rate and discount points, lender’s fees, title and transfer charges, prepaid interest, insurance, and expected increase in fees. A person can protect himself/herself from nasty surprises by asking the lender to “lock in” its fees. Along with the Good Faith Estimate, the lender also provides a Truth in Lending disclosure form which gives the Annual Percentage Rate on the mortgage.

Grantee– in the context of real property law is a person to whom an estate or interest in real property passes, in or by a deed. The person who passes the property is called a grantor. Laws affecting the rights and obligations of grantees are primarily governed by state laws, which vary by state.

Grantor– in the context of real property law is a person from or by whom an estate or interest in real property passes, in or by a deed. The person to whom the property passes is called a grantee. Laws affecting the rights and obligations of grantors are primarily governed by state laws, which vary by state.

Green Note – A note that is created in the sale of property for the specific purpose of immediate resale to a prearranged investor. In this case it might be construed to be a direct loan of money from the investor to the property Seller; and therefore subject o usury and truth in lending laws.  See also Usury and Truth in Lending.

Hard Money – New money loaned against a property without a change in ownership.  Example – A property owner puts a new second loan on the property to get cash.  This is a hard money loan.  Hard money loans generally involve personal liability in addition to the lien on the property.  See also Purchase Money.

Hard Paper – Paper that has good strong terms and commands a good resale value in the paper marketplace.  It would sell for a relatively small discount.

Holder – The current owner of a note.

Hypothecation – Pledging assets for a loan.  In the case of a real estate loan, the property is pledged or hypothecated as security for the loan.  When you borrow against a note you own, you assign the note to the lender as security for the money you are borrowing.  The income from the note you assigned pays the payments on the money you borrowed.  When the lender is paid in full, the note is assigned back to you. Though title to the property is not transferred, hypothecation creates a right by the creditor to liquidate the property to satisfy the debt in the event of default. If the debt isn’t paid, the creditor may have the property seized to satisfy the debt, although the person hypothecating the property is not personally liable if the collateral doesn’t pay off the debt

I – The interest rate or yield on a note.

Imputed Interest – In seller carry-back financing, when the interest is below a certain rate determined by the IRS, the IRS imputes or charges the property seller tax on the higher rate of interest.  (See your tax advisor on this).

Imputed Principal – In seller carry-back financing, when the buyer or the property gets an interest rate below a certain rate specified by the IRS, the IRS may impute or declare that the actual property sales price was lower than stated in the purchase contract.  (See your tax advisor on this).

Insolvency means the inability to pay one’s debts as they fall due. Usually used to refer to a business, insolvency refers to the inability of a company to pay off its debts

Installment – One of a series of payments on a note.

Installment Note – A note that is payable in several individual payments called installments.

Instrument – The legal document used as evidence of debt, title, lien, etc.

Interest – “Rent” paid on a debt.  See also Add-On Interest, Compound Interest, and Simple Interest.

Interest Extra – The loan payment terms wherein the payment goes to principal and not to interest.

Interest Included – The loan payment terms wherein the payment goes to interest first and any surplus goes to reducing the principal.

Interest Only – The loan payment terms wherein the payment is exactly equal to the monthly interest, not more and not less.

Interrogatories– Part of the pre-trial discovery (fact-finding) process in which a witness provides written answers to written questions under oath. The answers must be returned within a specified time, usually 30 days, and often can be used as evidence in the trial. Objections as to relevancy or clarity may be raised either at the time the interrogatories are answered or when they are used in trial. Most states limit the number of interrogatories, which vary by state, that may be asked without the court’s permission to keep the questions from being a means of harassment rather than a source of information.

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) – The yield or rate of return, used when working with a series of uneven cash flows; as contrasted to regular uniform payments.

Investment to Value (ITV) – The measure of the percentage ratio between the total loans on the property plus your investment cost, and the value of the property. 

Jumbo Loan– is also known as a non-conforming loan. It is a mortgage where the loan amount exceeds the limit set by Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) and therefore, not eligible to be purchased or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Jumbo loans are often securitized by institutions other than Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Junior – Recorded at a later date (than the senior loans).  The security instrument recorded next after the first loan would be a second.  It is junior to the first.

Junk Bond – A high-risk, non-investment-grade bond with a low credit rating, usually BB or lower; as a consequence, it usually has a high yield. opposite of investment-grade bond

K Factor – The Loan Constant.  See Constant.

Land Contract – A security instrument where in the seller (Vendor) gives the buyer (Vendee) possession of the property, but retains legal title (the deed) as security for a loan until specific payment has been made.  The buyer of the property gets “equity title” and the right to use and enjoy the property and tax benefits prior to actually receiving the deed.

Late Charges – Fees or penalties owed to a lender when payments are late. 

Less Than Interest Only – The loan payment terms wherein the payments are less than the monthly interest.  This means the total debt grows with time.  See Negative Amortization.

Level Payments – The loan payment terms wherein payments stay the same each period, neither increasing nor decreasing with time.

Leverage – Buying property with Other People’s Money (OPM).  This allows one to acquire much more property by putting as little down payment on each piece as possible.  High leverage means low equity.

Liabilities – Debts and obligations owed on.

Lien – An encumbrance or charge recorded against a property.  Recorded loans are liens.

Limited Liability Company (LLC), also known as a company with limited liability (WLL), is a flexible form of enterprise that blends elements of partnership and corporate structures. It is a legal form of company that provides limited liability to its owners in the vast majority of United States jurisdictions. LLCs do not need to be organized for profit. Often incorrectly called a “limited liability corporation” (instead of company), it is a hybrid business entity having certain characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership or sole proprietorship (depending on how many owners there are). An LLC, although a business entity, is a type of unincorporated association and is not a corporation. The primary characteristic an LLC shares with a corporation is limited liability, and the primary characteristic it shares with a partnership is the availability of pass-through income taxation. It is often more flexible than a corporation and it is well-suited for companies with a single owner.

Line of Credit – A prearranged loan from a lender wherein when you want the money, all you have to do is write a check.  The check is deposited with the lender and becomes a loan at that time.  Instant loan!

Liquidate – Go out of title, or turn into cash.

Loan – The granting of the use of money or equity in return for payment.  The loans includes the right of one party to collect from another according to the loan agreement or note.  There are existing loans (already there) and new loans (ones just being created).

Loan Constant – See Constant.










Loan Modification – The process of changing the terms and conditions of a loan agreement by the issuer of the loan. This action may be initiated by the borrower or the lender. Loan modifications are typically requested by the borrower in order to lower their monthly payment or interest rate. If the loan modification is accepted by the lender and the borrower, the new terms and conditions supersede the previous contract. The lender has the ability to accept or deny a request for a loan modification after evaluating the borrower’s application and financial history. Loan modifications may reduce the interest rate, but extend the duration of loan; these types of modifications may end up costing the borrower more money in the long run. SEE and

Loan Servicer–  is a financial institution which reports loan payment, collects the monthly payment and penalties on late payment, releases liens, makes certain that insurance and taxes are paid and initiates foreclosure proceedings for loans in default. A loan servicer is also called a mortgage servicer. Mortgage servicers receive fee income. The loan servicer can also be a lender, who owns the loan. Most often, the investors hire loan servicers to collect payments.

Loan to Value Ration (LTV) – The measure of the security of a given loan.  It is calculated by taking the amount of the loan and any senior loans and dividing that by the property value.  The standard “safe” ration is 80%.

Loan Value – The maximum of loans that most lenders would lend on a property.  Assuming and 80% loan to value ration, the Loan Value on a $100,000 property would be $80,000.

Long-Term – In private party carry-back notes, long-term depends on the viewpoint of the parties, but generally, long-term would be over 3 years for discount paper.

Lost Instrument– is a written document that cannot be found after careful and thorough search. The term covers an instrument that has been stolen, burned, or otherwise destroyed. Loss of a written instrument, as a general rule, does not change the obligation of the parties, since the writing is only evidence of the right it represents.

Maker – The person who signs a note, agreeing to pay it.

Marketable – A not is marketable when there are a large number of potential buyers for it, based on note, size, security, yield, and terms.

Market Value – What a normal buyer would pay and a normal seller would sell for in terms of price.

Maturity – The time when and obligation becomes due and payable in full.

MLS – A database of real estate listings for sale.  The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is commonly used by realtors to research what properties are available.  Each property listed in the MLS is assigned an eight-digit ID number.  The MLS can be useful for finding simultaneous close owner financing note deals.

Moratorium – A suspension of payments and possibly interest.

Mortgage – A security instrument, which pledges a property to insure payment of a note.  In case of default, it is foreclosed in the courts.

Mortgage Backed CertificatesSecurity backed by a pool of mortgages, such as those issued by Ginnie Mae and Freddie Mac. also called mortgage-backed securities ( MBS )

Mortgage Broker – A party who joins borrowers and lenders for loans, earning a placement fee.  Also, an intermediary who buys and sells secured notes.

Mortgage Deed – See Deed of Trust.

Mortgagee – The party who is the beneficiary of a mortgage.  The seller of the property who receives the monthly payment and holds the mortgage contract as security.

Mortgage Release – A release of a mortgage by the lender when the loan has been paid in full.

Mortgagor – The party who has pledged the property as security for the mortgage and note.  The owner of the real estate.  Also the borrower making payments to the mortgagee.

Motion to Dismiss– is a party’s request to a court to dismiss a case because of settlement, voluntary withdrawal, procedural defect or claim is one for which the law provides a remedy

Negative Amortization – A loan payment that is less than interest only.  This means the obligation grows with time.

Negative Cash Flow – Cash going out, outflow of money.

Negotiable Instrument – In relation to a written instrument it means capable of being transferred by delivery or endorsement when the transferee takes the instrument for value, in good faith, and without notice of conflicting title claims or defenses. A document such as a mortgage or note.  It must meet certain legal requirements that allow it to be transferred (negotiated) from one holder to another.

Net Present Value (NPV) – The value of a series of uneven cash flow discounted to a present value figure.

Nominal Interest Rate – The interest rate stated in a note.  This may be quite different from the yield to an investor who buys the note at discount.

N – The number of payments or compounding periods on a loan.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure- Non-judicial foreclosure is only available for deeds of trust with power-of-sale clauses. They are not available for traditional mortgages. Where available, non-judicial foreclosures are heavily regulated. Generally, before foreclosing, lenders must give special notice to the property-owner. Afterwards, lenders must wait a specified time before auctioning off the property.


There are many states that use Deeds of Trust rather than mortgages. An example of a non-judicial foreclosure is as follows:

1. The Notice of Default (NOD) starts the non-judicial foreclosure process. The lender forwards a Declaration of Default and an Instruction to the Trustee to proceed with the NOD, the Trustee will sign and cause to be recorded the NOD in the Office of the County Recorder of the appropriate county.

A copy of the NOD is mailed to all parties entitled to its receipt. The Trustee will order a Trustee’s Sale Guarantee (TSG) from a title company. The TSG assures the priority of each lien or encumbrance recorded against the property and provides the mailing information for the parties entitled to receive the NOD.

2. The Three (3) Month Reinstatement Period. This is the minimum period, required by law, to wait before a Notice of Sale can be published and recorded. Throughout the foreclosure process, up until five (5) days prior to the Trustee’s Sale date, or postponed sale date, the borrower can fully reinstate the loan.

The lender may endeavor to negotiate workout and forbearance agreements.

3. The Notice of Trustee’s Sale – 21 Day Publication Period. No sooner than three (3) months from the recording date of the NOD, a Notice of Trustee’s Sale, indicating the place, date and time of the sale, must be published in a local newspaper.

Twenty-one (21) days thereafter the property may be eligible to be sold at public auction to the highest bidder.

The borrower has the right to reinstate the loan up until five (5) days prior to the published sale date, or postponed sale date. In the event the NOD was filed due to a balloon payment and/or maturity date, the lender(s) may require the loan be paid in full at any time during the foreclosure. Otherwise, in the five (5) days preceding the sale or postponed sale, the lender(s) may accept reinstatement, or require that the loan be paid in full.

4. The Trustee’s Sale. The Notice of Trustee’s Sale will designate the date, time and location of the auction. The property is typically sold along with other properties auctioned by the Trustee.

A. Bidding.

Full Credit Bidding. The lender(s)’ opening bid for the property (also known as the “Credit Bid”) may be the total amount due on the loan, including principal, accrued interest to the date of the sale, late charges, legal fees, foreclosure fees, advances, interest on advances, etc. (referred to as a full credit bid).

Under Bidding. The opening bid requested by the lender(s) may be less than the total amount due. These circumstances may require the advice of an attorney, an accountant or other professional. Specific bidding instructions to the Trustee are required if under bidding is elected by the lender(s).

Bidding Instructions. While full credit bidding may not be appropriate, unless otherwise instructed in writing, no later than three (3) days prior to the sale date, or postponed sale date, the lender will direct the Trustee to proceed with a bid usually in the amount of the unpaid principal balance of the loan, directing the Trustee to increase the Lenders’ bid to the unpaid debt if a third party is bidding at the sale.

The property is sold to the highest bidder. If no one bids at the sale, the property is sold to the foreclosing lender(s) for the opening bid, whatever it may be. The Trustee conveys title by signing and recording a Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale.


When Can a Lender Foreclose? To exercise a non-judicial foreclosure against a borrower’s property, the lender(s) must follow certain statutory

procedures set forth in the Civil Code. A lender can begin a non-judicial foreclosure (without proceeding with a lawsuit to foreclose) when a borrower defaults under the terms, covenants and conditions contained in the Note and/or Deed of Trust. Most often a non-judicial foreclosure is begun because a borrower has not paid one or more of his/her/their regular installment payments.

How can a Lender Try to Collect from the Borrower? The Lender may begin following up with borrowers if their payments are not received within the normal 10 day grace period.

The first contact is attempted by telephone with a follow up letter. If the borrower fails to respond to both telephone and/or written notice of the late payment, a letter is written letting them know of the Lenders intention to foreclose.

What are the Costs Associated with a Foreclosure?. The Lender may use a specialist company to provide foreclosure services, from filing the NOD through conducting the Trustee’s Sale.

Acting as the Trustee, the company can charges fees as allowed by law. In addition, the Trustee passes along their mailing, posting, recording and other related costs and expenses of the foreclosure. The Trustee purchases a Trustee’s Sale Guarantee, described above, from a title company. Required publication of the Notice of Sale in newspapers or other publications local to the property result in additional costs and expenses. Depending upon where the property is located and the length of the legal description of the property, the publishing and posting fees vary.Who Pays For the Foreclosure? If the borrower reinstates the loan, or enters into a Forbearance Agreement, the foreclosure fees, costs and expenses are collected from the borrower. The lender(s) is/are otherwise responsible for the payment of all foreclosure fees, costs and expenses.

Note – A written promise to pay, with all the terms and conditions of the obligation, signed, and in the proper legal format.  A note can be secured or unsecured.

Note Holder – The person currently in ownership and possession of a note and entitled to collect all its remaining payments.  The holder might not be the original beneficiary.

Note Owner – See Note Holder.

Note Payment Book (Record) – A simple record of all payments made on a note showing how much was paid each payment.  It breaks each payment down to principal and interest, and shows the current principal balance.

Nothing Down – Acquiring property with no cash out of pocket by the buyer.  This does not mean that the seller and/or real estate agent did not receive cash.  Cash comes from more places than just the buyer.

Notice of Default – A written legal notice of junior lien holders from a senior lien holder, notifying them that the senior lien is foreclosing.

Notice of Trustee’s Sale – Notice published in the newspaper, stating that a property in foreclosure is to be sold at auction.

Novation – Rewriting an old document and replacing it with the new one.

Obligee – The person to whom payments are owed according to the terms of a note.

Obligor – The person obligated to make the payments on a note.

Offset Statement – A written statement by a lender or a borrower concerning the current status of a loan.  It includes the current principal balance, whether payments are current or not, and terms and conditions of the loan.

Option – The right to buy something for a stated price and terms within a certain time period.  Something must be paid for this right.  This is called option consideration.  The option will either be exercised (used) or abandoned (not used).

Optionee – The person who has the right to buy under an option.

Optionor – The person who has agreed to sell property under an option.

Original Principal Balance – The principal owed on a note the day it started.  This is contrasted to the current principal balance, which may be different.

Origination – The creation of something, in this case a note and security instrument.

“Or More” Clause – A clause in a note stating that the monthly payments are to be so many dollars “Or More”.  This eliminates  any kind of prepayment penalty.

Or Order – A clause in a note, such as “Pay to Joe Jones or order”.  The “or order” would be an assignee or future owner of the note.

Overall Rate (OAR) – See Blended Rates.

Owner – The person having title to something such as property or a note.

Owner Financing – When the seller of a property takes a note secured by the property as part of the payment.

Paper – In our usage, a promissory note secured by real estate.

Partial Amortization – Loan payments that cover principal and interest for a certain period of time, but then the remaining balance is due in a balloon payment at the stop date. 

Pause – In running a program, the calculator will pause at certain points so you can write down the answer before it resumes processing.

Payee – The person to who payments are due on a note.

Payment – The amount of money paid in each installment on a note.

Payment Book – See Note Payment Book.

Payment Schedule – The specifics of how much each payment is and when each payment is due.

Payor – The person obligated to make the payments on a note.  It is also the mortgagor with a mortgage contract or a trustor with a trust deed.

Percentage – A fraction expressed in one-hundredths.  This is used for interest rates, for example  0.09 is 9%.  9% simple interest on $100,000 is $9,000 per year.

Personal Note – An unsecured note.  The maker has personal liability on a personal note.

PITI – Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance.  On an amortized loan that has an impound or escrow account for taxes and insurance, the monthly payment consists of Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance (PITI).

PMT – The payment on a loan.

Points – A point is 1% of the principal.  See also Discount Points.

Positive Cash Flow – Cash coming in, inflow of money.

Ponzi Scheme– A pyramid scheme

Predatory Lending–  Predatory” is a term used in lending contracts. Lenders following predatory lending practices target vulnerable consumers like women or those who do not qualify for conventional loans. Predatory lending has one of the following characteristics:

 The target group will be mainly the elderly or those with very low income. The cost or loan terms at closing are not what you initially agreed to. Aggressive sales tactics. Repeated refinancing options over short periods of time enabling the lender to collect additional/penalty fees. This strips the homeowners’ equity from their homes. The lending will not be in tune with the borrower’s ability to repay. The lender’s focus will be foreclosure. The borrower is blind to many underlying truths. There may be a lot of misrepresentations on the nature of loan, the amount of payment. The transaction will be packed with high fees which will be hidden from the borrower’s eyes. The aggressive sales tactics trick borrowers, mostly the uninformed groups, into accepting unfair loan terms. The federal remedies available to victims of predatory lending are: the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA), which is a 1994 addition to TILA, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), the Fair Housing Act, and the Federal Trade Commission Act. State remedies can be found in State Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Acts, common law fraud and unconscionability, and Special State Anti-predatory Lending Statutes.

Prepayment – Paying on a loan before the payment is due, especially paying the loan off in full before its due date.

Prepayment Penalty (PPP) –  An amount or percentage of a loan that you must pay the lender if you pay off the loan earlier than the date specified in the mortgage/note. Lenders often use prepayment penalities to discourage borrowers from refinancing with another lender.  See also “Or More” Clause.

Present Value (PV) – Money has a time value.  Money is now worth more than money later.  The worth of a future amount of money is less than having that same amount of money now.  Example – You might only be willing to pay $2,500 now in order to receive $10,000 payable in 10 years.  The Present Value of that $10,000 is $2,500 in you mind.

Principal – The amount of money loaned out or carried back on property sale.  The principal amount of the note is at first equal to the face amount.  It then may vary according to how payments are made.

Principal Balance – The remaining amount of principal due on a note as of a certain date.  This may be more or less than the original face amount of the note.  See also Amortization, Negative Amortization, and Interest Only.

Private Party – The normal “guy next door” that sold his property and carried back paper  to make the sale.  Not a loan broker or real estate agent dealing in notes for profit.

Private Party Financing – See Seller Carry-Back Financing.

Pro-se– acting as your own attorney

Program – As a noun it means the detailed instructions given to a computer or calculator telling it what steps to do and in what order to do them.  As a verb it means to tell the calculator what steps to do.

Promissory Note – A legal written promise to pay a certain amount according to its terms and conditions.  See also Secured Loan, Unsecured Loan.

Property Owner – The person who owns the property that is the security for a note.  The property is the one who owes and pays on the note.

Proposed Financing – How we intend to have the financing look after we are done with our current transaction.  See also Existing Financing.

Protective Equity – The excess “equity cushion” left over after subtracting the loan we are considering and any senior loans from the property value.  Example – A $100,000 property with $65,000 in loans against it would have a $35,000 protective equity over and above the loans.

Purchase Money – Money that is loaned for the purchase of real property.  This can be in the form of seller carry back financing or a new bank loan.  It is contrasted to Refinance Money or Hard Money.  In certain cases it may carry no personal liability and may not be subject to deficiency judgments.

PV – Present Value or current principal balance on a loan.  Present value can be the worth of a stream of future payments discounted to today’s dollars or to an amount of money today.

Rate of Return – See Yield.

Real Estate Paper – Notes secured by real estate and held by private parties; not banks, professional loan finders, or real estate agents in the business of dealing in notes for profit.  Real estate paper can include: Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, Security Deeds, and Land Contracts.

Recall – Retrieving data stored in the calculator memory.

Recast – To decide new terms for an existing loan.  This may be associated with the situation wherein a debtor cannot pay according to the original terms, but can pay some other way.

Recovery – When a trust deed is paid off, the trustee reconveys his title back to the property owner and releases the lien from the property.  It means to convey title back to the owner of the property.

Reconveyance – See Reconvey.

Recordation – The formal recording (filing) of a legal document such as a security instrument.  Recordation with the County Recorder’s Office or other appropriate governmental office serves constructive notice to the world that the document exists.

Recorder’s Office – The local governmental agency responsible for maintaining official records or documents filed therein, such as deeds and security instruments (real estate paper).  See Courthouse, Registrar of Deeds.

Recourse – When signing (endorsing) a note from one party to another, you do so either with or without recourse.  With recourse means that you still have contingent liability to the buyer of the note.  In the event the maker doesn’t pay as promised, you have to pay.  See Without Recourse.

Recourse Debt– A loan in which the lender has the legal right to pursue any of your assets to collect on the balance of the loan.

REO – Real Estate owned by Mortgage Holder. After a foreclosure sale/auction has taken place the property, if no one else bids on it, reverts back to the Mortgage Holder.

Redemption – In a foreclosure situation, redemption means the right to pay off the loan in full plus foreclosing fees and either stop the foreclosure while it is in progress or get the property back after it has been sold.  See Redemption Period.

Redemption Period – The period of time during a foreclosure when the debtor has the right to make payment in full and stop the proceedings.  Also a period after the property has been sold through foreclosure in which the foreclosed owner can pay the loan amount plus applicable charges and get the property back.  This varies according to state law.

Refinance – Paying off an old loan on the property by putting a new, usually larger loan on it.  Any remaining funds go to the property owner.  See also Hard Money, Personal Liability.

Registers – Storage pockets in the calculator memory.  You can store information in the appropriate register and then recall it later.

Registrar of Deeds – See Recorder’s Office, Courthouse.

Reinstatement – In the beginning of a foreclosure, the debtor has the right to catch up the payments plus foreclosure fees and reinstate the loan.  This means to make it current and stop the foreclosure, just as it was before.  During reinstatement it is not necessary to pay the loan in full unless the loan was due anyway.

Reinstatement Period – The period specified by local law, within which the debtor has the right to catch up the payments plus foreclosure fees and stop foreclosure.

Release of Liability – The appropriate documentation from a creditor to a debtor, releasing the debt and any liens associated with it.

Release of Mortgage – A written instrument releasing a mortgage lien from a property.  Also called a Certificate of Discharge.

REMIC- Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit– An investment-grade mortgage bond that separates mortgage pools into different maturity and risk classes.

Renegotiate – To change the terms and conditions of an existing note by mutual agreement of Payor and Payee.  Either party can ask the other to renegotiate.  Asking for a discount for early payoff is a form of renegotiation.

Request for Reconveyance – An instrument executed by a trust deed holder, directing the trustee to convey his title lien on the property back to the Trustor (property owner).  The Request for Reconveyance is usually printed on the back of the trust deed.

RESPA– The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) is a consumer protection statute dealing with home buying transactions which is administered by HUD. RESPA requires that consumers receive disclosures at various times in the transaction and outlaws kickbacks that increase the cost of settlement services. RESPA covers loans secured with a mortgage placed on a one-to-four family residential property. These include most purchase loans, assumptions, refinances, property improvement loans, and equity lines of credit. HUD’s Office of RESPA and Interstate Land Sales is responsible for enforcing RESPA. ( )

Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) – Calculator logic or way of thinking in which the number is entered before the operation (plus, minus, times, divided by).  The Hewlett Packard HP12c uses RPN.

Risk – A determination of how safe or dangerous something is.  An unsecured note generally involves more risk than a well-secured note.

Rollover Note – A relatively short-term (5 year) note that renews each time at some new interest rate pegged to the cost of money at that time.

Rule of 72 – A banker’s interest computation invention that allows for greater than normal interest in the early part of the loan.  Also a rule of thumb for determining how long it takes to double your money at a certain interest rate.  Divide 72 by the interest rate and this is close to the number of years it will take to double the money.

Satisfaction of Mortgage – Completion of the terms of repayment release from liability on a mortgage. 

Seasoned Note – A note that has been in existence for a while and has a proven record
of satisfactory payments being made.  Seasoned notes are typically safer investment than newly created notes.  See Green Note.

Second – The lien immediately junior to the First.  Recorded second in time.

Second Mortgage– is a mortgage made subsequent to another mortgage and subordinate to the first one. Second mortgage loans are different from first mortgages in several ways. They often carry a higher interest rate, and they usually are for a shorter time, 15 years or less. In addition, they may require a large single payment at the end of the term, commonly known as a balloon payment.

Secured Loan – A loan (note), which has specific collateral, pledged to secure its payment.  In the event payment is not made, the collateral will be sold to provide funds to pay the note.

Security Deed – See Deed of Trust.

Secured Loan– a loan that has some sort of collateral attached  that the lender can take and sell if you don’t repay the debt. Home mortgages and car loans are two examples.

Security Instrument – The official legal document which, when properly recorded, places a lien on the property to secure the payment on a note.  The most common security instruments are mortgages and trust deeds.

Securitization– The process of aggregating similar instruments such as, loans or mortgages, into a negotiable security. SEE

Seller Carry-Back Financing – refers to a home financing method in which the seller of the property carries a second trust deed and note against the property. It is a transaction in which the seller of real property defers collection from the buyer of some portion or the entire price of the real property and takes a promissory note from the buyer for the amount due, secured by a mortgage or deed of trust on the real property.

It is typically used when the buyer can’t afford the down payment or is unable to obtain another loan. One advantage may be that the seller will usually go at or below market interest rate and no closing costs are involved. It benefits the seller by producing an income that is usually higher than the rate banks offer.  See also Owner Financing.

Seniority –   The order in time in which documents are recorded.  The first lien recorded is the “First,” the next is the “Second,” etc.  Recording, not when notes were created, is what counts.  In the event of foreclosure, the lien foreclosing is paid first and the leftover funds, if any, go to the juniors.  Senior liens are more secure than junior liens.

Senior Lien – A lien recorded before others.  A lien can be senior to some and junior to others.  Example – A second is a senior to the third but junior to a first.  

Service Provider– is the company that handles the financial transactions between you and the mortgage holder, i.e., your mortgage payment, escrow, insurances, etc, for the Mortgage Holder. They are not, in most cases, the Mortgage Holder or the holder/owner of your Note and Mortgage.

Short Sale– A short sale in the context of real estate refers to when a lender agrees to release the lien that is secured to the property upon receipt of less money than is actually owed. A short sale may occur when the current owner is unable to meet the mortgage payments. By forgiving the balance of the debt, the lender may avoid the expenses and efforts involved in foreclosure.

Short-Term – In private financing, a note having 3 years or less remaining.

Sign – The plus or minus sign before a number as used in mathematics of addition or subtraction.  Also indicating whether a cash flow is positive (in) or negative (out).

Signature Loan – An unsecured personal loan from a bank or credit union.

Simple Interest – Interest based on the principal balance of the loan only.  It doesn’t add on to the principal.  It does not compound.  It is less than compound interest.  

Simultaneous Closing – Two transactions or two parts of a transaction that are completed at the same time.  Such transactions are often dependent and contingent upon each other.  One cannot happen without the other.  See Double Escrow.

Soft Paper – Paper with low interest, a long term, low or no payments, and perhaps questionable security.  It has little or no marketability for cash and is used mainly in trade.  One would like to borrow on soft paper and sell on hard paper.

Special Appearance– is made in court by an attorney representing a client on behalf of their regular attorney of record or for a particular session of court. An attorney may make a special appearance to protect the interests of a potential client but before a fee has been paid or arranged because the attorney has not committed to represent the client in all future matters.”

Stop Date – The date of the last payment on a note.  It may be fully amortized or there may be a balloon payment.  Also referred to as Call Date.

Storage – Placing a number in a regi8ster or memory unit of the calculator for later recall and use.

Statute of Limitations– is a law which sets the maximum period which one can wait before filing a lawsuit, depending on the type of case or claim. The periods vary by state and by type of claim. Federal statutes set the limitations for federal lawsuits. If the lawsuit or claim is not filed before the statutory deadline, the right to sue or make a claim is lost forever.

Straight Note – A note having no payments during its term, with a balloon payment at the end.  It may have either simple or compound interest.

Stipulation– is an agreement made by parties or by their attorneys in a judicial proceeding before the court. Stipulations are often made on procedural matters. Stipulations are also sometimes made regarding factual matters not in dispute in order to save time required in producing evidence in court. Some stipulations are oral, but are often required to be put in writing, signed and filed with the court. Stipulations save time and promote judicial efficiency.

Sua Sponte– is a Latin term meaning “of one’s own accord.” It refers to when the court addresses an issue that has not been presented for consideration by the litigants. A common situation is when the court dismisses an action, for example by determining that jurisdiction is not proper even though both parties have agreed to appear in the court.

Subject Matter Jurisdiction– is the authority of a court to hear the type of case brought before it. It is jurisdiction over the type of claim brought by the plaintiff. For example, a small claims court only has subject matter jurisdiction of claims up to a certain dollar amount. Federal courts have jurisdiction over claims involving federal laws.

Submortgage– is an agreement in which a mortgage lender uses a mortgage held by him/her as collateral for his/her own loan. The original lender uses a borrower’s property rather than his/her own property for getting loan for his or her personal use.

Subpoena– is an order directed to an individual commanding him to appear in court on a certain day to testify or produce documents in a pending lawsuit. The power to subpoena a person is granted officers of the court, such as clerks of courts, attorneys and judges. A person may be subpoenaed to appear in court or any designated location to provide testimony for trial or deposition or produce documents or other evidence. A subpoena which requests items be brought with the person is called a “subpoena duces tecum.

Substitute Service– is service of legal papers on someone other than the named party when the named party is unable to be served personally. A court will generally allow substituted service when it is proven that all reasonable efforts in the circumstances have been made to effect personal service: and an alternate method of substituted service is proposed that will likely result in the matter coming to the attention of the party sought to be served. The order for substituted service may include instructions for service on relative, service by ordinary mail, postage pre-paid and where appropriate, registered mail, addressed to the party to be served at the last known address, or other manners of service.

Summary Judgment– is a decision made on the basis of statements and evidence presented in the legal pleadings and documents filed, without a trial. It is used when there is no dispute as to the facts of the case, and one party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. Summary judgment is properly granted when the evidence in support of the moving party establishes that there is no genuine issue of material fact to be tried. A material fact is one which tends to prove or disprove an element of the claim. The motion for summary judgment may be brought by any party to the case and supported by declarations under oath, excerpts from depositions which are under oath, admissions of fact and other discovery, as well as case law and other legal authority, that argue that there are no triable or unresolved issues of fact and that the settled facts require a summary judgment for the moving party. If the motion for summary judgment is denied, the case proceeds in the court system until settled or concluded after trial.  

Tax Deed– Transfers the ownership of the property to the person who pays the deliquient or back property taxes due on the property.

Temporary Injunction– is a court order prohibiting an action by a party to a lawsuit until there has been a trial or other court action. The purpose of a temporary injunction is to maintain the status quo and prevent irreparable damage or preserve the subject matter of the litigation until the trial is over. After the trial the court may issue a permanent injunction or dissolve the temporary injunction.

Tenancy By The Entirety– has some characteristics different than other joint tenancies, such as the inability of one joint tenant to sever the ownership and differences in tax treatment. It is similar to joint tenancy because when a spouse dies the surviving spouse takes the entire estate in fee simple. Unlike joint tenancy, there is no unilateral right to division of property. Divisions can me made only in a divorce action or by mutual agreement. A major advantage of this type of tenancy is that the creditors of an individual spouse cannot reach the entireties property.

Tenants in Common– hold title to real or personal property so that each has an “undivided interest” in the property and all have an equal right to use the property. Tenants in common each own a portion of the property, which may be unequal, but have the right to possess the entire property. There is no “right of survivorship” if one of the tenants in common dies, and each interest may be separately sold, mortgaged or willed to another. A tenancy in common interest is distinguished from a joint tenancy interest, which passes automatically to the survivor. Upon the death of a tenant in common there must be a court supervised administration of the estate of the deceased to transfer the interest in the property.

Term – The length or duration of time a loan runs.  Example – A 5-year term.

Terms – The main feature of a loan: principal amount, interest rate, payment schedule, and due date.

Title Examination– is a close examination of all public records that affect the title to the real estate you are purchasing. The search involves reviewing past deeds, wills, and trusts to make sure the title has passed correctly to each new owner. The examiner tries to verify that all prior mortgages, judgments, and other liens have been paid in full. Defective title refers to a title to real property which is invalid because a claimed prior holder of the title did not have title, or there is an inaccurate description of the property, or some other “cloud” over it, which may or may not be learned from reading the deed. To avoid a defective title problem, a purchaser will often research the chain of title. Chain of title refers to the history of passing of title ownership to real property from the present owner back to the original owner. A record of title documents may be maintained by a registry office or civil law notary. Chains of title include notations of deeds, judgments of distribution from estates, certificates of death of a joint tenant, foreclosures, judgments of quiet title, and other recorded transfers of title to real property. Before purchasing property, the purchaser will usually hire a title companies or abstractors to search out the chain of title and provide a report so that a purchaser will be assured the title is clear of any claims. In many real estate transactions, insurance companies issue title insurance based upon the chain of title to the property when it is transferred.

Title Guaranty/Insurance– is also referred to as title insurance. Title insurance is a policy issued by an insurance company guaranteeing that the title to a parcel of real property is clear of any claims or liens and properly in the name of the title owner and that the owner has the right to sell or otherwise transfer the property  to another. The insurance company will pay the damages to the new title holder or secured lender or take steps to correct the problem if a problem with the property ownership is later discovered, such as an incorrect boundary description. Title insurance covers problems that did not show up during the title search or were missed by the examiner and errors in public records. Title insurance does not cover defects that occur after you purchase the property. Policies often exclude problems having to do with easements, mineral and air rights, and liens. Title insurance policies are paid in-full with a one-time fee which is usually part of closing costs. Payment is usually made by the buyer, unless the state requires the seller to purchase title insurance or the seller agrees to pay for it.

Tranche– One of a set of classes or risk maturities which comprise a multiple-class security, such  as a CMO or REMIC.

Transcript– is an official recording of a legal proceeding. It may be the transcript of a proceeding in court or out-of-court proceeding, such as a deposition. A transcript is usually prepared by a court reporter and copies of the transcript are typically available to be purchased by the parties, usually on a per-page cost basis.

Treasury Bond– A negotiable, coupon-bearing debt obligation issued by the U.S. government and backed by its full faith and credit, having a maturity of more than 7 years. Interest is paid semi-annually. Treasury bonds are exempt from state and local taxes. These securities have the longest maturity of any bond issued by the U.S. Treasury, from 10 to 30 years. The 30-year bond is also called the “long bond.” Denominations range from $1000 to $1 million. Treasury bonds pay interest every 6 months at a fixed coupon rate. These bonds are not callable, but some older Treasury bonds available on the secondary market are callable within five years of the maturity date. also called U.S. Treasury bond or T-bond.

Tri-Merge Credit Report– a document showing your credit history as reported by the three major credit reporting agencies.

Triple Damages– Triple (treble) damages are a tripling of an award in a lawsuit against a defendant who is subject to punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded when a defendant’s conduct was malicious, or in reckless disregard of plaintiff’s rights. Punitive damages are designed to deter such wrongful conduct by the defendant in the future, rather than compensate the plaintiff for a particular loss or injury. Such damages are an exception to the rule that damages are to compensate not to punish. Punitive damages are often awarded in cases of fraudulent acts by the defendant.

Trust Deed – Or Deed of Trust – is the written document which transfers title (ownership) or an interest in real property to another person. A trustee’s deed is a deed to be executed by a person serving as a trustee in their appointed capacity. A trustee’s deed is often used, for example, by a trustee in bankruptcy to sell real property of the debtor. The deed must describe the real property, name the party transferring the property (grantor), the party receiving the property (grantee) and be signed and notarized by the grantor. To complete the transfer (conveyance) the deed must be recorded in the office of the County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds. There are two basic types of deeds: a warranty deed, which guarantees that the grantor owns title, and the quitclaim deed, which transfers only that interest in the real property which the grantor actually has. The quitclaim is often used among family members or from one joint owner to the other when there is little question about existing ownership, or just to clear the title. A written document for the transfer of land or other real property from one person to another. A quitclaim deed conveys only such rights as the grantor has. A warranty deed conveys specifically described rights which together comprise good title.

Trustee – One who holds property in trust for another to secure the performance of an obligation.  The person who manages a trust, the trustee, has a legal duty to manage the trust’s assets in the best interests of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. Typical trustee duties include managing rental properties, investing funds or paying income to the beneficiary. An example of a trustee would be a title company or attorney.

Trustee in Bankruptcy– is a person appointed by the United States Department of Justice or by the creditors involved in a bankruptcy case. Under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, the trustee duties are gathering the debtor’s non-exempt property, managing the funds from the sale of those assets, paying expenses and distributing the balance to the owed creditors. The trustee is responsible for receiving the debtor’s monthly payments and proportionally distributing those funds to the bankrupt’s creditors. The Bankruptcy Trustee acts on behalf of the debtor to guarantee that both the creditors’ and the debtor’s interests are maintained in accordance with the bankruptcy laws. The trustee in bankruptcy is often required to act as a negotiator between the two parties.

Trustor – The person who conveys property in trust.  One who deeds his property to a trustee to be held as security until he has performed under the terms of a deed of trust.

Truth in Lending Laws – Legislation that pertains to fair dealing and full disclosure in making new loans.  It does not apply to the sale of existing notes. Also known as TILA.

Unclean Hands Doctrine- The clean hands doctrine is a rule of law that someone bringing a lawsuit or motion and asking the court for equitable relief must be innocent of wrongdoing or unfair conduct relating to the subject matter of his/her claim. It is an affirmative defense that the defendant may claim the plaintiff has “unclean hands”. However, this defense may not be used to put in issue conduct of the plaintiff unrelated to plaintiff’s claim. Therefore, plaintiff’s unrelated corrupt actions and general immoral character would be irrelevant. The defendant must show that plaintiff misled the defendant or has done something wrong regarding the matter under consideration. The wrongful conduct may be of a legal or moral nature, as long as it relates to the matter in issue. Robo-Signing is a good example of “unclean hands”

Uncontested– means not disputed or that all issues are agreed upon by both the parties. When a law suit is not actively defended by the responding party it is referred to as uncontested.

Usury– is a civil or criminal violation involving charging more than the maximum interest rate allowed by law. The rate of interest legally allowed is governed by state statutes. If a court finds that the rate of interest on a loan is usurious, the interest due becomes void and only the principal of the loan needs to be repaid.

Vacate– In the context of a court order or decision, vacate means to overrule or void. A decision may be vacated for error, however, the error must be significant enough that it affected the outcome. In the context of landlord-tenant law, vacate means to leave the premises, either voluntarily or involuntarily. A landlord generally may not evict a tenant from a rental unit for any reason, other than for nonpayment, unless he or she has served the tenant with a valid written notice to vacate. Local laws, which vary, govern the notice requirements for a landlord seeking a tenant’s vacancy.

Verified Petition– is a formal written request to a court for an order of the court (1) under oath taken before a notary public or other officer authorized to take affidavits and to administer oaths or (2) under a declaration stating in substance “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct” and further stating the date and place of execution.  Verification, in the legal context, refers to a declaration under oath or upon penalty of perjury that a statement or pleading is true. The verification is located at the end of a document. False information given in a verified legal pleading is subject to penalties for perjury.

Voluntary Dismissal– refers to the termination of a suit at the request of the plaintiff in a suit. The plaintiff is the party who initially filed a law suit with the court. In a voluntary dismissal, the plaintiff voluntarily withdraws the action or claim it brought before the court. Voluntary dismissal procedure is discussed under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 41(a). Voluntary dismissal may be made by the plaintiff alone or by both the plaintiff and defendant jointly making a stipulation for the dismissal. The plaintiff can make a voluntary dismissal of a suit only before the defendant makes any formal court action. If the defendant has made a formal court action, the plaintiff can dismiss the suit only if the defendant signs an agreement with the plaintiff to dismiss the case or by seeking a court order for the dismissal. The plaintiff may bring the suit once again to the court unless the order for dismissal denies it in cases where a court order was sought for the dismissal. A voluntary dismissal again in that case will mean that the plaintiff shall loose their right to bring a same action again to court.

Voir Dire– is a Latin term meaning “to see or speak”. Voir dire is a legal procedure conducted before trial in which the attorneys and the judge question of prospective jurors to determine if any juror is biased and/or cannot deal with the issues fairly, or if there is cause not to allow a juror to serve. Some of the reasons a juror might not decide a case fairly include knowledge of the facts, acquaintanceship with parties, witnesses or attorneys, occupation which might lead to bias; prejudice against the death penalty, or previous experiences such as having been sued in a similar case.

Unconscionable– in legal terms refers to  a contract or bargain which is so unfair to a party that no reasonable or informed person would agree to it. In a suit for breach of contract, a court will not enforce an unconscionable contract. The court in such a case will determine that to enforce the contract would be grossly unfair to one of the parties based upon their being misled, lacking information or signing under duress or misunderstanding, often due to the acts of the person seeking enforcement.

Uneven Payments – The payments of a loan vary from time to time, they are said to be “uneven” payments.  Example – $100/month the first year, then $200/month the second year, and then $300/month thereafter.  See IRR.

Unmarketable Note – A note which has such soft terms that it cannot be sold for cash.  It might be used in trade as part of the down payment on real estate however.

Unsecured Loan – An unsecured note or personal note and is not backed up by collateral.  It is secured only by the maker’s written promise to pay.  No specific security has been pledged to back up the promise to pay.  Credit card debt and medical expenses are examples.

Unsecured Note – See Unsecured Loan.

Usury – There are “usury” laws, which specify the maximum rate private parties can charge each other on loans.  Above that rate, it is “usury” and the loan would be “usurious.”  This involves stiff legal penalties.  There is absolutely no limit as to how much yield a person can get when they buy a note at discount, however.

Value – What one party is willing to pay for something.  There are as many values for something as there are parties considering owning it.  When there is widespread agreement of value, we have a market value (generally agreed -upon price such as the price of gasoline).  On the other hand, notes have a less well-defined market.  Therefore negotiation has a large part in determining value or price.

WAC – Weighted Average Coupon – this formula is used to weigh the average yield on a portfolio of two or more notes.  To calculate WAC, multiple each note’s coupon (interest) rate by its individual remaining balance.  That gives you the approximate existing yield for a package of notes with varied interest rates.

WAMWeighted Average Maturity – Allows you to calculate the overall maturity rate of a note portfolio, reflecting a truer measure of where the weight falls on a time line.  More accurate than an average maturity, calculation when dealing with many notes, or where you have the bigger notes for longer terms and a couple of smaller notes on real short terms.  A simple average would be extremely distorted in bias toward the low side in remaining months to maturity.

Walking Backwards – A note whose payments are less than Interest Only.  This means the amount owed increases with time.  See also Negative Amortization, Straight Note.

Without Recourse – The way of endorsing a note to an assignee.  This protects the assignor from any further liability on the sale, even in the event the Maker fails to pay on the note.  This is the way to sell a note to protect yourself.  See also Recourse.

Wrap-Around Contract – A Land Contract that wraps around earlier existing financing.  See Wrap-Around mortgage.

Wrap-Around Mortgage – A larger Mortgage that “wraps around” a smaller senior lien.  The debtor pays to the holder of the “Wrap-Around” and the holder of the “Wrap” pays on the included senior lien.

Yield – In a financial context, it is the annual rate of return on an investment, expressed as a percentage. It may be calculated according to various methods. For bonds and notes, it may be calculated with the coupon rate divided by the market price. For securities, it is the annual dividends divided by the purchase price. However, these methods do not factor in capital gains, The true rate of return on investment on a note bought at discount, taking into account the actual amount invested and the remaining payments and their timing.  The yield is often far greater than the interest rate specified in the note itself when the note is bought at discount.

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MERS, a creation of the mortgage banking industry, has effectively destroyed the institution of private property in America. Ironically, MERS was created to facilitate quick and easy and cheap securitization of mortgages — what are called mortgage-backed securities. In fact, what it did was to eliminate any backing of the securities by mortgages. Of the total securitized asset universe, $7 trillion are (supposedly) backed by residential mortgages. That would create the largest single transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.  However, MERS helped to delink the securities from the mortgages. At best, they are unsecured debt — there is no property backing the securities. What this means is that foreclosure is not permitted. As I have said before, it is likely that most or even all foreclosures occurring in the US are illegal seizures of property — home thefts. We are talking about 100,000 completed home thefts per month, with another 250,000 new foreclosures started to steal homes every month. Projections are that 13 million homes will have been “foreclosed” (read: stolen) by 2012.

Worse, from the perspective of the banks, they’ve got to take back all the fraudulent MBSs, most of which are toxic.

In what follows I want to present the most favorable case for the mortgage industry. That is to say, I will ignore fraud and criminal conspiracies. Let us look at the current predicament as if it resulted from a series of monumental errors. With that in mind, what is the best-case scenario?

First a caveat: I have relied on my perusal of reported evidence, personal observations, plus  discussions with various attorneys in the related field, Wall Street investment consultants and a social scientist’s convincing argument that the securitizations of mortgages resulted in securities that are not backed by mortgages.

With that caveat, let us work through the problems now facing the banks.

1. A valid “mortgage” requires a (“wet signature”) note and a security instrument; these must be kept together, and any subsequent transfer of lien rights to the security instrument must be recorded at the appropriate public office. The mortgage note must be properly indorsed each time the mortgage is transferred. In the era of securitized mortgages this can be a dozen times or more. If ever presented for foreclosure, endorsements should demonstrate a clear chain of title, from origination through to foreclosure; and this should match the records at the public office.

2. MERS intended to provide an electronic registry of all mortgages. By appointing a “vice president” in every financial firm, it believed that all transfers of lien rights among these firms were “in house”. Hence it operated on the belief that no subsequent public recording was necessary, and no further endorsement of the mortgage note was necessary for in-house transfers of the payment intangible as it kept a record of transfers of the mortgage. It claimed to be a nominee of these firms (purported to hold the mortgage) but also to be the holder of the mortgages including the “Unidentified Indorsees In Blank” — mortgages that were never properly endorsed over to purchasers. We know, however, that MERS recommended that mortgage servicers retain notes, so MERS‘s claim to be the holder rests on its claim that appointed VPs are employees. But these employees are not an agent/employee of the “Unidentified Indorsee in Blank”, nor are they paid by MERS or in any way supervised by MERS.

3. This practice is in violation of numerous laws. Property law requires filing sales in the public record. Notes must be affixed (permanently) to the security instrument — a mortgage without the note has been ruled a “nullity” by the Supreme Court. MERS’s recommended business practice (with the servicer retaining the note) would make the mortgages a “nullity”. A complete chain of title is required to foreclose on property — every sale of a mortgage must be endorsed over to the purchaser, and properly recorded. Without this, it is illegal to foreclose on property — no matter how many payments the homeowner has missed.

4. However, if the notes can be found and if MERS can provide records, it is possible that the mortgages can be made valid (“proved up”) for purposes of collecting upon the indebtedness, but foreclosure would not be possible without a valid continuous perfected mortgage showing a chain of title from origination through to the current party trying to enforce the mortgage note. Any break in the chain of endorsements along with any break in the chain of title renders the Power of Sale clause in the security instrument to be a nullity and therefore no party can foreclose on the real property. So long as there is no fraud affecting the mortgage note, then rights to enforce the indebtedness can be further negotiated. If there is no break in the chain, when fraud is shown affecting the security instrument (such as robo-signers, etc), this does not affect the rights to enforce the mortgage note — but such fraud will affect the validity of the security instrument perhaps making foreclosure impossible. Fraud affecting the mortgage note would affect the right to foreclose.

5. If the notes cannot be found and a Lost Note Affidavit cannot reestablish the indebtedness, then foreclosure is not possible and collecting of the indebtedness is also not possible. Homeowners still can be sued for collection of owed moneys upon a “proved up” note or lost note affidavit but a current perfected lien is required to foreclose.

6. However since the mortgage-backed securities are governed by PSAs (pooling and service agreements), the practices above make the securities unsecured debt and there is no solution. The securities are no good. (This would be a Representation & Warrant violation as the MBSs stated that a secured indebtedness was to be purchased, but since the Trustees of the securitization would not have the notes, the securities cannot be “secured”.)

What does all this mean? In plain simple language, the banks are royally screwed. They cannot foreclose on the properties. Holders of the “mortgage-backed” securities can turn them back to the banks because they are actually unsecured debt. In previous pieces I have also explained why MERS’s recommended practice also violates US tax code — so back taxes are owed. And we know that the mortgages stuffed into the securities did not meet the “reps” of the PSAs.

So, in short, banks have got to take the whole lot of toxic waste securities back. Trillions of dollars worth. There is no cooking of the books that will turn this blackened toast back to bread.

MERS Shareholders

Shareholders played a critical role in the development of MERS. Through their capital support, MERS was able to fund expenses related to development and initial start-up.The following organizations are Shareholders of MERS.
American Land Title Association

Bank of America

CCO Mortgage Corporation

Chase Home Mortgage Corporation of the Southeast

CitiMortgage, Inc.

Commercial Mortgage Securities Association

Corinthian Mortgage Corporation

EverHome Mortgage Company

Fannie Mae

First American Title Insurance Corporation

Freddie Mac

GMAC Residential Funding Corporation

Guaranty Bank

HSBC Finance Corporation

Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation

MGIC Investor Services Corporation

Mortgage Bankers Association

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company

PMI Mortgage Insurance Company

Stewart Title Guaranty Company

SunTrust Morgage, Inc.

United Guaranty Corporation

Washington Mutual Bank

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

WMC Mortgage Corporation



#1 Lending LLC
1 Wave Mortgage, LLC
123 Mortgage LLC
1-800-East-West Mortgage Co., Inc.
1952 LLC dba First Mortgage America
1G & Associates International Inc., LLC
1st 2nd Mortgage Co. of NJ, Inc.
1st Alliance Lending, LLC
1st Alliance Mortgage, LLC
1st American Mortgage, Inc.
1st Central Mortgage, Inc.
1st Chesapeake Home Mortgage
1st Choice Mortgage Banc LLC
1st Choice Mortgage dba for Mikilrobin, Inc.
1st Choice Mortgage Inc
1st Choice Mortgage/Equity Corp. of Lexington
1st Constitution Bank
1st Equity Funding Group Inc.
1st Independence Mortgage Group div of 1st Independence Bank
1st Los Angeles Mortgage Corporation
1st Mariner Bank
1st Maryland Mortgage Corporation
1st Medallion Mortgage Corp.
1st National Lending Services
1st Nationwide Mortgage
1st New England Mortgage Corp. dba 1st Mass.Mtg, 1st Pref Mt
1st Place Mortgage, LLC
1st Point Lending, Inc
1st Point Lending, LLC
1st Preference Mortgage Corporation
1st Republic Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
1st Service Bank
1st Source Bank
1st State Bank
1st Step Mortgage Group, Inc.
1st Trust Bank for Savings FSB
1st Trust Mortgage Corporation
1st United Bank
21 Asset Management Holdings LLC
215 Holding Co
21st Mortgage Corporation
22 Asset Management Holding, LLC
2CI Direct
360 Mortgage Group, LLC
3RD Financial Service Corporation
406 Partners
7 Bay Traders, LLC
A & N Mortgage Services, Inc.
A Great Mortgage Company, Inc.
A Great Southern Mortgage Corp
A&A Mortgage Inc.
A&C Mortgage LLC
A&D Financial Corp.
A. Anderson Scott Mortgage Group, Inc.
A. M. Robbins Mortgage, Inc.
AA Mortgage Corp
AAA Worldwide Financial, Co.
Aaron Lending, LLC
Aasent Mortgage Corporation
Abacus Financial Inc. dba Get Your Mortgage
ABBA First Mortgage, Inc.
ABC America’s Best Choice Financial Group, Inc.
ABC Mortgage
ABCO Federal Credit Union
ABI Mortgage, Inc.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc.
ABS Financial Inc dba Greater Ohio Mortgage
Absolute Home Mortgage Corp.
Absolute Lending Group, LLC
Absolute Mortgage Company
Absolute Mortgage Corporation
Absolute Mortgage Corporation of NC
Abundance Home Mortgage LLC
Abundant Mortgage Inc.
Abwin Mortgage Corporation
Acacia Federal Savings Bank
Academy Mortgage Corporation
Acadia National Mortgage, LLC
Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation
Access Capital Funding LLC
Access Capital Group Inc
Access Mortgage and Financial
Access National Mortgage Corporation.
Access One Mortgage Company, LLC
Access Texas Mortgage
AccessPlus Mortgage
Accord Financial
Accredited Home Lenders
ACCU Funding Corporation, LLC
Accurate Fidelity Mortgage Corporation
Ace Mortgage Funding LLC dba Millennium Funding Group
Ace Mortgage Funding, LLC
Acopia, LLC
Acre Mortgage & Financial, Inc.
ACT Lending Corporation
Action Mortgage, LLC
Adams Mortgage, LLC & Adams Mortgage LLC dba Front Range Mtg
Added Value Inc
Adelo Mortgage, Inc.
Admiral Mortgage, Inc
Advance Mortgage & Investment Company of N. Florida Inc.
Advance Mortgage Corporation
Advance Mortgage Source Inc dba S. Carolina Mortgage Assc
Advanced Concepts Enterprises Inc
Advanced Financial Services, Inc. (aka AFS Financial, Inc.)
Advanced Lending Group dba Nationwide Lending Group
Advanced Mortgage Marketing LLC dba Equity One Mortgage
Advanced Mortgage Services
Advanced Mortgage Systems, LLC
Advantage Home Loans, LLC
Advantage Investors Mortgage Corporation
Advantage Loans, Inc.
Advantage Mortgage of Michigan
Advantage Mortgage of S. Florida
Advantage One Mortgage, Inc.
Advantage Residential Mortgage Company
Advantage/Universal Mortgage Inc dba Advantage Mortgage
Advantix Lending, Inc.
Advent Mortgage Corp.
Advent Mortgage LLC
Adventas, Inc.
Adventure Mortgage, Inc.
Advisor Net Mortgage LLC
Advisors Mortgage Group LLC
Advisor’s Mortgage, LLC
Aegis Correspondent Corporation
Aegis Funding Corporation
Aegis Lending Corporation
Aegis Mortgage Corporation
Aegis Wholesale Corporation
AFC Mortgage
Affiliated Funding Corporation
Affiliated Mortgage Company
Affiliated Mortgage LLC dba YSU Lending
Affinity Bank
Affinity Group Mortgage Services LLC
Affinity Mortgage Brokers Inc
Affinity Mortgage LLC dba Catholic Home Loan
Agape Financial Group
Agency Mortgage Corporation (Retail)
Agency Mortgage Corporation (Wholesale)
Agents & Builders Mtg. Co., LLC
Agfirst Farm Credit Bank
Aggresive International, Inc
Aggressive Mortgage
AGI Mortgage Lending of Indiana
Agire Mortgage Corporation
AHL, Mortgage, Inc.
AHM Acceptance, Inc.
AIG Federal Savings Bank
Air Academy Federal Credit Union
Air Academy Service Corp.
AKT American Capital Corporation
Alabama Housing Finance Authority
Alabama Telco Credit Union
Alacrity Lending Company
Alameda Mortgage Corporation, A California Corporation
Alarion Bank
Alaska Eastern Partners
Alaska Louisiana Partners
Alaska Seaboard Partners Limited Partnership
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
Albany Mortgage Group
Alcova Mortgage
Alera Financial LLC
Alerus Financial, N.A.
Alethes, LLC
Aliant Bank
Alkan Mortgage Corp dba Certified Mortgage Planners
All Access Mortgage Corporation
All American Consulting, LLC dba All American Mortgage
All American Home Lending LLC
All American Home Lending, Inc.
All American Home Mortgage Corp.
All American Home Mortgage, LLC
All American Lending, LLC
All American Mortgage Corporation
All California Mortgage dba All American Mortgage
All Finance Mortgage, Inc.
All Home Lending, Inc
All Nation Funding Corp.
All Star Mortgage
All Star Mortgage Corp
All Star Mortgage Corporation
All State Home Mortgage Inc.
All Western Mortgage, Inc.
Allegro Home Loans LLC
Allegro-Mortgage Inc.
Allen Mortgage LC
Allen Tate Mortgage Services, Inc.
Alliance Bancorp
Alliance Bank Corporation
Alliance Financial Resources
Alliance Financing Mortgage Corp.
Alliance Home Funding LLC
Alliance Home Mortgage
Alliance Home Mortgage Inc.
Alliance Lending Inc.
Alliance Mortgage Banking Corp.
Alliance Venture Mortgage, LLC
Allied Commercial Services Inc. dba Capital Mortgage Group
Allied Financial, LLC dba Iron Mortgage
Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation
Allied Home Mortgage Corporation
Allied Mortgage Group, Inc.
Allied Mortgage Professionals, Inc.
Allsource Mortgage Inc.
Allstar Mortgage Services LLC
Allstate Home Mortgage, LLC
All-Times Mortgage, Inc.
Alpha Mortgage Corporation
Alpha Mortgage USA
Alpine Bank
Alpine Mortgage LLC
Alpine Mortgage Services, Inc.
ALS – Wilmington Trust Co
ALS 2000-1
ALS 2000-2
ALS 2001-2
ALS FNMA Trust 2001-T1
ALS FNMA Trust 2001-T3
ALS FNMA Trust 2001-T4
ALS in Trust for SASCO
ALS Private Investor – Washington Trust
ALS SASCO 2001-5
ALS SASCO 2001-6
ALTA Financial Corp
Alta Financial Inc. dba Alta Financial Mortgage
Alterna Mortgage Co.
Alternative Financing Corporation
Alternative Funding Corp
Alternative Mortgage Options, Inc.
Alternative Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Alternative Resource Services Inc
Altura Credit Union
Amalgamated Bank
Amalgamated Bank (NY)
Ambeck Mortgage Associates
Amber Financial Group, LLC
AMC Mortgage Services Inc.
AmCap Mortgage Ltd
Amera Corporation dba Amera Mortgage Corporation
Amera Mortgage Corporation
Ameribanc Corporation
Ameribank – Warehouse
Ameribank Mortgage Company LLC
America South Mortgage Corp.
American Acceptance Mortgage, Inc
American Acceptance Mortgage, Inc.
American Advantage Mortgage Company, L.L.C.
American Bancshares Mortgage Corporation
American Bank
American Bank & Trust
American Bank and Trust
American Bank of Commerce
American Bank of Texas N.A.
American Benefit Mortgage Inc.
American Capital Home Loans, LLC
American Capital Mortgage Bankers, Ltd.
American Chartered Bank
American Dream Funding Corporation
American Eagle Federal Credit Union
American Eagle Mortgage Inc
American Enterprise Bank of Florida
American Equity Mortgage
American Family Funding, Inc.
American Family Mortgage, Inc.
American Federal Bank
American Federal Mortgage Corporation
American Fidelity Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
American Fidelity Mortgage Corp.
American Fidelity Mortgage Services, Inc.
American Fidelity, Inc.
American Financial Funding Corp.
American Financial Lending, Inc.
American Financial Mortgage Corporation
American Financial Network, Inc DBA Realty Mortgage Alliance
American Financial Resources Inc.
American Financial Resources Incorporated
American Financial Services
American Financing Corporation
American First Credit Union
American First Real Estate Services, Inc.
American Freedom Group, Inc
American Freedom Mortgage Inc.
American General Financial Services of Arkansas dba MorEquit
American General Mortgage
American Guardian Financial Group Inc.
American Heritage Capital, LP
American Heritage Mortgage Co, LLC
American Home Equity Corporation
American Home Free Mortgage, LLC
American Home Lending Inc. DBA American Home Residential Inc
American Home Lending USA, LLC
American Home Loan Center, LLC dba Centric Mtg & Natl Invest
American Home Loans LLC
American Home Mortgage Company
American Home Mortgage Corp dba American Home Mortgage
American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc.
American Home Mortgage Investment Corp.
American Home Mortgage Services, Inc.
American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.
American Home Mortgage, Inc.
American Homefront Mortgage Funding
American Homestar Mortgage, LLC
American Homestead Mtg. LLC
American Independent Association
American Interbanc Mortgage
American Internet Mortgage, Inc.
American Investors Bank and Mortgage
American Land Title Association
American Lending Group
American Lending Group, Inc.
American Lending Network, Inc.
American Liberty Mortgage & Loan Corporation
American Liberty Mortgage Inc
American Loan Centers
American Midwest Mortgage Corp
American Money Centers Inc.
American Mortgage & Financial Services LLC
American Mortgage Advisors, Inc.
American Mortgage Associates, Inc AR
American Mortgage Company
American Mortgage Corp of South Alabama DBA Mid America Mort
American Mortgage Corporation
American Mortgage Corporation.
American Mortgage Exchange, Inc.
American Mortgage Express
American Mortgage Express dba Millennium Funding Group
American Mortgage Express Financial
American Mortgage Funding Corporation
American Mortgage Group, Inc. (AZ)
American Mortgage Group, LLC
American Mortgage Home, Inc.
American Mortgage Investment Partners II
American Mortgage Investment Partners LLC
American Mortgage Network, Inc.
American Mortgage of Montana, Inc.
American Mortgage Service Company
American Mortgage Services, Inc.
American Mortgage Specialists Inc.
American Mortgage, Inc
American National Bank – Denver
American National Bank dba Res Mort Services & Peoples Nat’l
American National Mortgage Corp DBA Affordable Mortgage Solu
American Pacific Mortgage Corp. dba American Pacific Funding
American Partners Bank
American Pioneer Financial Services, Inc.
American Portfolio Mortgage Corp.
American Prime Finance Services
American Residential Mortgage LP
American Savings Bank
American Security Mortgage Corp.
American South Lending, Inc.
American Southwest Mortgage Corp
American State Bank/Home Loan Center
American Sterling Bank
American Trust & Savings Bank
American Trust Bank Mortgage LLC
American Unified Mortgage, Inc.
American Union Financial Services, Inc.
American United Mortgage Corp
American USA Mortgage P.A.
American West Bank
Americana Mortgage, Inc
AmericanBank, NA
Americanwest Bank
Americap Financial, Inc
Americapital Funding Corp
Americare Inv Group dba Premier Capital Lending Group
Americas First Choice Lending
Americas First Home Mortgage Company
America’s First Mortgage Lending Co
America’s Home Loan Inc.
America’s Home Mortgage, LLC
America’s Lending Solutions LTD
America’s Mortgage Alliance, Inc
America’s Mortgage Banc, Inc.
America’s Mortgage LLC
America’s Mortgage Resource Inc.
America’s Servicing Company
Americasun Financial
Americor Lending Group
Americorp Credit Corporation
AmeriCU Credit Union
Amerifinancial Mortgage Corp.
Amerifirst Financial Corp
AmeriFirst Financial, Inc.
Amerifund Financial Inc. dba All Fund Mortgage
Amerifund Home Mortgage LLC
Amerifund Lending Group dba ALG Real Estate Services Inc.
Amerihome Loan Inc.
Amerihome Mortgage Company, LLC
AmeriMortgage Bankers, LLC
Ameri-National a div of National Bank of Kansas City
Ameripath Mortgage
Ameriprise Financial Inc DBA Ameriprise Bank FSB
AmeriPro Funding, Inc.
Amerisave Mortgage Corporation
AmeriServ Financial Bank
AmeriSouth Mortgage Company
AmeriStar Home Mortgage Corp of Pennsylvania
AmeriStar Mortgage Corporation
Ameristar Mortgage.
Ameritrust Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
Ameritrust Mortgage Company, LLC
Ameritrust Mortgage Corporation
Amherst Funding Group LP
AMS Financial, Inc, dba Advanced Mortgage Services
Amstar Mortgage Corporation
AMTEC Funding Group LLC
AmTrust Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
Amtrust Mortgage Corporation
Anchor Bank Farmington NA
Anchor Bank, N.A.
Anchor Funding Inc.
Anchor Home Mortgage
Anchor Mortgage Services, Inc.
Ancient City Mortgage, Inc.
Andes Financial Inc.
Ann Arbor Mortgage Company LLC
Annandale State Bank
Answer Capital Incorporated dba Answer Capital Mortgage
Answer One Mortgage, Inc.
Anthem Enterprises Inc
Apex Funding Inc.
Apex Lending Inc.
Apex Mortgage LLC
Appalachian Community Bank
Apple Valley Mortgage, Inc.
Approved Financial Corp
Approved Funding Corp.
Approved Home Lending, Inc.
Approved Home Mortgage, Inc (ME)
Approved Home Mortgage, Inc.
Approved Mortgage Funding LLC
Approved Mortgage Loans, Inc.
Approved Mortgages Inc.
Apreva Financial Corporation dba Apreva Funding
Arbor Homes Mortgage LLC
Arbor Mortgage Corporation
Arbor Realty NPAP Holdings LLC
Arboretum Mortgage Corporation
Arbotco Financial Corporation
ARC 2000 BC-1
ARC Westwood Home Saver Fund I, LP
Arcadian Mortgage Corporation
Arcata Investments 2, LLC
Arce Financial, LLC
Arch Mortgage Corporation
Archer Mortgage
Archway Mortgage, LLC
Archwood Mortgage LLC
Arden Mortgage Co
Ardent Financial Corporation
Arisen Mortgage Corporation
Aristar Mortgage Company
Arizona Federal Credit Union
Arizona State Credit Union
ARK LA TEX Financial Services dba Benchmark Mortgage
Ark Mortgage, Inc.
Arlington Capital Mortgage LLC
ARMC – Alliance Residential Mtg Corp dba Alliance Res Mtg
Array Financial Group Inc.
Arrowhead Central Credit Union dba Arrowhead Credit Union
Artisan Mortgage, LLC (OH)
Arvest Mortgage Company
Ascella Mortgage, LLC.
Ascent Home Loans, Inc.
Asheford Funding Group LLC
Ashore Funding, Inc.
Ashworth Funding Inc.
Ask for a Loan, Inc.
Aspen Leaf Mortgage, LLC
Aspen Mortgage LLC
Aspire Financial Inc dba
Asset Capital Mortgage, Inc.
Asset Direct Mortgage LLC
Asset Management Holdings, LLC
Asset Management West 10 LLC
Asset Management West 6, LLC
Asset Management West 7, LLC
Asset Management West 8 LLC
Asset Management West 9, LLC
Asset Management West LLC
Asset Mortgage Corporation
Assets Recovery Center Investments, LLC
Assets Recovery Center LLC
Associated Bank NA
Associated Mortgage Corporation
Assurance Financial Group LLC
Assured Lending Corp.
Assured Mortgage Bankers Corp.
Assured Mortgage, Inc.
Assurity Financial Services, LLC
Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Association
At Home Mortgage Corp.
Atlanta Intown Mortgage, Inc.
Atlantic Pacific Mortgage Corporation
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group LLC
Atlantic Coast Federal
Atlantic Coast Mortgage Group, Inc.
Atlantic Coast Mortgage Services
Atlantic Federal Credit Union
Atlantic Financial, Inc.
Atlantic First Financial Corporation
Atlantic Home Lending Inc.
Atlantic Home Loans d/b/a Atlantic Home Loans Lcnsd Mtg Bnkr
Atlantic Home Mortgage, Inc.
Atlantic Mortgage Services Inc.
Atlantic National Bank
Atlantic States Bank – Florida
Atlantis Financial Group, Inc. dba Atlantis Mortgage
Atlantis Mortgage Co., Inc.
Atlas Mortgage Company LLC
Atlas Mortgage, Inc.
Auburn Bank
Augusta Mortgage Co.
Augustine E Asinobi dba Zomek Mortgage/Realty Inc.
Aurgroup Financial Credit Union
Aurora Contract Services, Inc.
Aurora Financial Group, Inc.
Aurora Loan Services LLC
Aurora Loan Services, Inc., Repurchase Lending Division
Aurora Mortgage LLC
AUS Financial Services, Inc.
Austin Perry Financial Corporation
Automated Finance Corporation
Availent Mortgage
Avalon Mortgage, Inc.
Avanta Federal Credit Union
Avanti Financial Network LLC
Avaris Capital
Avelo Mortgage, L.L.C.
Aventus, Inc.
Avenue Bank
Avenue Mortgage Corporation
Avery Financial Group Inc.
Avex Funding Corporation
Avista Solutions
Avizen Lending Solutions Inc
Avrus Financial and Mortgage Services Inc
Axent Funding LLC
Axia Financial LLC
Axiom Financial, LLC
Axiom Mortgage Bankers Corp.
Axis Bancorp Inc.
Axis Financial, LLC
Axis Mortgage & Investments, a/d/o The Biltmore Bank of Ariz
Axis Mortgage & Investments, L.L.C.
B&A Mortgage, Inc.
B. R. Mortgage LTD
Back Bay Inc dba Mtg Approval Serv(MA), Approved Mtg Serv(FL
Badger Funding Corp
Bahl & Bahl, Inc.
Baker Mortgage Company, Inc.
Baker Ronan Financial dba First Nations Financial
Baker Street Mortgage
Baltimore County Savings Bank, FSB
Banc Investments Group/Pacific Coast Bankers’ Bancshares
Banc of America Securities LLC (Global ABS)
Banc Ohio Financial
BancCap Advisors LLC
Banco Popular National Association
Banco Popular North America, South Florida Region
Bancocorp Mortgage Inc
BancorpSouth Bank Mortgage Division
Bangor Savings Bank
Bank Independent (Mortgage Lending)
Bank Mortgage Solutions LLC
Bank of America Warehouse Lender
Bank of America, N.A.
Bank of America, N.A.
Bank of America, NA – Reverse Mortgage
Bank of America, NA (formerly Fleet National Bank)
Bank of America, National Association
Bank of America, Ntnl Assoc Trustee/Custodian for WAMU/WMMSC
Bank of America.
Bank of Ann Arbor Wholesale Lending Division
Bank of Bartlett
Bank of Blue Valley (Internet)
Bank of Blue Valley (Retail)
Bank of Charles Town
Bank of Colorado
Bank of Commerce
Bank of Elmwood
Bank of England Mortgage Company dba England Lending
Bank of Florida
Bank of Idaho
Bank of Illinois in Normal
Bank of Internet USA
Bank of Jackson Hole
Bank of Lake Mills
Bank of Lee’s Summit
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corporation
Bank of New England
Bank of New York Trust Company, N.A.
Bank of North Carolina
Bank of Oklahoma
Bank of Ruston
Bank of San Angelo, N.A., a Branch of First Natl Bk of Balli
Bank of St. Augustine
Bank of Tennessee
Bank of the Cascades
Bank of the Prairie
Bank of the Wichitas
Bank of Utah
Bank of Whitman
Bank One Trust Company, NA
Bank One, NA (Conduit)
Bank United FSB
Bank VI
Bankers Bank
Bankers Choice Mortgage Corp.
Bankers’ Financial, Inc
Bankers First Mortgage Inc.
Bankers Home Mortgage, Inc
Bankers Mortgage Corporation
Bankers Mortgage of Pasco County, Inc.
Bankers Mortgage Trust Inc
Bankers Trust Co NA
Bankerswest Funding Corporation
Bankline Mortgage Corporation
Banktrust of AL
Bankwest (MN)
Banner Bank
Banner County Bank
Banyan Financial Group Inc.
Barclays Bank PLC
Barclays Pacific Lending Corp.
Barkwood Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Barnacle Mortgage, Inc.
Barnes Banking Company
Barr Group, Inc.
Barrington Capital Corporation
Barrington Mortgage Corp
Barrons Mortgage Corporation
Barrons Mortgage Group LTD dba
Bartlett Mortgage, Inc.
BasePoint Analytics
Bay Banc Mortgage Corporation
Bay Capital Corp.
Bay Equity LLC
Bay Financial Savings Bank FSB
Bay Lending Corp
Bay National Bank
Bay to Bay Lending LLC
Bay Valley Mortgage Group d/b/a Pacific Bay Lending Group
BayCal Financial Mortgage Corporation
Baymont Financial, LTD
BayPort Credit Union
BayRock Mortgage Corporation
Bayshore Financial Corporation
Bayside Mortgage Services Inc.
Baytree Lending Company
Bayview Financial Group, LLC dba Garrow Mortgage
Bayview Home Mortgage Corp
Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC
BBC Funding Corporation, DBA X Loan
BBVA Bancomer USA
Beach First National Bank
Beach Mortgage Co. Inc.
Beacon Financial Mortgage Bankers
Bear Stearns
Beazer Mortgage Corporation
Bednar Inc.
Bell America Mortgage, LLC Dba Bell Mortgage
Bell Home Loans Inc.
Bella Home Mortgage
Bellevue Home Mortgage
Belmont Savings Bank
Beltway Capital, LLC
Belvidere Networking Enterprises
Benchmark Financial Services, Inc.
Benchmark Funding Corporation
Benchmark Home Mortgage Inc.
Benchmark Lending Group, Inc.
Benchmark Mortgage, Inc.
Benchmark Mortgage, LLC DBA Grandmark Mortgage
Beneficial Capital Management Corp.
Benefit Equity Mortgage LLC
Benefit Funding Corporation
Bentwood & Bowden Mortgage Group, Inc
Bergin Financial, Inc.
Berkshire Bank
Berry Hill Inc dba Blue Heron Mortgage Company
Best Mortgage, Inc.
Best Rate Funding Corp.
Bi-Coastal Mortgage Inc.
Big Sky Western Bank
Billings Federal Credit Union
Biltmore Financial Bancorp, Inc.
Biltmore Mortgage & Associates
Birmingham Bancorp Mortgage Corporation
BJK Winston Enterprises Inc dba Financial Advantage Home Loa
BJV Financial Services Inc dba Forum Mortgage Bancorp
Blackhorse Mortgage Corp
Blair Services of America Inc.
Bloomfield State Bank
Blount Ventures, Inc. dba Blount Mortgage
Blue Chip Mortgage Wholesale, LLC
Blue Ridge Investments LLC
Blue Saphire Investments, (CA) Inc
Blue Star Financial Services, Inc.
Blueleaf Lending LLC
BM Real Estate Service Inc
BNC Mortgage, Inc.
BNC National Bank
Boehck Mortgage Co
Boeing Employees’ Credit Union DBA BECU
Bogman, Inc.
Bondcorp Realty Services, Inc.
Boone Bank & Trust Co
Borel Private Bank & Trust Company
Borrowers Choice Mortgage, Inc.
Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
Bottomline Mortgage, Inc.
Boulder West Financial Services Inc.
Boulevard Bank
Boulevard Mortgage Corporation
Bradford Bank
Bradford Mortgage Company
Bradford National Bank
Brainerd Savings and Loan Association
Branch Banking & Trust Company
Brand Mortgage Group LLC
Bravo Credit Corp.
Bremer Bank, N.A.
Brenner Mortgage Corp.
Brentwood Mortgage Services, Inc.
Brian A. Cole & Associates LTD dba First Nations Mtg of Ohio
Bridgeport Lending LLC
Bridgewater Capital, Inc.
Bridgewater Savings Bank
Brier Mortgage Corp.
Bright Mortgage Group, Inc.
Bright Vision Mortgage Inc.
Brighten Lending
Brimfield Bank
Briner, Incorporated
Britton & Koontz Bank National Association
Broadview Mortgage Corporation
BrooksAmerica Mortgage Corp.
Brookside Mortgage Corporation
Brownstone Mortgage & Investments LLC
Bryco Funding Inc
BSI Financial Services, Inc
BSM Financial DBA Bank Source Mortgage
Buckingham Mortgage Corporation
Buddy’s Little Man Inc dba Harbor Financial Mortgage
Budget Mortgage Bankers, L.T.D.
Buffalo Federal Savings Bank
Builder Mortgage Company, Inc.
Builders Mortgage LLC
Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company
Busey Bank
Bush & Hewitt Holding, Inc dba Direct Funding
Business Bank of Skagit County
Butler Mortgage Inc.
Buyers Way Home, LLC
BWM Mortgage LLC
Byron Bank
C & T Mortgage LLC
C and F Mortgage Corporation
C&G Financial Services Inc
C.U. Financial, Inc
C2CL, Inc.
Cadence Bank, N.A.
Cal Coast Mortgage Corp.
California Bank & Trust
California Empire Bancorp, Inc.
California Financial Group Inc dba California Financial Serv
California Housing Finance Agency
California Mortgage Advisors, Inc.
California Mutual Funding
California Nova Financial, Inc.
California State Teachers’ Retirement System
Cali-Land, Inc. DBA Cali-Land Bankers Home Loan
Calisto Group Inc dba Metro Lending Services
Calliance Realty Fund, LLC
CalPacific Mortgage Inc.
CALPERS (Private)
CalPers Retained Servicing
Calvert Mortgage Company
Cambridge Financial Serivces dba Cambridge Home Loans
Cambridge Funding Group Inc
Cambridge Home Capital, LLC
Cambridge Mortgage Corporation
Cambridge Mortgage Group, LLC
Cambridge Savings Bank
Cameron Financial Group, Inc.
Campbell & Fetter Bank
Campbell Financial Services, Inc.
Canyon National Bank
Capaha Bank
Cape Bank
CapFund Lending
CapGrow Home Mortgage, LLC
Capital Access Mortgage, Inc.
Capital Advantage Mortgage, Inc.
Capital Alliance Advisors Incorporated
Capital American Mortgage Company
Capital Assistance Corp
Capital Bank
Capital Center LLC
Capital City Bank
Capital Concepts, Inc
Capital Credit Union
Capital Direct Financial
Capital Financial Associates, Inc. dba CFA Mortgage
Capital Financial Bancorp, Inc.
Capital Financial Ent. Inc. dba Capital Mortgage Services
Capital Financial Group
Capital Financial Mortgage Corp
Capital Financial Services
Capital Funding Mortgage Company LLC
Capital Hill Mortgage Co., Inc.
Capital Lending
Capital Lending Group LLC
Capital Lending Source, LLC
Capital Mortgage Associates LLC
Capital Mortgage Corporation
Capital Mortgage Finance Corp
Capital Mortgage Funding L.L.C.
Capital Mortgage Inc
Capital Mortgage Services, Inc
Capital One Home Loans LLC
Capital One Home Loans, LLC
Capital One, National Association
Capital Plus Mortgage and Underwriting Services Inc.
Capital Quest Mortgage, Inc.
Capital Reverse Mortgage Group
CapitalMark Bank & Trust
CapitalSouth Bank
Capitol Commerce Mortgage Company
Capitol Credit Union Service Organization, LLC
Capitol Mortgage Services, Inc.
Capstar Lending, LLC
Capstar Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
Capstone Bank
Capstone Direct Inc.
Capstone Lending Corp
Capstone Mortgage Ind. dba Baker Group
CapWest Mortgage Corporation
Cardinal Banc and Mortgage Corp
Cardinal Financial Company, Limited Partnership
Cardinal Mortgage Inc.
Cardinal Mortgage, P.L.L.C
Carlton Mortgage Services, Inc.
Carnegie First Lending Services
Carolina Bank
Carolina Commerce Bank
Carolina Mortgage / CDJ, Inc
Carolina Mortgage Company of Fayetteville
Carolina Mortgage Group, Inc
Carolina State Mortgage Corporation
Carr and Carr Enterprises Inc. dba Carr Mortgage Funding
Carrington Mortgage Services LLC
Carrollton Mortgage Services, Inc.
Carter Lending Inc.
Carver Federal Savings Bank
Casa Blanca Mortgage Inc. d/b/a Shearson Mortgage
Casa Gran Real Estate Inc dba Padre Mortgage
Casa Linda Mortgage, LTD
Casa Mortgage Inc.
Cascade Bank
Cash Fast Finance, LLC dba Blue Financial
Cash Out Mortgage Corporation
CashCall, Inc.
Cass County Bank
Castle & Cooke Mortgage LLC dba Box Home Loans for Utah loan
Castle Mortgage
Castle Mortgage of Green Bay, Corp.
Castle Rock Financial Corp
Castlerock Mortgage, LTD
Castleview Home Loans
Castlewood Home Loans, LLC
Catalyst Lending Inc.
Catholic and Community Credit Union
CB&T Mortgage, LLC
CBC Companies
CBC National Bank dba First National Bank of Nassau County
CBSK Financial Group dba American Home Loans
CDC Federal Credit Union
CDC Financial Group Inc
CDC Mortgage Capital Inc.
Cedar Mortgage Company
Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust Company
Cedar River Mortgage L.L.C.
CedartStone Mortgage, LLC
Celbrity Mortgage LLC
Celtic Bank Corporation
Cenlar FSB
Centennial Bank
Centennial Bank (AR)
Centennial Bank Inc.
Centennial Bank.
Centennial Mortgage and Funding, Inc.
Center State Mortgage
Centier Bank
Centra Credit Union
Central Alabama Mtg., Inc.
Central Banc Mortgage Corporation
Central Bancompany
Central Bancshares
Central Bank
Central Bank and Trust Co
Central Bank of Jefferson County, Inc.
Central Bank of Kansas City
Central Jersey Mortgage Corporation
Central Mortgage Bancorp, Inc.
Central Mortgage Company
Central National Bank
Central National Mortgage
Central Pacific Bank
Central Pacific Home Loans
Central Pacific Mortgage
Central Rockies Mortgage Corp.
Central Texas Mortgage Corp.
Centric Mortgage
Centrue Bank
Centurion Mortgage Inc.
Century Bank
Century Bank (New Mexico)
Century Bank FSB
Century Bank of Kentucky Inc
Century Mortgage Company dba Century Lending Company
Century Pacific Mortgage Corporation
CEREF Partners 1 LP
Certified Funding, LP
Certified Home Loans of Florida
CES Credit Union, Inc.
CF Bank
CFS Mortgage Corporation
CFSC Capital Corp. VIII
Challenge Financial Investors Corp.
Champion Bank
Chapel Hill Mortgage, LLC
Chapel Mortgage Corporation
Charlotte Home Equity LLC
Charter Bank
Charter Capital Corp dba First Capital Group
Charter Mortgage Company, Inc.
Charter One Bank N.A.
Charter Wholesale Mortgage
CharterWest Mortgage, LLC
CharterWest National Bank
Chartwell Mortgage Funding, LLC
Chase Home Finance LLC
Chase Manhattan Mtg. – Deerfield
Chatham & Associates, Inc.
Chemical Bank
Chemtov Mortgage Group Corp.
Cherry Creek Mortgage Company, Inc.
Chervenic Mortgage Group LLC
Chesapeake Bank of Maryland
Chesapeake Unlimited, Inc. dba Chesapeake Home Mortgage
Cheviot Savings Bank
Chevy Chase Bank, FSB
Cheyenne State Bank
CHI Financial, LP
Chicago Bancorp
Chicago Financial Services, Inc.
Chicago Mortgage Funding, LLC
Chicago Mortgage House, LLC
Chicago Mortgage Solutions Co dba Interbank Mortgage Co
Chicago United Mortgage, Inc.
Chicagoland Home Mortgage Corp.
Chimera Investment Corporation
CHL for CAMC (Distressed Assets)
CHL for Hudson SB, N.A.
CHL for Ohio SB
CHL for Truman Capital Advisors
CHL Mortgage Buyout Trust 98-A
Choice Bank
Choice Bank (AZ)
Choice Capital Funding, Inc
Choice Finance Corp.
Choice Lending Corp. dba Choice Lending Group
Choice Lending Group, L.L.C.
Choice Lending Inc.
Choice Mortgage Corp.
Choice One Mortgage, Inc
ChoiceAmerica Lending, LLC
Christen E. Keller dba 1st Sheffield Mortgage
Christopher E. Hobson, Inc. dba Franklin Fin. Integrated Mtg
Churchill Mortgage Corporation
Cimarron Mortgage Company
Cincinnati Federal Savings and Loan Association
Circle One Mortgage Company
Cirrus Mortgage
CIS Financial Services, Inc.
CIT Group, Inc.
Citadel Servicing Corporation
Citi Residential Lending
Citibank (West) FSB
Citibank, FSB
Citibank, NA
Citifinancial Mortgage Company, Inc.
Citigroup Global Markets Realty Corp
Citiline Mortgage Company of Colorado Springs, Inc.
CitiMortage, Inc. as Master Servicer for TVLB
CitiMortgage, Inc.
CitiMortgage, Inc. as Master Servicer for Various Investors
Citimutual Corporation dba CIMU Wholesale
Citizens Bank
Citizens Bank (Delaware)
Citizens Bank (OR).
Citizens Bank (TN)
Citizens Bank Mortgage Company, LLC
Citizens Bank Mortgage Corporation, LLC
Citizens Bank N.A.
Citizens Bank of Ada
Citizens Bank of Connecticut
Citizens Bank of Massachusetts
Citizens Bank of New Hampshire
Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania
Citizens Bank of Rhode Island
Citizens Bank Tri-Cities
Citizens Commerce National Bank
Citizens Community Bank
Citizens Community Bank Mortgage Division
Citizens Fidelity Mortgage Corp.
Citizens Financial Mortgage Inc.
Citizens First Mortgage
Citizens First Mortgage LLC
Citizens First Wholesale Mortgage Company
Citizens Home Loan, Inc.
Citizens Mortgage Corp
Citizens Mortgage Corporation.
Citizens National Bank of Greater St. Louis
Citizens Security Bank & Trust Company
Citizens South Bank
Citizens State Bank dba CSB Mortgage
Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America
Citizens State Bank of Cortez
Citizens Trust Mtg Corp dba CTM Finance Corp.
Citizens Union Bank
City Bank & Trust Co.
City Bank dba City Bank Mortgage
City Capital Mortgage Banking Corp.
City National Bank
Cityfirst Mortgage Services, LLC
Citywide Home Loans, A Utah Corporation
Citywide Mortgage Associates, Inc.
Citywide Mortgage Corp.
CJ Unlimited
Clarion Mortgage Capital, Inc.
Clark Welsh Mortgage Group, Inc.
Classic Bank, N.A.
Classic Home Financial, Inc.
Classic Home Loans
Classic Mortgage Corp and Delaware Classic Mortgage Corp
Clayson Mitchell Mortgage Services, LC
Clayton Lender Solutions
Clear 2 Close Mortgage Co. LLP
Clear Progress, Inc.
Clear Vue Capital Corporation
Clearinghouse Community Development Financial Institution
Clearwater Holdings Inc. dba Clearwater Home Mortgage
Clearwater Mortgage, LLC DBA Clearwater Mortgage
Cleveland Street Mortgage
Clifton Savings Bank
CLO Funding Corporation, Inc.
Clybourn Financial Services, Inc.
CMG Lending
CMG Mortgage, Inc.
CML Direct DBA Creative Mortgage Lending
CMLC Funding Inc
CMS Capital Group, Inc., dba Clear Mortgage Solutions
CNBS Financial Group Inc
Coast 2 Coast Funding Group
Coast Capital Inc dba Coast Capital Mortgage
Coast Mortgage Corporation
Coastal Bend Mortgage Inc dba Global Mortgage Group
Coastal Capital Corp dba Clearlight Mort. dbaThe Mort. Shop
Coastal Federal Credit Union
Coastal Finance LLC
Coastal Mortgage
Coastal Mortgage Corporation
Coastal Mortgage Services, Inc.
Coastal States Mortgage Corporation
CoastalStates Bank
Coastway Credit Union
Cobalt Mortgage, Inc.
Coconut Grove Bank
Collateral Security LLC
Colombo Bank FSB
Colonial Bank
Colonial Bank (AL)
Colonial Home Mortgage Company
Colonial Mortgage Services Co of America
Colonial Savings, F.A.
Colonial Virginia Mortgage LLC
Colony Mortgage Lenders, Inc.
Colorado Capital Bank
Colorado Capital Funding, Inc.
Colorado Capital Group, LLC
Colorado Federal Savings Bank
Colorado Home Funding Inc dba American Home Funding
Coltate Capital LLC dba Onyx Financial Group LLC
Columbia Mortgage & Funding Corp
Columbia Mortgage Corp.
Columbia River Bank dba CRB Mortgage Team
Com Unity Lending
Combank Mortgage Company
ComCor Mortgage, a division of Southport Bank
Comerica Bank (Warehouse Lending)
Comerica Bank, A Texas State Chartered Bank
Commander Financial Corporation
Commerce Bank/ North
Commerce Bank/Harrisburg NA
Commerce Mortgage Corp.
Commercial Bank
Commercial Bank – TN
Commercial Bank & Trust Co.
Commonfund Mortgage Corp
Commonwealth Bank
Commonwealth Bank and Trust Company
Commonwealth Mortgage Group LLC
Commonwealth Mortgage of Texas LP
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Division of Banks
Community Banc Mortgage Corp.
Community Banc Mortgage LLC
Community Bancshares Mortgage Co.
Community Bank
Community Bank – Wheaton/Glen Ellyn
Community Bank & Trust
Community Bank Missoula, Inc.
Community Bank of Mississippi
Community Bank of Northern Virginia
Community Bank of Oak Park River Forest
Community Bank of the Ozarks, Inc.
Community Bank of the South
Community Banks of Colorado dba Bankers Mortgage
Community Banks of Colorado Mortgage Division AFG
Community Central Mortgage Company, LLC
Community Financial Corporation
Community Financial Services Bank
Community First Bank
Community First Bank (AR)
Community First Bank (IN)
Community First Bank of Howard County
Community First Mortgage Inc.
Community First National Bank
Community First National Bank of West Plains
Community FirstBank
Community Home Financial Services, Inc
Community Home Loans LLC
Community Home Mortgage LLC
Community Lending Services
Community Mortgage
Community Mortgage Co. dba Community Mortgage Corp.
Community Mortgage Corporation
Community Mortgage Group Inc.
Community Mortgage Services, Inc.
Community National Bank
Community National Bank & Trust of Texas
Community National Bank (KS)
Community National Mortgage Inc dba First Community Mortgage
Community Pride Bank
Community Pride Mortgage Company
Community Resource Bank
Community Resource Mortgage, inc.
Community Shores Bank
Community Trust Bank
Community West Bank NA
CommunityBank of Texas, N.A.
Companion of Greer Mortgage Corp LLC
Compass Bank
Compass Bank f/k/a Texas State Bank
Compass Mortgage, Inc.
Competitive Capital Corporation
Competitive Mortgage Services Corp. dba Competitive Mortgage
Complete Mortgage, Inc.
Complete Service Lending dba Complete Mortgage & Financial S
Comstock Mortgage
Conaught Enterprise Corporation dba Sterling Financial Inves
Concord Financial Inc.
Concord Mortgage Company.
Concord Mortgage Corp
Concord Mortgage, Inc
Concordia Bank & Trust Company
Confidence Mortgage LLC
Conglomerated Mortgage Services, Inc.
Connecticut Community Bank, N.A.
Consolidated Capital Mortgage
Consolidated Consultants Inc
Consolidated Funding Corp. dba Consolidated Home Mortgage
Consolidated Mortgage Services, Inc.
Construction Capital Source, LC
Consumer First Mortgage Inc.
Consumer Home Mortgage Corp of America
Consumer Research Mortgage, LLC
Consumer Solutions, LLC
Consumers Choice Mortgage Company
Consumers Morgage, LLC
Consumers Mortgage Corporation
Consumers Mortgage Corporation of Ohio
Contemporary Mortgage Services, Inc
Contemporary Realty Solutions, Inc.
Continental American Mortgage Corporation
Continental Home Loans Inc.
Continental Mortgage
Continental Mortgage Bankers, Inc
Continental Mortgage Corporation
Contour Mortgage Corporation
Convergent Financial LLC dba Convergent Financial
Coppermark Bank
Coral Mortgage Bankers Corp
Corby Mortgage Services Inc.
Core Mortgage Group LLC
Core Star Financial Group
Corinthian Capital Group, Inc.
Corinthian Mortgage Corporation
Cornerstone Bancor Mortgage Corp
Cornerstone Bank
Cornerstone Bank (ND)
Cornerstone Bank (ND.)
Cornerstone Bank.
Cornerstone Community Bank
Cornerstone Credit Union
Cornerstone Federal Credit Union
Cornerstone Home Mortgage Corp dba MHI Mortgage
Cornerstone Lenders LLC
Cornerstone Mortgage Center Inc.
Cornerstone Mortgage Company
Cornerstone Mortgage Group, LTD
Cornerstone Mortgage, Inc.
Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc.
Corridor Mortgage Group Inc.
Corvus Funding, Inc.
Coulombe & Evered LLC
Country Bank
Country Bank for Savings
Country Club Bank NA
Country Club Mortgage
CountryPlace Mortgage, Ltd.
Countrywide Bank, FSB
Countrywide Financial Corporation
Countrywide Warehouse Lending
County Bank
County Trust Mortgage Bankers Corp
Countywide Mortgage Company
Courtesy Mortgage Company, A California Corporation
Courtyard Financial Inc.
Covenant Bank
Covenant Mortgage LLC
Coverdale Mortgage Corp.
Cowlitz Bank dba Bay Mortgage
CPCA Trust, I
Craig Kuper dba Shorecrest Mortgage
Cream City Mortgage Company, Inc.
Creative Mortgage Concepts, Inc.
Creative Mortgage Solutions
Creative Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Credit Financial Services, LLC dba Alliance Mortgage Group
Credit Northeast Inc.
Credit Suisse Financial Corporation
Credit Suisse First Boston LLC
Credit Union Mortgage Association
Credit-Based Asset Servicing and Securitization LLC
Crescent Bank
Crescent Mortgage Company, a Delaware Corp.
Crescent Mortgage Services, Inc.
Crest Financial Inc
Crestar Mortgage Corporation
Crestline Funding Corp
Crestwood Financial, LTD
Crete Tomalka Mortgage, LLC
CreveCor Mortgage Inc.
Cromwell Mortgage, Inc
Cronin Financial Services LLC
Cronus Capital Group Corp.
Cross Capital LLC
Cross Keys Bank
Cross River Bank
Crosscountry Mortgage, Inc.
Crossfire Financial Network, Inc.
Crystal Clear Mortgage, LLC
Crystal Mortgage Corp.
CS Financial Inc.
CSMC Inc. dba Direct Mortgage Funding
CSW Financial LLC dba Titan Wholesale
CTW Financial Services Inc.
CTX Mortgage Company
CU Home Mortgage Solutions, LLC
CU Mortgage Network, LLC
CU Mortgage Service LLC
Cullman Savings Bank
Cunningham and Company
Curtis Mortgage Company, Inc.
CUSO Mortgage, Inc.
CUSO of Hawaii Inc.
CUsource, LLC
Custom Equity Mortgage LLC
Custom Home Lending LLC
Custom Home Loans
Custom Mortgage Corp dba Custom Residential Mortgage
Custom Mortgage Lenders
Custom Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Custom Mortgage, Inc.
CVK Enterprises, Inc. dba Affinity Mortgage Service
CWM Partners LP dba Citywide Mortgage
CWMBS 2000-11
CWMBS 2001-2
CWMBS 2001-6 Group 1
CWMBS2000-1, Bank of New York as Trustee
CWMBS2000-2, Bank of New York as Trustee
Cypress Point Funding, Inc.
CyVex Group, Inc. dba CyVex Mortgage, Inc.
D&C Financial Corp
D&E Realty Financing and Investment LLC
D&L Enterprises LLC dba Arch City Lending
D&R Financial Group LLC
D. White & Co. LLC
D.L. Evans Bank
Dacotah Bank
Dakota Blue Mortgage LTD
Dakota Community Bank
Dallas Home Loans, Inc.
Darien Financial Services Inc.
Darren Mitchell Brennan dba Brennan Mortgage Group
DAS Acquisition Company, LLC
Dash Funding, LP.
Data Mortgage Inc, dba Essex Mortgage
DataVerify, Inc.
David M. Whitsell dba Principal Results
David Petrie
Davis Insurance, Inc
Daylight Discount Mortgage Corp.
DB Structured Products, Inc.
DCG Home Loans Inc.
DD Acquisition Sub LLC
De Anza Capital Inc
De Oro Inc dba De Oro Home Loans
Dean S. Berrett dba Berrett Mortgage Services
Deborah M. Gorman & Associates Home Loans, LLC
Decade Systems Corporation
Decision One Mortgage Company, LLC
Deere Employees Credit Union
Deichmann Mortgage Inc
Del Mar Datatrac Inc. dba Del Mar Database
Del Norte Refi, LLC
Del Norte, Inc.
Del Sur Corp dba Camino Real Mortgage & Star One Mortgage
Del Webb Mortgage Corporation
Delaware State Housing Authority
Dell Franklin Financial
Delta Funding Corporation
Delta Home Loans, Inc dba Go Loan
Delta Trust Mortgage Corporation
Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union
Denny Hecker Mortgage, LLC
Denver Mortgage Company
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Derek A. Jones dba Legacy Mortgage Group
Desert Community Bank, a division of East West Bank
Desert Hills Bank
Design Mortgage
Desportes & Selig LLC
Destin First Bank
Deutsche Bank AG New York Branch
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Americas
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Americas as Trustee
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas.
Developer’s Mortgage Company
Devine Lending, LLC
DFB Mortgage, Inc.
DFC Mortgage Services, Inc.
DGG Financial Corporation dba Drexel Lending Group
DHA Financial, Inc. dba Denver Home Approval
DHI Mortgage Company
Diablo Funding Group, Inc dba Bay Bancorp
Diamond Bank
Diamond Bank FSB
Diamond Hills Investment Inc. dba Bankers Direct
Diamond Mortgage, Inc.
Digital Docs
Digital Docs, Inc.
Digital Docs.
Digital Risk, LLC.
Direct Access LLC
Direct Equity Mortgage, LLC
Direct Lending Inc
Direct Loan America, Inc (R)
Direct Mortgage Corp
Direct Mortgage Inc.
Directions Equity LLC
Directors Financial Corp.
Directors Mortgage, Inc.dba USA Direct Funding
Distinctive Home Lending Inc
Diversified Capital Corporation of Tennesee
Diversified Home Mortgage
Diversified Mortgage
Diversified Mortgage Corporation
DMH Mortgage LLC
Doc Tech Inc
Doc Tech, Inc. dba Document Express, Inc.
Document Processing Systems, Inc.
Document Processing Systems, Inc. (DPS)
Document Systems, Inc – Doc Magic
Document Systems, Inc. – Doc Magic
Dollar Mortgage Corporation
Dollarhide Mortgage & Lending
Domestic Bank
Dominion Mortgage Corporation
Domond Financial Services, Inc. dba First Executive Mortgage
Double Tree Mortgage
Douglas County Bank
Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc.
Dover Mortgage Company
Downeast Mortgage Corporation
Downs Financial
Dragas Mortgage Company
Drake Mortgage Corp
Draper & Kramer Mortgage Corp. DBA 1st Advantage Mortgage (1
Draper & Kramer Mortgage Corp. DBA 1st Advantage Mortgage (2
Dream America, LLC
Dream Home Financial, LLC
Dream House Mortgage Corporation
Dreambuilder Investments Funding III
Dreambuilder Investments, LLC
Drew Mortgage Associates
Dryades Savings Bank FSB
Duke University Federal Credit Union
Dunne & Company Mortgage Lenders Inc
Durango Mortgage LLC
DuTrac Community Credit Union
Duxford Financial, Inc.
Dwight B. Delozier dba LoanStarr Mortgage
DYBN Financial Corporation
Dyck-O’Neal, Inc
Dynamax Mortgage, Inc.
Dynamic Capital Mortgage, Inc.
Dynamic Financial Consultants, Inc
Dynamic Mortgage Financial Corp
Dynamic Mortgage Solutions, LLC
Dynasty Mortgage, Inc.
Dyne Financial LLC
E Mortgage Direct, Inc.
E*Trade Bank
E*Trade Mortgage
E*Trade Savings Bank
E*Trade Wholesale Lending Corp.
Eagle Home Loans Inc.
Eagle Home Mortgage, LLC
Eagle National Bank
Eagle Savings Bank
Earth Mortgage, LP
East West Mortgage Company
East Bay Mortgage, Inc.
East Coast Mortgage and Financial Services Inc.
East Coast Mortgage Corporation
East Coast Mortgage Group, Inc.
East Coast Mortgage Lenders Inc
East Penn Bank division of Harleysville National Bank
East West Bank
East West Home Loan Corporation
Eastern Bank
Eastern Financial Home Loans Corp dba Pacific Direct Lending
Eastern Mortgage Co. Inc.
Eastern Utah Community Federal Credit Union
Eastland Financial Corporation
ebanc Funding, Your Mortgage Lender, LLC
ECC Capital Corp.
Edgartown National Bank
Edgewater Lending Group Inc
Edmond Mortgage, Inc.
Educated Mortgage Services LLC
Effective Mortgage, Inc.
e-Lend Mortgage, LLC
Elite Financial Investments Inc.
Elite Home Loans, Inc.
Elite Mortgage & Investments, LLC
Elite Mortgage Group, Inc.
Elite Mortgage Network, Inc
Elizabeth A. Smith dba The Mortgage Group
Ellie Mae
Elm Street Financial, LLC
E-Loan, Inc.
Elpis Lending Group Inc
Embassy Mortgage Group, Inc.
EMC Holdings LLC dba Englewood Mortgage Company
EMC Mortgage Corporation
Emerald Financial LTD.
Emerald Lending, LLC
Emery Federal Credit Union
eMortgage Management LLC
Empire Financial
Empire Home Loan Corp.
Empire Mortgage IX, Inc.
Empire Mortgage LLC
Empire Mortgage LLC V
Empire Mortgage LLC VII
Empire Mortgage VI, Inc.
Empire Mortgage X, Inc.
Empire Mortgage XI, Inc.
Empire Mortgage XIII, Inc.
Empire State Bank NA
EmpireAmerica LLC
Empirica Development Corporation
Encompass Lending Corp
Encore Credit Corporation
Endeavor Capital LLC dba Homestead Financial Mortgage
Enteprise Mortgage Group, LLC
Enterprise Bank & Trust
Enterprise Bank and Trust Company
Enterprise Bank, N.A.
Entrust Financial Corporation
Entrust Mortgage, Inc
eOption Loan, LLC
EPI Mortgage Center, Inc.
Equifirst Corporation
Equifund, Inc.
Equihome Mortgage Corp
EquiPlus, Inc.
Equipoint Financial Network, Inc.
Equisource Home Mortgage Corporation
Equitable Home Mortgage, Inc.
Equitable Mortgage Corp.
Equitable Mortgage Corporation
Equitable Mortgages of Nebraska Inc
Equitable Trust Mortgage Corporation
Equity Achievement Group, LLC
Equity Bank, NA
Equity Consultants, LLC
Equity Financial Inc
Equity Lending, LLC
Equity Loans LLC
Equity Mortgage Corporation
Equity National Funding Group, Inc.
Equity Now Inc.
Equity One, Inc.
Equity Plus, Inc.
Equity Resources, Inc.
Equity Services, Incorporated
ESB Financial
Essex Mortgage dba Alliance Lending Group
Essex Savings Bank, FSB
Etekcapital, LLC
Euro Mortgage Bankers Inc.
Eustis Mortgage Corporation
Evanston Insurance Company c/o Universal Assurors Agency Inc
Ever Bank
Everbank Reverse Mortgage Company, LLC
Everest Group, Inc. dba Kapt Mortgage
Everett Financial Inc dba Supreme Lending
Evergreen Home Loans
Evergreen Mortgage Corporation dba Evergreen Ohana Group
Evergreen Mortgage Services LLC
EverHome Mortgage Company
Evest Mac Funding 1
Evestmac Funding II LLC
Evolution Funding Group, LLC.
Evolve Mortgage Services Inc.
Excel Bank dba Excel Mortgage Company
Excel Financial Group, LLC
Excel Funding
Excel Home Loan, Inc.
Excel Mortgage Network Inc
Excellence Mortgage, LTD.
Executive Financial Services Co Inc
Executive Home Loans, Inc.
Executive Lending Group, Inc.
Executive Mortgage Group
Executive Mortgage LLC
Executive Mortgage of Michigan LLC
Executive Mortgage Services, Inc.
Expedia Mortgage Company
Expedient Mortgage, Inc.
Expedited Financial Services Inc., dba MORTGAGE EXPEDITORS
Experience Mortgage Inc
Experienced Mortgage Professionals, Inc.
Expert Mortgage Company of Northeast Ohio LTD
Express Capital Lending
Express Financial Corp
Express Loan America, Inc. dba Express Loan America
Express Mortgage
Express Mortgage Group Inc dba Express Mtg Fndg Group Inc
Express One Mortgage Corp.
Extraco Banks, N.A., d.b.a. Extraco Mortgage
Eykis Financial Services, Inc.
EZ Funding Corporation
EZ Mortgage Lending
ezEscrow, Inc., dba Settleware Secure Services
F and B Acquisition Group LLC
F&M Bank Iowa
F&T Mortgage, Inc.
F.T. Financial Inc
Fairfield County Bank
Fairfield Financial Mortgage Group, Inc.
Fairmont Funding Ltd.
Fairpark Mortgage Inc.
Fairway Funding Group, Inc
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.
Fairway Mortgage Inc.
Faith Financial Group
Faith Mortgage, LLC
Falcon Capital Funding LLC
Family Choice Mortgage Corporation
Family Finance Mortgage LLC
Family First Mortgage
Family First Mortgage Inc
Family Home Finance LLC
Family Trust Mortgage Group LLC
Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae (Reverse Mortgages)
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Farmers & Merchants Bank of St. Clair
Farmers and Merchants Bank
Farmers and Merchants Bank (FL)
Farmers and Merchants Bank of Long Beach
Farmers Bank & Trust N.A.
Farmers State Bank
Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass
Farwell Lending LLC a subsidiary of Cambridge Savings Bank
FASLO Solutions, LLC
Fay Servicing LLC
Fayette County National Bank
FBC Mortgage LLC
FCI Lender Services, Inc.
FDB Mortgage, Inc.
FDIC as Receiver for First National Bank of Nevada
FDIC as receiver for Franklin Bank SSB
FDIC As Receiver for Franklin Bank, S.S.B.
FDIC as receiver for Miami Valley Bank
FDIC as Receiver of Netbank
Fearon Financial, LLC
Fed Funding Mortgage Corporation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Guaranty Mortgage Corporation
Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston
Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, as MPF
Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati
Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas
Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle
Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
Federal Mortgage Company Inc
Federated Home Mortgage, Inc.
Federated Lending Corporation
Federated Mortgage Corporation
Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises, Inc.
Fidelity & Trust Mortgage, Inc.
Fidelity Bank
Fidelity Bank (MI)
Fidelity Bank, Wichita Falls
Fidelity Financial Mortgage Corp dba Fidelity Mtg Capital
Fidelity Funding Mortgage Corp.
Fidelity Home Mortgage Corporation
Fidelity Information Services
Fidelity Mortgage Corporation
Fidelity Mortgage Group Inc.
Fidelity Mortgage Lending, Inc.
Fidelity Mortgage, Inc.
Fidelity One Mortgage
Fidelity One Mortgage, LLC
Fidelity Savings Bank (PA)
Fidelity State Bank & Trust Co.
Fieldstone Mtg. dba Broad Street Mtg.
Fifth Third Bank
Fifth Third Bank (f/n/a Crown Bank FSB)
Fifth Third Bank (f/n/a Crown Bank)
Fifth Third Bank (f/n/a First Charter Bank)
Fifth Third Mortgage Company
FIMI dba Forum Mortgage
Finance America, LLC
Finance Factors,. LTD
Financial Builders FCU
Financial Capital Inc.
Financial Consolidation & Mortgage Corp. dba FCMC
Financial Mortgage Corporation
Financial Mortgage, Inc.
Financial One Mortgage Corporation
Fine Mark National Bank & Trust
First Access Mortgage Corp.
First Alliance Mortgage Corp of Delaware
First Allied Mortgage, dba Federal Finance
First Alternative Mortgage Corp.
First American Bank and Trust Company
First American Bank Home Mortgage
First American Bank, NA
First American CoreLogic
First American Default Information Services LLC
First American Equity Corporation
First American Fulfillment Solutions
First American Funding Co. LLC
First American Mortgage Trust
First American National Bank Association
First Arkansas Mortgage Company
First Atlantic Bank
First Atlantic Mortgage Services, Inc.
First Bank (VA)
First Bank and Trust of Mississippi
First Bank d.b.a. First Bank Mortgage
First Bank Mortgage, A Division of First Bank of Georgia
First Bank NC
First Bank of Idaho
First Bank of the Lake
First Banking Center
First Brunswick Mortgage
First California Bank
First California Mortgage Company
First Call Mortgage Company
First Capital Financial Resources
First Capital Fin’l Services Corp dba Full Compass Lending
First Capital Mortgage Group, Inc.
First Capital Mortgage Services Inc.
First Capital Mortgage, LLC
First Capstone Mortgage LLC
First Centennial Mortgage Corp.
First Central Savings Bank
First Central State Bank
First Century Bank, N.A.
First Choice Bank
First Choice Financial Corp.
First Choice Funding Group Ltd.
First Choice Funding, Inc.
First Choice Lending Group, LP
First Choice Mortgage
First Choice Mortgage Services Inc.
First Citizens Bank & Trust Co.
First Citizens Bank and Trust Company Inc
First Citizens National Bank
First City Bank of Florida
First City Mortgage, Inc.
First Coast Lending Inc
First Coastal Mortgage LLC dba HH Mortgage
First Collateral Services, Inc.
First Collinsville Bank
First Colony Mortgage Corporation
First Colorado Trust LLC
First Commercial Bank
First Commercial Bank of Florida, Inc.
First Commonwealth Mortgage Corp
First Community Bank
First Community Bank (MO)
First Community Bank of Crawford County
First Community Credit Union
First Community Credit Union of Houston
First Community Mortgage
First Community Mortgage
First Community Mortgage a Division of First Community Bank
First Community Mortgage Inc.
First Consolidated Mortgage Company
First Continental Mortgage and Investment Corp.
First Continental Mortgage, Ltd.
First County Bank
First Covenent Financial Group, LLC
First Credit Union
First Dakota National Bank
First Eastern Mortgage Corporation
First Educators Credit Union
First Equity Financial Corp. dba First Equity Home Loans
First Equity Financial LLC dba First Equity Financial
First Equity Lending, Inc.
First Equity Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
First Equity Mortgage Inc.
First Equity Mortgage Services, Inc.
First Equity Mortgage, Inc. (AL)
First Family Mortgage, Inc.
First Fed Mortgage, Inc
First Federal Bank
First Federal Bank of California
First Federal Bank of the Midwest
First Federal Bank, FSB
First Federal of Charleston
First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Newark
First Federal Savings Bank
First Federal Savings Bank (IN)
First Federal Savings Bank of Twin Falls
First Federal Savings Bank- TN
First Fidelity Bank, NA
First Fidelity Financial, Inc.
First Financial Bank NA
First Financial Bank, NA
First Financial Bank.
First Financial Company
First Financial Equities, Inc.
First Financial Home Mortgage Corp
First Financial Mortgage
First Financial Mortgage Corp
First Financial Mortgage Corp (KY)
First Financial Services Inc (MI)
First Financial Services, Inc.
First Financial Solutions LLC
First Financial Trust Mortgage, LLC
First FL Lending of Tampa Bay, Inc.
First Florida Bank
First Florida Home Loans
First Florida Lending Corporation
First Florida Mortgage Network, Inc.
First Franklin Financial Corporation
First Funding Financial Services, Inc.
First Funding Group, LLC
First Greensboro Home Equity, Inc.
First Guaranty Financial Corporation
First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation
First Hallmark Mortgage Corp
First Harrison Bank
First Hawaiian Bank
First Home Financial Services, Inc
First Home Mortgage Corporation
First Home Savings Bank
First Hope Bank
First Horizon Home Loans, a div. of FTB
First Houston Mortgage Ltd
First Illinois Mortgage Inc.
First Independent National Bank
First Integrity Mortgage Services, Inc.
First International Bank and Trust
First Internet Bank of Indiana
First Interstate Bank
First Interstate Financial
First Jersey Mortgage Services Inc.
First Liberty Financial Group LLC dba First Liberty Fin Mtg
First Liberty Mortgage LLC
First Lincoln Loan Services, LLC
First Lincoln Mortgage Corp.
First Madison Loan Services LLC
First Madison Mortgage Corp
First Magnus Financial Corporation
First Maine Mortgage LLC
First Mark Mortgage Company, Inc
First Merchants Corporation
First Michigan Bank
First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust N.A.
First Minnesota Bank
First Missouri National Bank
First Mortgage Banc Corporation
First Mortgage Company, L.L.C.
First Mortgage Corp.
First Mortgage Corporation of South Carolina
First Mortgage Group, Inc.
First Mortgage of Indiana, Inc.
First Mutual Bank
First Mutual Corp
First Mutual Mortgage Corporation
First Mutual Mortgage, Inc.
First National Bank
First National Bank Alaska
First National Bank Crossett
First National Bank Fox Valley
First National Bank Garden City
First National Bank In Alamogordo
First National Bank of America
First National Bank of Arizona (RAPP)
First National Bank of Bastrop
First National Bank of Central Florida
First National Bank of Chester Cnty through American Home Bk
First National Bank of Christiansburg
First National Bank of Durango
First National Bank of Fabens
First National Bank of Midland
First National Bank of Monahans dba Texas Hills Bank
First National Bank of Montana
First National Bank of Nassau County a/d/o CBC National Bank
First National Bank of Northern California
First National Bank of Omaha
First National Bank of Pennsylvania
First National Bank of Santa Fe
First National Bank of the South
First National Bank of Trenton
First National Bank of Wyoming
First National Bank South Dakota
First National Bank, Sallisaw
First National Home Mortgage Corp
First National Mortgage Banc Inc. dba Eagle Mortgage
First Nation’s Home Finance Corp.
First Niagara Bank
First NLC Financial Services, LLC
First Northstar Inc. dba Minnesota Mortgage Connection
First Ohio Banc & Lending
First Old Capital Inc dba Old Capital Residential Lending
First Omni Mortgage Lending
First Option Mortgage
First Pacific Mortgage Co. Inc
First Pacific, Inc.
First Palmetto Mortgage, Inc.
First Peoples Bank
First Portfolio Mortgage Corporation
First Quality Mortgage Company
First Rate Capital Corp.
First Reliance Bank
First Republic Mortgage Corporation dba
First Residential Mortgage Network, Inc.
First Residential Mortgage Services Corporation
First Roosevelt, LLC
First Savings Mortgage Corporation
First Security Bank – AR
First Security Bank of Bozeman
First Security Bank of Missoula
First Security Mortgage Company
First Security Mortgage Services, Inc.
First Security Trust Bank
First Service Mortgage
First Service Mortgage, Inc.
First Solution Lending, Inc.
First Source Mortgage, Inc.
First Southwestern Financial Services
First State Bank
First State Bank – IL
First State Bank (27364)
First State Bank (IN)
First State Bank (TX)
First State Bank and Trust Co
First State Bank Mortgage Company, LLC
First State Bank of Middlebury
First State Bank of the Florida Keys
First State Bank of Wyoming
First State Home Loan
First State Mortgage
First Suffolk Mortgage Corporation
First Switzerland Financial
First Tennessee Bank National Association
First United Bank
First United Bank and Trust Company
First United Home Loans
First United Mortgage Banking Corp.
First United Mortgage Company Inc
First United Mortgage Corporation
First West Mortgage Bankers LTD
First Western Bank & Trust
First Western Funding, LLC
First Western Mortgage Corporation
First Western Mortgage, Inc.
First Wholesale Mortgage Corporation
First Wisconsin Financial, Inc.
First World Mortgage Corporation
FirstBank Holding Company of Colorado/FirstBank of Colorado
Firstco Mortgage Corp.
FirsTier Bank Mortgage Division
Firstline Mortgage Inc.
FirstMac Corporation
FirsTrust Mortgage
Fischer and Fritchel Home Mortgage Co. LLC
Fiserv – Unifi Products Group
Fiserv -MortgageServ
Fiserv Solutions, Inc.
Fisher Financial Group, Inc. dba NationsChoice Mortgage
Fitzgerald Mortgage Corp.
Fitzgerald Mortgage, Inc.
Five Points Bank
Five Points Bank of Hastings
Five Star Financial, Inc.
Five Star Partnership, LLC DBA Five Star Mortgage
Flagship Financial Services, Inc.
Flagship Mortgage Banc Inc a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Old
Flagship Mortgage Corporation
Flagstar Bank
Flaherty Funding Corporation
Flat Branch Mortgage, Inc
Flathead Bank
FlexPoint Funding Corporation
Florida Capital Bank Mortgage
Florida Citizens Bank
Florida Community Bank
Florida Parishes Bank
Floridian Financial Mortgage, LLC
Flower Bank FSB
FM Financial Services, Inc. dba Foundation Mortgage
FM Lending Services, LLC
FM Mortgage Corporation
FMWF Trust
FNT Mortgage Series 2000-1
Focus Financial & Mortgage
Forem Capital Inc.
Foresight Mortgage Corporation
Forest Park National Bank & Trust Co.
Fortes Financial, Inc.
Fortress Financial, LLC
Fortress Mortgage, Inc
Fortune Lending Corporation
Fortune One Mortgage Corporation
FORUM Credit Union dba FORUM Mortgage
Foundation Capital Group Inc.
Foundation Financial Group LLC
Foundation Financial Services, Inc.
Foundation Mortgage
Foundation Mortgage Company Inc.
Foundation Mortgage Corporation
Founders Bank
Founders Bank & Trust
Fountain Grove Mortgage
Fowlaw Enterprises, Inc. dba Oakridge Financial Services
Fox Funding, Inc.
Fox Mortgage, Inc
Franek Home Loans dba East Coast Lending
Frank, Weinberg & Black, P.L.
Franklin American Mortgage
Franklin Credit Management Corporation
Franklin First Financial Ltd dba Franklin First Mtg Bankers
Franklin Loan Center
Franklin Mortgage Company
Franklin Savings and Loan Company
Freedom Bank
Freedom Choice Mortgage LLC
Freedom Financial Mortgage Corporation
Freedom Financial Solutions, Inc.
Freedom First Federal Credit Union
Freedom Lending, LLC
Freedom Mortgage Corporation
Freedom Mortgage Corporation – NJ
Freeland, Rogers, LLC DBA Foundation Mortgage Group
Freeman Webb Mortgage Corporation
Freestand Financial Holding Corp
Freestone Enterprises, Inc. dba Freedom American Mortgage
Frels Enterprises, Inc dba Mortgage Associates of Texas
Fremont Bank
Fremont Reorganizing Corp f/k/a Fremont Investment & Loan
Friendswood Financial, LTD
FRMC Financial Inc. dba First Republic Mortgage Corporation
Frontier 2000 Mortgage & Loan, Inc.
Frontier Bank FSB dba El Paseo Bank
Frontier Bank, National Association
Frontier Financial Inc. dba Frontier Mortgage
Frontier Investment Co., dba Rainland Mortgage Company
Frontier Lending Company, LLC
Frontier National Bank
FTN Financial Warehouse Lending
FUCM Private Investor – 1000010455 (NON MEMBER)
FUCM Private Investor – 1000110455 (NON MEMBER)
FUCM Private Investor – 1000210455 (NON MEMBER)
FUCM Private Investor – 1000310455 (NON MEMBER)
Full House Mortgage, Inc.
Fulton Bank dba Fulton Mortgage Company
Funding Resources Mortgage Corp.
Funding Solutions Inc
Fusion Home Loans, LLC
G Squared Financial LLC
Gabriel Mortgage, LLC
Garden City Bank
Garden City State Bank
Gardner Financial Services LTD dba Gardner Financial Service
Gateway Bank Mortgage, Inc.
Gateway Bank, F.S.B.
Gateway Business Bank dba Mission Hills Mortgage Bankers
Gateway Capital Mortgage Corp
Gateway Financial Corporation
Gateway Financial Services, Inc.
Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services LP
Gateway Mortgage Group
Gateway Residential Funding
GB Home Equity LLC A Wisconsin Limited Liability Company
GBC Funding
GCM Mortgage Inc.
GCS Federal Credit Union
GD LLC dba GLF Funding dba Guaranty Lenders Funding
GD Mortgage Inc
GE HF Holdings, Inc.
GE Money Bank
Gecko Mortgage Incorporated
Gemini Bancorp, Limited
GenEquity Mortgage, Inc.
General Mills Federal Credit Union
General Mortgage Company
General Mortgage Corporation of America
General Mortgage Finance Corp
Genesee Regional Bank
Genesis Mortgage Corporation
Geneva Mortgage Corp
Geneva Mortgage Services LLC
Geneva State Bank
Genisys Financial Corp.
GEO Financial, Inc dba Blue Water Mortgage Co
GEO Mortgage Services Inc
GEO-Corp, Inc. dba Interstate Bancorp
George Mason Mortgage Corporation
Georgetown Mortgage Inc dba Home Source Mortgage
Georgetown Mortgage, Inc.
Georgia Bank and Trust
Georgia Banking Company dba GBC Funding
Georgia Banking Company dba National Mortgage Alliance
Georgia Home Mortgage Network Inc.
Gerber Federal Credit Union
German American Bancorp
Gershman Investments Corp.
Gesa Credit Union
GF Mortgage Inc. dba Greystone Financial
GFI Mortgage Bankers Inc
GHS Mortgage dba Windsor Mortgage
Gilpin Financial Services, Inc.
GL Financial Services, LLC
Glacier Bancorp, Inc.
Glacier Bank
Glendive BN FCU
Glenn Computer Corporation
Glenwood Financial, LLC
Global Advisory Group dba Mortgage Lending Group
Global Credit Union
Global Equity Lending Inc.
Global Financial Services
Global Funding Solutions, LLC
Global Home Loans and Finance
Global Lending Inc.
Global Lending Solutions, LLC
Global Lending, LLC
Globe Mortgage America LLC
GMAC Bank – Document Custody Services
GMAC Bank (1)
GMAC Mortgage, LLC
GMC Lending Services Inc.
GMI Home Loans, LLC dba GMI Funding
GMS Funding L.L.C.
GNL Inc., dba Freedom Mortgage & Loan
Go Blue, Inc. dba The Mortgage Group
Goal Mortgage Funding, Inc.
Gold Bank
Gold Mortgage Banc Inc.
Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group Corporation
Golden Empire Mortgage, Inc.
Golden Equity Mortgage Corp.
Golden First Mortgage Corp
Golden Rule Mortgages, Inc.
Golden West Funding, Inc.
Goldenwest Credit Union
Goldman Sachs Bank USA
Goldman Sachs Mortgage Company
Golf Savings Bank
Gordon Lending Corporation
Gorman & Gorman Residential Mtg. Svs., Inc.
Gotham Mortage Corporation
Govell Funding Group LLCdba CT Home Loans
Government National Mortgage Association
Grabill Bank
Grace America Mortgage LTD
Grace Funding Inc.
Grand Bank, NA
Grand Rivers Community Bank
Grand Valley National Bank
Grande Homes, Inc. dba GHI Mortgage
Granite Mortgage & Construction Finance Inc
Granite Mortgage Corp
Graystone Funding Company LLC dba Graystone Mortgage LLC
Graystone Mortgage LLC
Graystone Solutions, Inc.
Great Country Mortgage Bankers, Corp.
Great Eastern Mortgage & Investment Inc
Great Florida Bank
Great Horizons, Inc. dba Great American Mortgage
Great Lakes Bank, NA
Great Lakes Mortgage & Inv Inc.
Great Lakes Mortgage Brokers LLC
Great Northern Bank
Great Northern Financial Corporation
Great Northern Financial Group, Inc.
Great River Federal Credit Union
Great Southern Bank
Great Western #1 Inc.
Great Western Bank
Great Western Financial Group
Great Western Financial Services, Inc
Great Western Home Loans
Greater Acceptance Mortgage Corporation
Greater Atlanta Mortgage Co.
Greater Atlantic Mortgage Corporation
Greater Financial Mortgage Corp
Greater Iowa Credit Union
Greater Midwest Mortgage Corp
Greater Nevada Mortgage Services
Greater Northwest Mortgage Inc.
Greater Potomac Mortgage Company
Greater United Home Funding, Inc.
GreatHouse Mortgage, Inc
Green Bay Mortgage Headquarters, LLC DBA Green Bay Mortgage
Green Planet Mortgage, LLC
Green Planet Servicing LLC
Green Tree Servicing LLC
Greenback Funding Inc.
Greenco Financial Mortgage Bankers
Greenfield Co-Operative Bank
Greenfield Mortgage Corporation
Greenlight Financial Services
Greenpark Mortgage Corporation
GreenPoint Mortgage Funding Inc.
Greentree Mortgage Company, L.P.
Greenwich Capital Financial Products, Inc
Greenwich Investors XXVI, LLC
Greenwood Properties LLC
Greg Bissmeyer dba GB Mortgage
Gregg & Valby Mortgage Services
Greystone Bank (R)
Greystone Financial Group
Griffin Lending LLC #84861
Grimaldi Capital Funding, Inc.
Group One Mortgage Corporation
Group One Mortgage Inc.
Grovebay Financial, Inc
Groves Funding Corporation
GSB Mortgage Inc.
GSC Capital Corp
GSF Mortgage Corporation
GTKY Credit Union Inc
Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company, Inc.
Guaranteed Mortgage Brokers Inc
Guaranteed Rate, Inc
Guaranty Bank (MO)
Guaranty Bank (Texas)
Guaranty Bank, FSB
Guaranty Federal Financial Corp.
Guaranty Trust Company
GuardHill Financial Corp.
Guardian Financial Network Inc.
Guardian Mortgage, Inc.
Guardian Nationwide Mortgage Inc.
Guidance Mortgage Group, LLC
Guidance Mortgage LLC
Guild Mortgage Company
Gulf Atlantic Funding Group, Inc.
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. Non Mortgage
Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company
Gulf Coast Community Bank
Gulf Coast Mortgage Inc
Gulf Coast Principle, LLC
Gulf States Mortgage
Gulfstream Business Bank
Gum Tree Mortgage, LLC
GVC Mortgage Inc dba Preferred Capital
H & R Block Mortgage
H&H Financial Group LLC dba Life Mortgage Group
H&R Block Bank
H.M.M. Enterprises, Inc.
Habersham Bank
Habitat Mortgage Company Inc
Hallmark Home Mortgage
Hallmark Mortgage Services, Inc.
Hamilton Federal Bank
Hamilton Group Funding Inc.
Hamilton Mortgage Corporation
Hamilton National Mortgage Company
Hammer Mortgage, Inc.
Hammond Securities Co., LLC
Hancock Bank
Hanover Mortgage Company
Happy State Bank
Harbor Financial Mortgage Corporation
Harbourton Mortgage Investment Corporation
Hargrow & Associates Inc dba MH&A Financial Service
Harris Nesbitt Corp. (As Agent for Fairway Finance Co., LLC.
Harry Mortgage Company
Hart West Financial
Hartford Financial Services Inc.
Hartland Mortgage Centers Inc
Harvest Financial.Net, Inc DBA Harvest Financial
Hawthorn Bank
Hawthorne Capital Corp
Hawthorne Credit Union
Hayhurst Mortgage, Inc.
HBC Investment Group, Inc. dba All-American Mortgage
HCI Mortgage
HCL Finance, Inc.
Hearthside Lending Corp.
Heartland Bank
Heartland Bank.
Heartland Community Bank
Heartland Credit Union
Heartland Funding Corp
Heartland Home Finance Inc
Heartland Mortgage Company
Heartland Mortgage Company LC
Heartland National Bank
Heartwell Mortgage Corporation
Hedlund Mortgage LLC
Hela Corporation dba Integra Pacific Mortgage
Helpbringer Mortgage Services, Inc.
Hemant Shah dba NJ Mortgage Services
Hemisphere National Bank, Mortgage Division
HengerRast Mortgage Corporation
Heritage Financial Group, LLC
Heritage Mortgage & Loan, Inc
Heritage Mortgage Services, LLC
Heritage Oaks Bank
Heritage Plaza Mortgage, Inc.
Heritage Savings Bank
Herman-Morrie Enterprises Inc. dba Hawaii’s Premiere Mtg. Co
Hernandez Services Inc.
HF Financial Corp
HFC – Beneficial
HFN – Consumer Orig.
HIgh Point Mortgage Corp
High Tech Lending
Highland Banc, Inc
Highland Federal Savings & Loan
Highland Financial Co., LLC.
Highmark Federal Credit Union
Hillcrest Bank
Hills Bank and Trust Company
Hilton Head Mortgage, LLC
Hilton Mortgage Corporation II
Hinds Mortgage Inc
HL Mortgage, LLC
HMC – Home Mortgage Consultants, Inc.
HMC Funding Inc.
HNB Mortgage
Hogar Mortgage
Home 123/New Century
Home Bank SB
Home Capital Funding
Home Capital, Inc.
Home City Federal Savings Bank of Springfield
Home Equity Solutons LTD
Home Express
Home Fed Realty Corp
Home Federal Bank ID
Home Federal Savings and Loan
Home Federal Savings Bank
Home Finance of America
Home Inc.
Home Financial, Inc.
Home Financing Center Inc.
Home Financing Unlimited, Inc.
Home Funding Corporation
Home Funding Finders, Inc.
Home Loan Center dba Lending Tree Loans
Home Loan Consultants
Home Loan Consultants Inc
Home Loan Corporation
Home Loan Funding Inc
Home Loan Mortgage Company
Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
Home Loan Network
Home Loan Professionals, LLC dba Home Loan Professionals
Home Loan Services, Inc.
Home Loan Specialists Inc.
Home Loans USA Inc. (Orange)
Home Mortgage Associates, Inc.
Home Mortgage Corporation
Home Mortgage Desk Corp.
Home Mortgage Finance Group Corp
Home Mortgage Inc.
Home Mortgage Lending, LLC
Home Mortgage Resources Inc
Home Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Home Mortgage, Inc.
Home N Mortgage, Inc.
Home National Bank N.A.
Home Savings & Loan Co. of Youngstown, Ohio
Home Savings & Trust Mortgage
Home Savings bank
Home Savings Mortgage
Home Service Associates, Inc.
Home South Mortgage Corporation
Home State Bank & Trust Co
Home State Mortgage Group
Home Team Equity, LLC
Home Town Mortgage Inc
Home USA Mortgage, Inc.
Home Vest LLC
HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation
HomeBanc N.A.
Homebound Mortgage, Inc.
Homebuyers Financial LLC
Homebuyer’s Resource Group, LLC
HomeComings Financial, LLC
HomeComings Wholesale Funding
Homefield Financial Inc.
HomeFirst Mortgage LLC
HomeFirst Mortgage Services LLC
Homefront Mortgage Group LLC
Homeland Capital, LLC
Homeland Mortgage LLC
Homeline Mortgage Corp
Homelink Mortgage Inc
HomeLoan USA Corporation, Inc.
Homeowners Financial Group USA, LLC.
Homeowners Financial Services, Inc.
Homeowners Friend Mortgage Company, Inc.
Homeowners Mortgage Enterprises, Inc.
HomeOwners Mortgage of America, Inc., Inc.
HomePoint Mortgage Group LLC
HomePromise Corporation
HomEq Servicing
Homequest Capital Funding LLC
Homeservices Financial, LLC
Homeservices Lending, LLC Series A (CA)
Homeservices Lending, LLC Series A DBA Mortgage South
Homesource Funding Group
Homesource Lending Inc.
Homespring Financial LLC
Homespun Mortgage Corporation
HomeStar Financial Corporation
Homestar Lending Corporation
Homestar Mortgage Services (Vendor)
Homestar Mortgage, Inc.
HomeStart Mortgage Corporation
Homestead Financial Services, Inc.
Homestead Funding Corp
Homestead Mortgage Company LLC dba Homesite Mortgage
Homestead Mortgage Corporation
Homestead Mortgage Inc.
Homestead-USA, Inc.
HomeStreet Bank
HomeTech Mortgage Corporation
Hometown America Incorporated
Hometown Bank of Corbin
Hometown Equity Mortgage of St. Louis, Inc.
HomeTown Financial Group, Inc.
HomeTown Lenders LLC
Hometown Lending
HomeTown Mortgage Services, Inc.
Hometown Security Mortgage Inc
Hometowne Lending L.L.C.
HomeTrust Bank
Hometrust Mortgage Company
HomeTrust Mortgage Inc.
Hometrust Mortgage Services LLC
HomeValue Mortgage, Inc.
Homevest Mortgage Corporation
Homeview Lending
Homewide Lending Corp.
Homewise Inc.
Honda Federal Credit Union
Honesdale National Bank
Honor State Bank
Hopewell Federal Credit Union
Horizon Bank
Horizon Bank (MN)
Horizon Bank, Mortgage Warehousing Division
Horizon Bank, N.A.
Horizon Direct, Inc. dba Commitment Lending
Horizon Financial Group, Inc.
Horizon Mortgage Corp. DBA Americhoice Residential Funding
Horizon National Bank
Horizon National Lending
Housing & Neighborhood Development Services, Inc. dba HANDS
Housing Opportunity Comm. – Non-Member Investor
Housing Solutions, Inc.
Houston Prime Mortgage, LLC
Houstonian Mortgage Group, Inc. DBA Westin Mortgage Group
Howard Bank
Howard Hanna Financial Services, Inc.
Howard Hanna Mortgage Services
HSBC Bank USA as Trustee
HSBC Bank USA, NA – Non-Affiliate
HSBC Bank USA, National Association
HSBC Mortgage Corporation, USA
HSBC Mortgage Services
HSBC Mortgage Services Warehouse Lending Inc
HTFC Corporation DBA HTFC Mortgage Bankers, Miracle Funding
Hudson City Savings Bank
Humbert Mortgage
Humphries Mortgage Inc.
Hunt Mortgage
Hunter Financial Group LLC
Huntingdon Valley Bank
Huntington Community Mortgage Bankers
Huron Valley Financial Inc
Hyde Park Bank
Hyperion Capital Group LLC
Hyperion Capital Group, LLC
IAA Credit Union
iApprove Lending
Iberia Mortgage Corp.
IBEX Networks, Inc.
Idaho Banking Company
Idaho First Bank
Idaho Independent Bank
Ideal Home Loans, Inc
Ideal Mortgage Specialists, Inc
Identico Inc. dba Constantine Mortgage Services
IDS, Inc
IFG Mortgage Services, Inc.
iFreedom Direct Corporation
Ikon Mortgage Lenders, Inc.
Illinois Mortgage Funding Corporation
Iltis Lending Group Inc.
Imath Inc dba 21st Century Mortgage
IMC Funding Group, Inc. Inc.
Impac Funding Corporation
Impac Mortgage Acceptance Corporation dba Impac Funding Corp
Impac Warehouse Lending Group
Impact Mortgage Group, Inc.
Imperial Lending LLC
IMS Mortgage Services
Independence Community Bank
Independence Financial Corporation
Independent Capital Group, Inc
Independent Financial Mortgage, Inc
Independent Mortgage
Independent Realty Capital Corp.
Indiana Members Credit Union
Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership
Indigo Fincancial Group, Inc
IndyMac Federal Bank FSB
I-Net Mortgage Corp
Infinite Financial Corporation dba Metropolitan Home Mtg
Infinite Mortgage Services, LLC
Infinity Financial Corp
Infinity Financial Network LLC
Infinity Funding Corp.
Infinity Group Services
Infinity Home Mortgage Company Inc.
Infinity Information Solutions LLC, wos of First American RE
Infinity Mortgage Co. Inc
Infinity Mortgage Corporation
Infinity Mortgage Corporation.
Information Engineering Services, Inc.
Ingle & Associates Mortgage Services, Inc dba Ingle Mortgage
Ingomar Limited Partnership
Inland Northwest Bank
Innergy Lending LLC
Innovative Financial Services, Inc.
Innovative Mortgage Capital, LLC
Innovative Mortgage Concepts LLC
Innovative Mortgage Solutions LLC
Innovative Property Services, Inc.
Insight Bank
Insight Financial Corporation
InSource Financial Services LLC
InSouth Funding Inc
Instant Capital Funding Group, Inc.
Integrated Financial Group, Inc.
Integrated Lending, Inc.
Integrated Mortgage Corporation
Integrated Mortgage Services Inc.
Integrated Mortgage Strategies Ltd.
Integrity Bancorp
Integrity Financial LLC
Integrity Financial Services of Tampa Bay Inc.
Integrity Financial Services, Inc.
Integrity First Financial, Inc.
Integrity First Home Loans Inc
Integrity Home Loan of Central Florida Inc
Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation
Integrity Lending LLC
Integrity Mortgage & Financial Incorporated
Integrity Mortgage LLC
Integrus Mortgage LLC
Intelli Mortgage Services, Inc.
Inter Mountain Mortgage
Inter National Bank
Inter Savings Bank, FSB
InterBay Funding, LLC
InterContinental Capital Group, Inc.
Intercontinental Mortgage Partners of Texas, LP
Interlinc Mortgage, Inc.
Intermountain Industries, Inc. dba Major Mortgage USA
Intermountain Mortgage Company Inc
International Bank of Commerce
International Bankers Financial Group
International Home Capital Corporation
International Lending Solutions, Inc.
International Mortgage Corporation
Interra Credit Union
Interstate Home Loan Center Ind dba
Interthinx, Inc
Intertrust Mortgage LLC
Intervale Mortgage Company, Inc.
InTouch Mortgage Inc.
Intracoastal Mortgage Co. LLC
Intrust Mortgage, Inc.
Investaid Corporation
Investors Mortgage Asset Recovery Company, LLC dba IMARC
Investors Mortgage Company, Inc.
Investors Trust Mortgage & Investment Co. Inc.
Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation
Iowa Mortgage Professionals, In.c
iQ Credit Union
Ireland Bank
Ires Co.
IronStone Bank
Irwin Home Equity
Irwin Mortgage Corporation
Irwin Union Bank and Trust
iServe Servicing Inc.
Island Community Mortgage Services LLC dba Island Mortgage
Ivanhoe Financial, Inc.
iWayloan LP
IZT Mortgage Inc. dba Ameritech Mortgage
J and E Mortgage Services LLC
J&M Mortgage Brokers, LTD dba Mortgages USA
J&R Lending Inc.., dba First Security Lending
J&S Holdings of Greenville Inc. dba First United Mortgage
J. Allston Mortgage LLC
J. Friedman Inc dba J. Friedman Mortgage & JRA Mortgage
J. Philips Mortgage Inc.
J. Powder Mortgage, Ltd.
J. Virgil, Inc. dba The Lending Factory
J.D. Martinez Investments, Inc. DBA AllBay Mortgage Services
J.S. Shirk & Associates, Inc. dba Florida Community Mortgage
J.S. Smith Mortgage, LLC
Jabez Financial Services, LLC
JAC Financial Inc. dba Plaza Loan Services
Jam Consultants
Jamsab Realty Corp
Jason B. Jones dba Halo Capital
Jayco Capital Group dba Loan Solutions
JBJ, LLC dba Precision Mortgage
JC Reed Mortgage LLC
JCJ Mortgage Ventures, L.P.
JDB Mortgage Corp.
JDH Capital, LLC
JDJ Financial Group Inc.
Jefferson Bank
Jefferson Bank & Trust co.
Jefferson Mortgage Services, Inc
Jennifer Farley dba South River Mortgage
Jersey Mortgage Company
JFK Financial Inc. dba Equity Direct Funding
JJAM Corporation
JJM Investments, Inc.
JKS Mortgage, LLC
JLB Corporation dba Golden Oak Lending
JMAC Lending, Inc.
JMJ Financial Group dba The Coastal Lending Group
JMJ Mortgage Capital, LLC
Joe Klein Enterprises LTD d/b/a The Mortgage Store
John Adams Mortgage
John H.D. Goemans, Inc. dba The Mountain Mortgage Centers
Johnson Mortgage Company, LLC
Jonah Bank of Wyoming
Jones Mortgage Group
Jordon Financial Group, LLC
JP Morgan Chase Bank
JP Morgan Chase Bank as Trustee
JP Morgan Chase Bank NA
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. – Warehouse Lending
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. – Warehouse Lending Vendor
JPMorgan Chase Document Custodian
JT, Inc dba Nortex Mortgage
JTM Financial Services, Inc.
Judith O. Smith Mortgage Group, Inc.
Just Mortgage, Inc.
Just Write Funding LP dba CU JWF Associates, Inc.
JZ Mortgage Inc. dba Equity Funding Co.
K & G Capital Mortgage LP
K Bank
K Hovnanian American Mortgage LLC
K&B Capital Corp
K&G Financial, LLC
K.P. Riley Mortgage Corporation
Kaiser & Associates Mortgage Services, Inc
Kaiser Federal Bank
Kansas City Mortgage Group LLC
Kastle Mortgage Corporation
Kaw Valley Home Loans, Inc.
Kay-Co Investments, Inc. dba Pro30 Funding
Kaye Financial Corporation
KCB Bank
KE Enterprises LLC
Kellner Mortgage Investments I, LTD
Kelly Stephens Mortgage Inc. dba KS Mortgage Inc.
Kelstar Financial Services LLC
Kemp Mortgage LLC
Kenilworth Financial Inc.
Kennedy Mortgage Corp
Kenney Bank and Trust dba America’s Home Loan
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Kentucky Neighborhood Bank, Inc.
Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union
Key Financial Corporation
Key Mortgage Company, Inc.
Key Mortgage Lenders, L.L.C.
Key Mortgage Link, Inc.
Key Mortgage Services
Key Mortgage Services Inc dba Baird & Warner Financial Serv.
Keynote Equity Group, LLC
KeyPoint Credit Union
KeySource Commercial Bank
Keystone Home Mortgage, LLC
Keystone Mortgage
Keystone Mortgage Company, Inc.
KH Financial, LP
Kiertec Inc. dba US Mortgage Source
Kinetic Mortgage Group
King Financial Group, Inc.
Kings Mortgage Services, Inc.
Kingswood Mortgage Inc.
Kirkland Investors LLC
Kirkwood Bank & Trust Co.
Kirkwood Financial Corporation
Kirsten Estes dba Mountain Home Lending
Kitsap Credit Union
KleinBank, dba KleinMortgage
KLW, Inc dba Northside Mortgage
Knightbridge Mortgage Bankers
Kohler Credit Union
Kondaur Capital Corporation
Kroboth & Helm Mortgage Company, Inc.
KSC Investment Group, LLC
Kubrick Financial
L & G Mortgagebanc Inc
LA Financial Federal Credit Union
La Rue Residential Lenders LLC
Lafayette Bank & Trust Company
Lafayette Community Bank
Lake Area Mortgage, A Division of Lake Area Bank
Lake Community Bank
Lake Creek Financial LLC
Lake Dillon Mortgage Services, Inc.
Lake Michigan Credit Union
Lake Mortgage Company, Inc.
Lake Mortgage Group, LLC dba Lake Mortgage
Lake State Federal Credit Union
Lakeland Mortgage Corporation
Lakes Area Mortgage, LLC
Lakeshore Mortgage Group Inc.
Lakeside Bank
Lakeside Lending LTD
Lakeside Mortgage Company
Lakeview Bank
Lakeview Mortgage, Inc.
Lancaster Mortgage Bankers LLC
Land Home Financial Services, Inc.
Landmark Mortgage & Associates Inc
Landmark Mortgage Corporation
Landmark Mortgage Lending
Landmark Mortgage LLC
Landmark Mortgage of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Landover Mortgage, LLC
Langdon Motrgage Company, Inc.
Laraby Financial Group Inc.
LaSalle Bank NA Trustee for BancOne Series 2000-2
LaSalle Bank NA, Trustee for BancOne Series 2000-1
Lawrence Bank
Lawrence Residential Funding Corp.
Lawrence Winslow dba All Texas Mortgage
Layton State Bank
LBA Financial Group
Leader Bank, N.A.
Leader Financial Services, a div of American National Bank
Leader Mortgage Company, Inc.
Leader Mortgage Corp
LeaderOne Financial Corporation
Leahy & Walker Financial Services
Leavitt Inc.
Lee Financial Corporation
Legacy Bank
Legacy Financial Corporation
Legacy Funding Corp.
Legacy Group Lending, Inc.
Legacy Lending, Inc.
Legacy Mortgage Group LLC
Legacy Mortgage Inc.
Legacy Texas Mortgage, LP
Legend Lending Corporation
Legendary Home Loans, Inc.
Lehman Brothers Bank
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
Lehman Commercial Paper, Inc.
Lehman/FNMA Non-Laser
Leitchfield Deposit Bank and Trust Company
Lend America
Lend America, Inc.
Lend Smart Mortgage LLC
LendAmerica Home Loans, Inc.
Lender Ltd.
Lender Processing Services, Inc. (aka LPS)
Lenders Association, Inc.
Lenders Depot Inc.
Lenders Direct Capital Corporation
Lenders Rate, Corp.
Lendia, Inc.
Lending 1st Mortgage, LLC
Lending Bankers Mortgage LLC
Lending Capital Group, LLC
Lending Solutions Inc. dba LSI Mortgage Plus
Lending Street, L.L.C.
LendingSpace, Inc.
Lend-Mor Mortgage Bankers Corp
Lendmor, LLC
LendSource, Inc.
LendSouth Mortgage, Inc.
Lenox Financial Mortgage Corporation
Level One Bank
Lewis Hunt Enterprises dba Interactive Financial Corporation
Lexim Mortgage
Lexingtonton Capital Corp dba Lexington Mortgage
LFM Group Inc. DBA LIRA Financial Mortgage
LG & MG Corporation dba Precise Mortgage Lending
LHI Mortgage
LHM Financial dba CNN Mortgage Inc.
Libertad Bank SSB
Liberty 2000 Enterprises, Inc.
Liberty Alliance Federal Credit Union
Liberty Bank
Liberty Bank and Trust Company
Liberty Bank of Arkansas
Liberty Federal Mortgage LLC, dba First United Inc LLC
Liberty First Credit Union
Liberty Home Lending, Inc.
Liberty Home Loan Corporation
Liberty Home Loans
Liberty Mortgage Corp.
Liberty Mortgage Corporation
Liberty Mortgage Corporation dba Liberty Home Mortgage
Liberty Mortgage Funding Inc.
Liberty Mortgage Group, LLC
Liberty Mortgage Services, LLC
Liberty Mortgage, Inc.
Liberty Savings Bank FSB
Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B.
Liberty State Finance, LLC
LibertyQuest Financial Inc dba LibertyQuest
Lifeline Christian Mortgage Inc
Lifestyle Mortgage Holdings, Inc.
Lifestyle Mortgage II, LLC
Lifetime Financial Partners Inc.
Lifetime Financial Services LP dba Town and Country Mortgage
Lifeway Lending Group Inc.
Lighthouse Mortgage Company, Ltd.
Lighthouse Mortgage Service Co Inc.
Lighthouse Mortgage USA, Inc.
Lime Financial Services, LTD.
Limes Financial Funding, LTD
Linc Capital LLC
Linco Capital LLC dba Kirkwood Mortgage
Lincoln Bank
Lincoln Capital Advisors, LLC
Lincoln County Credit Union
Lincoln Federal Savings Bank
Lincoln Mortgage Co.
Lincoln Mortgage Corporation
Lincoln Park Savings Bank
Lincolnway Community Bank
Lindstrom Financial Group, Inc.
Link One Mortgage Bankers LLC
Linn Area Credit Union
Liquid Financial Group Inc
Litton Loan Servicing LP
LJL Mortgage Pool, LLC
Lo, Inc. dba Reliance Mortgage Inc.
Loan Across America dba Loan America, Inc.
Loan America Home Mortgage Inc.
Loan Center of California, Inc.
Loan Correspondents, Inc. dba Capital Funding Group
Loan Lines, Inc.
Loan Link Financial Services
Loan Management Services, Inc.
Loan Network, LLC
Loan Resource Center, Inc. DBA Optima Home Mortgage
Loan Services, Inc.
Loan Servicing Solutions, LLC
LoanCare Servicing Center, Inc
Loancorp Financial Inc.
Loanfinders of SC., Inc.
Loangistics Mortgage Solutions, LLC
LoanPlex Mortgage
LoanStar Mtg, LLC dba LoanStar Mortgage
Logan Finance Corporation
Lombard Financial Corp., LLC
Lone Star Mortgage of DFW
Lord and Silva, LLC
Lovell, Hubbard & Associates, Inc. dba LHA Mortgage Services
LownHome Financial Holdings LLC
LP Direct LLC
LPS Field Services, Inc.
Lubbock Housing Finance Corporation
Lubbock National Bank Mortgage
Lucey Mortgage Corp.
Lumina Mortgage Company
Luminent Mortgage Capital Inc.
Lundin & Associates Inc.
Luxury Mortgage Corp.
Lydian Data Services, LLC
Lydian Private Bank
Lydian Technology Group
Lyndsey Home Mortgage Express, Inc.
Lynx Mortgage Bank, LLC
Lyons Enterprises dba LEI Financial
Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc.
M & T Bank
M&I Bank
M&I Bank FSB
M&I Mortgage
M.I.F. Services Inc.
M.Point Mortgage Services, LLC
M/I Financial Corp.
Mac and Waters Mortgage Group Inc.
Macarthur & Baker International Inc d/b/a MBI Mortgage Fndg
Macatawa Bank
Mac-Clair Mortgage Corporation
Mackinac Savings Bank
Macon Mortgage, Inc.
Madera Financial, Inc.
Madison Financial LLC
Madison Home Equities, Inc.
Madison Mortgage Corporation
Magellan Harbor Lending, LLC
Magellan Mortgage Corp
Magnolia Mortgage Company LLC
Magnolia Mortgage Inc.
MAI Mortgage Inc.
MAIA Mortgage Finance Statutory Trust
Main Stream Financial, Inc.
Main Street Financial Group, Inc.
Main Street Financial, Inc.
Maine Home Mortgage Corp.
Mainland Mortgage Corp
Mainline Mortgage Corporation
Mainsource Bank
Mainstreet Mortgage, Inc.
Maitland Mortgage Lending Company
Majestic Home Mortgage Corp.
Majestic Mortgage Services, Inc.
Majesty Mortgage, Inc.
Major Mortgage
Mak Mortgage Consultants Inc
Malcap Mortgage LLC
Mandalay Mortgage LLC
Mandalay Mortgage LLC(CA) dba Capital Six Funding
Manhattan Financial Group, Inc.
Manhattan Mortgage Corporation
Mann Financial, LLC
Marathon Asset Investment Trust 2007-1
Marathon Asset Investment Trust 2007-2
Marathon Asset Management
Marathon Mortgage
Marathon REO Management LLC
Marathon Structured Asset Solutions Trust
Mardy L Dallas dba Great Western Mortgage
Maribella Mortgage, LLC
Marimark Mortgage, LLC
Mariner’s Bank
Marion State Bank
Maritime Mortgage Corp
Marix Servicing
Mark James Haselhorst dba Arbor Mortgage
Market Mortage Co., Ltd.
Market Street Mortgage Corporation
Marketline Mortgage
Marketplace Home Mortgage, LLC
Marlin Mortgage Company LLC
Marquis Financial Group
Marquis Money Inc.
Marshall BankFirst Mortgage Group
Marshland Community Federal Credit Union
Martin Funding Corp
Marty Cancila Mortgage LLC dba Capital Funding Group
Maryland Residential Lending LLC dba Nationwide Mortgage Ser
MAS Associates LLC dba Equity Mortgage Lending
Mason Dixon Funding, Inc.
Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company c/o Babson Cap.
Master Financial, Inc.
Matrix Financial Services Corporation
Mattamy Home Funding, LLC
Mattocks Mortgage, Inc.
Maverick Funding Corp
Maverick Residential Mortgage
Maxim Capital Inc.
Maxim Investment Group, LLC
Maxim Mortgage Corporation
Maxwell Funding Inc. dba Maxwell Funding Group
Mayer Home Mortgage Co. LLC
MBA Financial Solutions, Inc. dba Bay Wholesale Lending
MBI Mortgage, Inc.
MBJ Mortgage Services America, LTD. dba Merchants Home Loan
MBS Mortgage Comapny, LLC
MBT Credit Company, Inc.
MC Harbor Investment Co
McCabe Mortgage Group, Inc.
McCaughan Mortage Co., Inc.
McJab Inc. dba First California Funding
McLean Mortgage Corporation
MCM Companies LLC
McMillin Mortgage, Inc
MCS Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
Meadowbrook Mortgage Corporation
Mecco Financial, Inc.
MECE Credit Union
Meetinghouse Cooperative Bank
Mega capital Funding, Inc.
MegaStar Financial Corp.
Member First Mortgage LLC dba Michigan First Mortgage LLC
Member Options LLC
Members Cooperative Credit Union
Members Loan Services, Inc.
Members Mortgage
Members Mortgage Company, Inc.
Members Preferred Mtg. Services Inc.
Members1st Community Credit Union
MembersAlliance Credit Union
Menna Company dba Independent Mortgage Associates
Mennonite Financial Federal Credit Union
Mercantile Bank d/b/a Florida Wholesale Mortgage
Mercantile Bank Mortgage Company LLC
Merchants & Farmers Bank
Merchants & Southern Bank
Merchants and Manufacturers Bank
Merck Sharp and Dohme Federal Credit Union
Mercury Inc.
Meridian Lending Corporation
Meridian Lending Inc. dba All Source mortgage
Meridian Residential Capital LLC dba First Meridian Mortgage
Meridias Capital
Merit Financial Inc.
Merit Financial Services LLC
Merit Mortgage Services
Meritage Home Funding, LLC
Meritas Mortgage LLC
Meriwest Credit Union
Meriwest Mortgage Company LLC
Merrill Lynch (surf)
Merrill Lynch Bank USA
Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation
Merrill Lynch Mortgage Lending, Inc. (Subprime)
Merrimack Mortgage Company, Inc.
Merrlin Mortgage Corporation
MERS Link Subscriber
MetAmerica Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
Metlife Bank, N.A.
MetLife Home Loans, a Division MetLife Bank, N.A.
Metro Atlanta Mortgage Company, Inc.
Metro Finance
Metro Funding Corporation
Metro Health Services FCU dba Metro First Mortgage
Metro Mortgage Corporation
Metro One Mortgage LLC
MetroBoston Mortgage Co., Inc.
Metrocities Mortgage LLC
Metropolitan Bank Group
Metropolitan Financial Services Inc
Metropolitan Home Mortgage, Inc.
Metropolitan Mortgage Bankers Inc.
Metropolitan Mortgage Group, Inc. dba Metropolitan Mortgage
Metropolitan National Bank
Metropolitan National Bank (MO)
Metropolitan National Bank Mortgage Company
Metrostate Financial and Real Estate Corp
Metuchen Savings Bank
MFC Mortgage Inc
MFG Funding
MGM Funding, LLC
MGN Funding Corp.
MHC I, Inc.
MHL Funding Corp
Michael David Financial Inc dba Cornerstone Lending
Michigan Fidelity Acceptance Corporation
Michigan Heritage Bank
Michigan Mutual, Inc.
Michigan United Mortgage LLC
Mid America Bank & Trust Company
Mid America Mortgage Services of IL Inc. Carterville Branch
Mid America Mortgage Services of Illinois, Inc.
Mid America Mortgage Services of Kansas City, Inc.
Mid Atlantic Capital, LLC
Mid Valley Services, Inc.
Midamerica Mortgage Corporation
Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union
Mid-Atlantic Financial Services, Inc.
MidCarolina Bank
Midcontinent Fin Ctr Inc d.b.a. American Mutual Mortgage Co.
MidCountry Bank
Middlekauff Mortgage Co.
MidFirst Bank
Mid-Island Mortgage Corp.
Midland Federal Savings & Loan
Midland Mortgage Corporation
Midtown Bank
Midtown Financial Services
Midtown Mortgage Inc
Midtowne Mortgage
Midwest Community Bank
Midwest Equity Mortgage LLC
Midwest Financial Mortgage
Midwest Funding Bancorp
Midwest Heritage Bank, FSB
Midwest Home Loans LLC
Midwest Loan Services, Inc.
Midwest Mortgage Capital
Midwest Mortgage Investments, LTD
Midwest Mortgage Planners, Inc.
Midwest National Mortgage Corporation dba Midwest Natl Mort
Midwest Residential Lending, LLC
Mid-Wisconsin Bank
Miguel A, Baylon, Jr. dba Baylon Mortgage Services
Mila, Inc.
Milestone Mortgage Inc
Milestone Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association
Millenium Home Mortgage LLC
Millennia Mortgage Corporation
Millennium Bank N.A./Millennium Capital
Millennium Financial Group, Inc. dba MLend, Inc.
Millennium Marketing Co. Inc.
Millennium Mortgage Corporation
Millennium Mortgage Services Corporation
Miller Home Mortgage, LLC
Miner Kennedy Chmura Associates, Inc.
Minnesota Lending Co. LLC dba Optimum Mortgage Services
Minnesota Lending Company, LLc
Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union
Minster Bank
Mirad Financial Group
Mission Federal Credit Union
Missouri Bank & Trust Company of Kansas City
MIT Federal Credit Union
MJ Mortgage Services Inc
MJS Lending, Inc.
MLD Mortgage Inc.
MLS Mortgage Group Inc.
MLS Mortgage Lending Solutions, LLC
MMW Holdings LLC dba Trident Home Loans
Mohave State Bank
Molton, Allen & Williams LLC
Monarch Bank
Moncor, Inc.
Money Forest Mortgage LLC
Money Warehouse
Moneylink Mortgage Inc
MoneyOne Corporation
Monster Mortgage LLC
Montana Board of Housing
Montana First Credit Union
Montana Mortgage Company
Montgomery Bank, National Association
Montgomery Mortgage Capital Corporation
Montgomery Mortgage, Inc
Monticello Banking Company
Monument Bank
Monument Capital LLC dba Moneytree Mortgage Services LLC
Monument Mortgage Company, Inc.
Monument Mortgage, Inc.
Moore Financial Enterprises, Inc. dba Lenders Diversified
Moore Mortgage Inc.
Moran Industries dba Pacific Financial
More House Mortgage Inc.
More2Lend Financial
Moreland Financial Corporation
MorEquity Inc.
Morgan Stanley Credit Corp
Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings, Inc
Morrison Home Funding, LLC
Mortgage & Investment Consultants
Mortgage 1 Incorporated
Mortgage 2000 Inc
Mortgage Acceptance LLC
Mortgage America Bankers LLC
Mortgage America Inc.
Mortgage and Equity Funding Corp.
Mortgage Architects Inc. dba Mortgage Architects
Mortgage Associates Inc
Mortgage Avenues LLC
Mortgage Bank of California
Mortgage Bankers Financial Group, Inc.
Mortgage Bankers of Wisconsin Inc.
Mortgage Banking Systems, Inc.
Mortgage Broker Network Group, LLC
Mortgage Brokers Service, Inc.
Mortgage Capital Associates, Inc. A California Corporation
Mortgage Capital Corporation of America (MCCA)
Mortgage Capital Group
Mortgage Center LLC
Mortgage Central, Inc.
Mortgage Clearing Corporation
Mortgage Company of America, LLC
Mortgage Consultants Group, Inc
Mortgage Consultants Inc.
Mortgage Consultants Incorporated
Mortgage Contracting Services
Mortgage Corp of Ohio
Mortgage Corp of the East III
Mortgage Corporation of America
Mortgage Corporation of America, Inc.
Mortgage Counseling Services
Mortgage Data Management Corp. (MDMC)
Mortgage Department Services, LLC
Mortgage Depot, LLC
Mortgage Direct Inc.
Mortgage Dynamics Inc (FL)
Mortgage Edge Corporation
Mortgage Elite Inc.
Mortgage Enterprise, Ltd.
Mortgage Essentials, Inc.
Mortgage Experts Inc.
Mortgage Express LLC
Mortgage Express, Inc.
Mortgage Factory Inc dba Mortgages Direct
Mortgage Financial Services
Mortgage Financial, Inc.
Mortgage First LLC
Mortgage Funding Corp
Mortgage Funding Direct LLC
Mortgage Group of Wisconsin Inc.
Mortgage Group Services LLC
Mortgage Haus Inc.
Mortgage Headquarters of Missouri, Inc
Mortgage Horizons LLC dba Mortgage Horizons
Mortgage Innovations Inc
Mortgage Investment Services Corporation
Mortgage Investors Corporation
Mortgage Investors Group
Mortgage Lenders Network USA, Inc.
Mortgage Lenders Network USA.
Mortgage Lenders of America, LLC
Mortgage Lenders of Americas and Company Inc.
Mortgage Lending Consultants, Inc.
Mortgage Lending Group, Inc. (AZ)
Mortgage Line Financial Corp.
Mortgage Loan Solutions LLC
Mortgage Management Consultants, Inc.
Mortgage Managers, Inc.
Mortgage Master Service Corporation
Mortgage Master, Inc.
Mortgage Masters of Indiana, Inc
Mortgage Mentor Inc.
Mortgage Mobility LLC
Mortgage Movers, Inc.
Mortgage Network Inc (KY)
Mortgage Network Solutions
Mortgage Network, Inc.
Mortgage Now Inc.
Mortgage Now, Inc.
Mortgage One Group, Inc.
Mortgage One of North Louisiana LLC
Mortgage One of the South, Inc.
Mortgage One Solutions, Inc.
Mortgage Options of America, Inc.
Mortgage Outfitters, LLC
Mortgage Partners
Mortgage Plan Financial Services, Inc.
Mortgage Planners LLC
Mortgage Planners, Inc.
Mortgage Planners, LLC
Mortgage Planning & Lending Specialists LTD
Mortgage Process Center
Mortgage Professionals, Inc.
Mortgage Pros LTD
Mortgage Pros, Inc.
Mortgage Real Estate Services, Inc. dba Macro Financial Grou
Mortgage Recovery 1
Mortgage Research Center LLC dba VAMORTGAGECENTER.COM
Mortgage Resource Group, Inc.
Mortgage Resources In The Midwest, Inc.
Mortgage Resources, Inc.
Mortgage Revolution, Inc.
Mortgage Sense, Inc.
Mortgage Services III, LLC
Mortgage Servicing Center
Mortgage Servicing, Inc
Mortgage Shop LL
Mortgage Solutions Network Inc DBA Mortgage Solutions Mgmt
Mortgage Solutions of Central Fl, Inc.
Mortgage Solutions of Colorado LLC.
Mortgage Solutions of St. Louis LLC
Mortgage Solutions Services, LLC
Mortgage Source LLC
Mortgage Source, Inc.
Mortgage Sources Corp
Mortgage South Financial Services, Inc.
Mortgage Specialists of Illinois, Inc
Mortgage Specialists, LLC (NE)
Mortgage Specialits, LLC
Mortgage Strategists Incorporated
Mortgage Superstore, Inc.
Mortgage Systems, Inc.
Mortgage Team 1, Inc.
Mortgage Tree
Mortgage Trust Group, Inc.
Mortgage Trust, Inc.
Mortgage Works Unlimited, Inc. DBA The Mortgage Works
Mortgage World Bankers, Inc.
Mortgage Xpress
MortgageAmerica Associates, Inc.
MortgageAmerica, Inc.
MortgageIT, Inc.
MortgageOne Financial Services Corp
Mortgages & More, Inc.
MortgageStream Financial Services, LLC
MortgageTree Lending
Motivity Solutions, Inc.
Mountain 1st Bank & Trust
Mountain America Credit Union
Mountain America Fin. Svcs, The Mortgage Co-op & Q Mortgage
Mountain Crest Mortgage, Inc.
Mountain Express Mortgage
Mountain High Federal Credit Union
Mountain Pacific Mortgage Company
Mountain Peaks Financial Services
Mountain Range Funding LLC
Mountain States Mortgage Centers, Inc.
Mountain View Mortgage Company, Inc
Mountain West Bank
Mountain West Bank, NA
Mountain West Financial, Inc.
MountainView Capital Group
MRG Document Technologies.
MSA Mortgage, LLC
MSG-The Mortgage Specialist Group LP
MSMC Venture, LLC
Mtg America Corpus ChristiTX dba Mtg Assoc Corpus Christi
MTG Finance, LLC
MTH Lending Group, LP
Multi-State Home Lending, Inc.
Mutual Mortgage Corporation
Mutual Mortgage Corporation MI
Mutual Savings Bank
Mutual Security Mortgage Ltd
MV Holdings, LLC dba Global Lending Group
MVB Mortgage Corp
My Mortgage Company
My Mortgage Pro, LLC dba Mortgage Management Group
My Neighborhood Mortgage Co. LLC dba Neighborhood Mortgage
My South Lending Group, Inc.
Myers Park Mortgage, Inc.
Mylor Financial Group, Inc.
MyTown Mortgage Corp
NAD Acquisition 3, LLC
Nation One Mortgage Co. Inc.
National Americas Investment Inc.
National Asset Direct Acquisition LLC
National Asset Direct, Inc.
National Bank
National Bank of Arizona
National Bank of Arkansas
National City Bank (KY)
National City Bank of Indiana
National City Mortgage, a Division of National City Bank
National City Mtg Svcs Inc. A Subsidiary of Nat’l City Bank
National Fidelity Mortgage Corporation
National Future Mortgage
National Guaranty Mortgage Corporation
National Lenders Services Inc
National Mortgage Network, Inc.
National Mortgage Network, Inc. DBA Interstate Mortgage Netw
National Mortgage Options LLC
National Penn Bank
Nations Direct Mortgage, LLC
Nations First Financial, LLC.
Nations Funding Source, Inc.
Nations Home Corporation dba First American Lending Corp
Nations Home Funding
Nations Home Lending Center
Nations Home Mortgage Corporation
Nations Lending Corp
Nations Mortgage & Investment
NationsFirst Lending, Inc.
Nationstar Mortgage LLC
Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company
Nationwide Bank
Nationwide Equities Corporation
Nationwide Home Loans Inc
Nationwide Home Loans.
Nationwide Home Mortgage Inc. dba Allstate Mortgage Lending
Nationwide Lending Corporation
Nationwide Lending Services Inc
Nationwide Mortgage & Associates Inc
Nationwide Mortgage Concepts
Nationwide Mortgage, Inc.
Nationwide Residential Capital, Inc
Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.
Natixis Real Estate Capital, Inc.
Nattymac Capital LLC
Navy Federal Credit Union
nBank, N.A.
NBD Bank (Florida) – Non-Member
NBD Bank (Michigan) NON-MEMBER
NBGI, Inc.
NBRS Financial Bank
NDFC Capital Corp
NE Moves Mortgage Corporation
Nebraska Mortgage Co LLC
Nebraska National Bank
Neighborhood Funding Inc.
Neighborhood Housing Services of America
Neighborhood Housing Services Silicon Valley
Neighbor’s Financial Corporaton
Net Rate Mortgage Inc.
NetCap Financial LLC
NetCentral Mortgage LLL
NetMore America, Inc dba Hm Ln Ctr of WA, of OR, of MT, of I
Network Capital Group, Inc.
Network Funding, L.P.
Network Mortgage Services
Network Mortgage, LLC
Nevada Federal Credit Union
Nevada Mortgage Inc.
Nevis Funding Corp.
New Age Mortgage Company
New America Capital, Inc.
New American Funding
New American Mortgage LLC
New Century Financial
New Century Mortgage Corp, Irvine
New Day Financial LLC
New Day Trust Mortgage dba New Day Mortgage
New England Regional Mortgage Corporation
New Equity Financial Corp
New Fed Mortgage Corp
New Granite Mortgage Corporation dba Granite Mortgage Corp
New Home Finance LLC
New Homes Mortgage Inc.
New Horizon Financial, LTD
New Horizon Mortgage
New Horizon Mortgage, Inc
New Horizon Real Estate Financial Services Inc.
New Liberty Home Loans
New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union
New Millennium Bank
New Millennium Mortgage Corporation
New Penn Financial, LLC
New Perspective Mortgage, LLC
New South Federal Savings Bank
New Vision Residential Lending
New West Lending, Inc.
New World Mortgage Inc
New York Mortgage Funding, LLC
NewAlliance Bank
Newcastle Home Loans, LLC
NewCastle Mortgage Corp
Newmarket Financial Mortgage Corporation
Newport Funding Corp.
NewPrime Home Loans, LLC
Newwest Funding, A Nevada Corporation
NexBank SSB
NextHome Mortgage Corp
Nexus Financial LLC
NFS Loans Inc
NHEL – Citibank as Trustee
NJ Lenders Corp.
NL, Inc. dba RPM Wholesale
NLMC, Inc.
Noble Bank & Trust, N.A.
Nola Lending Group LLC dba Nola Funding Group
Nomura Credit Capital Inc.
Norhill Financial Corporation
Normandy Mortgage Inc.
Norstar Mortgage LLC
North Alabama Mortgage Inc.
North American Banking Company
North American Savings Bank, fsb
North Atlantic Mortgage Corporation
North County Real Estate Inc. dba HMC Funding
North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.
North Florida Funding, Inc.
North Fork Bank
North Georgia Bank
North Middlesex Savings Bank
North Shore Bank
North Shore Bank of Commerce
North Shore Bank, FSB
North Shore Community Bank and Trust
North Shore Trust &Savings
North Star Home Lending, LLC
NorthCountry Federal Credit Union
Northeast Financial Corporation
Northeast Mortgage Corporation
Northern Federal Credit Union
Northern Mortgage Inc.
Northern New Mexico Mortgage Co.
Northern Pacific Mortgage Inc
Northern Star Bank
Northern States Funding Group, Inc.
Northfield Trust Mortgage Company, LLC
NorthPoint Financial Services, Inc.
Northpoint Lending Group Inc.
NorthPoint Mortgage
Northpoint Mortgage LTD
Northsight Mortgage Group, LLC
NorthStar Alliance, Inc.
Northstar Bank of Texas-Mortgage Division
NorthStar Mortgage Corp.
Northstar Mortgage Group LLC
Northwest Bank
Northwest Funding Group Inc
Northwest Lending Group, Inc.
Northwest Mortgage Group, Inc.
Northwestern Financial Corporation
Norwich Commerical Group dba Norcom Mortgage
Nothnagle Home Securities Corp.
Nova Home Loans
NovaStar Certificates Financing Corporation
Novastar Home Mortgage Inc
Novastar Mortgage, Inc.
Novelle Financial Services, Inc.
Novellus Capital Funding, Inc.
NP Inc dba US Mortgage of Florida
NPB Mortgage LLC dba Northpointe Mortgage
NTFN Inc. dba Premier Nationwide Lending
Numerica Mortgage LLC
NVR Mortgage Finance, Inc.
NW Lending, Inc.
Oak Bank
Oak Creek Mortgage, Inc.
Oak Mortgage Company, L.L.C.
Oak Mountain Mortgage, LLC
Oak Street Mortgage LLC
OakStar Bank, NA
Oaktree Funding Corporation
Oakville Capital Inc.
O’Brien Mortgage Services, Inc.
Ocala Funding, LLC
Ocean West Enterprises, Inc.
OceanFirst Bank
Oceans Funding Company, Inc.
Oceanside Mortgage Company
OCM Mortgage, Inc.
OCM, Inc. dba
Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
O’Dowd & Associates Mortgage Co. Inc.
Odyssey Funding LLC
OGrady Mortgage, Inc.
Ohio Capital Alliance Corp
Ohio Legacy Bank, NA
Ohio Lending Group
Old Colonial Mortgage
Old Oaks Mortgage Inc.
Old Point Mortgage LLC
Old Republic Insurance Company
Old Republic Title Ins. Group
Old Second National Bank
Old Town Mortgage, LLC
Old Towne Financial, Inc.
Old Virginia Mortgage Inc.
Olympia Funding Inc.
Olympia Mortgage Corp.
Olympia West Mortgage Group, LLC
Omaha Police Federal Credit Union
Omega Financial Services Inc.
Omega Financial Services, Inc.
Omega Mortgage Company
Omni Bank
Omni National Bank
OmniAmerican Bank
On Point Mortgage, LLC.
On Q Financial, Inc.
On Time Capital
One Bank and Trust, NA
One Choice Mortgage, LLC.
One Community F.C.U.
One Mortgage LLC dba One Mortgage
One Mortgage Network, LLC
One on One Funding
One Source Mortgage, LLC
Onestop Financial Services LLC
Online Financial Group
Onyx Capital LLC
Open Mortgage, LLC
Opes Advisors Inc.
Opteum Financial Services LLC
Opteum Financial Services, LLC (Optemac T/F Opteum Mortgage)
Optima Mortgage Corporation
Optimax Mortgage Co.
Optimum Financial Services, Inc.
Optimum Mortgage Group, LLC
Optimum Mortgage LLC
Option Financial LLC
Option One Mortgage Corporation
Oregon Coast Bank
Originate Home Loans, Inc.
Orion Bank
Orion Mortgage Corporation
Orlando Mortgage Company, Inc.
Ouachita Independent Bank
Outlook Mortgage, LLC
Outsource Solutions, Inc.
Overland Mortgage, LP
Owen Community Bank, S.B.
Owl Tree Mortgage Company
Owner’s Choice Mortgage Services Inc. dba Owner’s Choice Mtg
Ownit Mortgage Solutions Inc
OWS I Acquisitions, LLC
Oxford Capital, LLC
Oxford Funding Corporation
Oxford Lending Group, LLC
Oxford Mortgage, Inc.
P.T. K. Consulting, Inc. DBA Preferred Mortgage Lenders
PA Mortgage Service, Inc.
PA Preferred Mortgage Co.
Pacesetter Mortgage Company
Pacific America Group Inc. dba Pacific America Mortgage
Pacific Coast Lending
Pacific Coast Mortgage Inc.
Pacific Community Mortgage, Inc.
Pacific Continental Mortgage
Pacific Crest Funding, LLC dba Pacific Crest Home Loans
Pacific First Financial Services LP
Pacific Gold Mortgage Group, LLC
Pacific Horizon Bancorp, Inc.
Pacific Mercantile Bank
Pacific Mutual Funding dba Pacific Residential Financing
Pacific Northwest Mortgage Corporation
Pacific Northwest Mortgage LLC
Pacific Residential Mortgage, LLC
Pacific Reverse Mortgage, Inc.dba Financial Heritage
Pacific Service Credit Union
Pacific Union Financial, LLC
Pacor Mortgage Corp
PacWest Funding dba PacWest Funding Incorporated
Pacwest Services, Inc.
Palladium Mortgage Corporation
Palm Beach Atlantic Lending LLC
Palm Beach Mortgage Group Inc.
Palmetto South Mortgage Corp.
Palos Bank & Trust Company
Panhandle State Bank
Paradigm Mortgage Corporation
Paradise Financial Group, Inc.
Paragon Home Lending, LLC
Paragon Mortgage Bankers Corp.
Paragon Mortgage Consultants, Inc.
Paragon Mortgage Services Inc.
Paragon National Bank
Paramount Bond & Mortgage Company
Paramount Equity Mortgage, Inc.
Paramount Home Loans, Inc
Paramount Lending, LLC
Paramount Mortgage Professionals on NC, Inc
Paramount Mortgage, Inc.
Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc.
Park National Bank
Park Place Finance, LLC
Park Place Mortgage, LLC
Park Shore Mortgage Corp
Park West Corporation
Parkside Lending, LLC
Parkway Bank
Partners for Payment Relief, LLC
Partners Mortgage dba Partners Capital Mortgage
Partners Mortgage, Inc.
Pathfinder Mortgage Group, Inc.
Pathway Financial, LLC
Patriot Bank
Patriot Bank FL
Patriot Bank Mortgage Inc. a Division of Patriot Bank
Patriot Federal Credit Union
Patriot Funding LLC
Patriot Lending Group, Inc
Patriot Lending Services, Inc.
Patriot Mortgage Bankers of North America LTD
Patriot Mortgage Company Inc
Patriot Mortgage Services Inc.
Patriots Bank
Patroit One Mortgage Bankers LLC
Patuxent Funding LLC
Paul E Smith dba Main Street Mortgage Company
PB Reit, Inc.
PCFS Financial Services, Inc.
Pellow Mortgage Company LLC
Pemm. Tek Mortgage Services, LLC
Penn 1st Financial Services Inc
Penn Liberty Bank
Pennie L. Carey dba Worldwide Home Lending
Pennwest Home Equity Services Corp
PennyMac Loan Services, LLC
Pentagon Mortgage LLC
People Bank – WA
Peoples Bank
Peoples Bank of Commerce
People’s Bank of Commerce
Peoples Bank of KY, Inc
Peoples Bank, N.A.
People’s Choice Funding, Inc
Peoples Choice Home Loan Inc
People’s Choice Mortgage Company
Peoples Choice Mortgage LLC
Peoples Exchange Bank
Peoples Independent Bank
Peoples Mortgage Company
People’s Mortgage Corporation
Peoples Mortgage, Inc.
Peoples National Bank, N.A.
Peoples Savings Bank dba Peoples Mortgage Company
Peoples State Bank of Comm dba RHR Mortgage of America, LLC
People’s State Bank of Wyalusing, PA
People’s United Bank
PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company
Performance Financial Inc dba Pacific Funding & Mort Advisor
Performance Lending, Inc
Perimeter Mortgage Funding Corporation
Perl Mortgage, Inc.
Personal Home Mortgage Services, Inc.
PFagan Mortgage, Inc.
PFG Mortgage Trust I
PFG Mortgage Trust II
PFL, Inc.
PGNF Home Lending Corporation
PHH Mortgage Corporation
Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors Inc.
Philip R. Marsh
Phoenix Funding Corporation
Phoenix Mortgage Corporation
Phoenix Rising Brokers Conduit dba
Pierce Commercial Bank
Pike Creek Mortgage Services Inc
Pillar Financial LLC
Pillar Mortgage Services Corporation
Pine River Valley Bank
Pine State Mortgage Corp.
Pinellas Mortgage Services, Inc.
Pinnacle Bank
Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corporation
Pinnacle Financial Corporation
Pinnacle Financial Corporation of Michigan
Pinnacle Financial Services, Inc.
Pinnacle Financial Solutions
Pinnacle Home Mortgage Co.
Pinnacle Lending Group
Pinnacle Mortgage Funding LLC
Pinnacle Mortgage Group, Inc.
Pinnacle Mortgage, Inc
Pinnacle National Bank
Pinta, LLC
Pintola Inc. dba Town and Country Mortgages
Pioneer Financial Services, Inc.
Pioneer Mortgage, Inc. #40319
Pirimar Industries Inc. dba Pirimar Home Loans
Plains Commerce Bank
Planters Bank Inc
Planters First
Platinum 1 Mortgage Services, LLC
Platinum Capital Group
Platinum Community Bank
Platinum Community Bank dba Platinum Direct Funding
Platinum HomeMortgage Corporation
Platinum Mortgage Group, LLC
Platinum Mortgage Inc.
Platte River Mortgate and Investments Inc
Platte Valley Bank of Missouri
Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.
Plaza Mortgage Group Inc.
PLB Lending, LLC
PLN Associates Inc
PMAC Lending Services Inc
PMC BanCorp.
PMI Mortgage Insurance Company
PNC Bank N.A.
PNC Consumer Services
PNC Mortgage, LLC
PNCMT Trust Series 2000-1, Bank One as Trustee
PNMAC Mortgage Co., LLC
PNMAC Mortgage Opportunity Fund Investors, LLC
Point Independent Mortgage
Point Mortgage Corp.
Point Plus Credit Union
Polaris Home Funding Corporation
Poli Mortgage Group Inc.
Pope Mortgage & Associates
Popular Mortgage
Popular Mortgage Servicing, Inc
Positive Mortgage, Inc
Potelco United Credit Union
Potomac Mortgage Capital Inc.
Poulsen Mortgage Corporation
Powder House Mortgage Company, Inc.
Power Financial Corporation
PPI Equities, Inc. dba Pacific Mortgage
Prairie Community Bank
Prajna Group Inc. dba Liberty Mortgage Funding
Precision Financial, Inc.
Precision Funding
Precision Funding Group LLC
Preferred Financial Funding, Inc.
Preferred Financial Grp Inc dba Preferred Mortgage Services
Preferred Financial Services Inc.
Preferred Home Lending LLC
Preferred Home Loan LTD
Preferred Home Mortgage Company
Preferred Mortgage, Inc
Prem Mortgage, Inc. DBA First United Mortgage
Premier Atlanta Mortgage Company
Premier Bank
Premier Bank – Dubuque
Premier Bank (MO)
Premier Bank Minnesota
Premier Bank Rochester
Premier Banks
Premier Community Bank of the Emerald Coast
Premier Financial Correspondent Inc.
Premier Financial Services, Inc.
Premier Holdings LC dba Premier Mortgage
Premier Home Lending Inc.
Premier Home Lending, Inc. (FL)
Premier Home Mortgage LLC dba PHM, LLC (Nebraska only)
Premier Lending Solutions LLC
Premier Mortgage Capital Inc.
Premier Mortgage Funding, Inc.
Premier Mortgage Group of South Florida
Premier Mortgage Group, Inc.
Premier Mortgage Inc
Premier Mortgage Resources LLC dba Premier Mortgage Resource
Premier Mortgage Services Inc.
Premier Mortgage Services, Inc.
Premier Mortgage Services, LLC
Premiere Mortgage, Inc.
Premium Capital Funding LLC
Premium Mortgage
Premium Trust Mortgage Corp
Presidential Bank, FSB
Prestige Funding Solutions LLC dba Distinct Funding Solution
Prestige Mortgage, LLC
Prestige Mtg.
Prestonwood Mortgage L.P
Priceline Mortgage Company LOC
Pride Mortgage LLP
Primary Capital Advisors LC
Primary Funding Group, a dba of Pro-Buy Equities Corp
Primary Mortgage Corporation
Primary Residential Mortgage
Primary Residential Mortgage (2)
Prime Axia Financial, Inc.
Prime Capital Group, LLC
Prime Capital, Inc.
Prime Equity Access Corporation
Prime Financial Corporation
Prime Max Mortage, LLC
Prime Mortgage Financial, Inc.
Prime Mortgage, a division of the Business Bank
Prime Residential Funding, LLC
Prime Shop, Inc.
Prime Source Funding Inc.
PrimeLending, a Plains Capital Company
Primequity LLC
PrimeWest Mortgage Corporation
Primrose Mortgage Co. Inc., dba First PrimSouth Mortgage
Primus Lending Corp.
Princeton Financial, LLC
Princeton Mortgage Corporation
Principal Bank
Principal Mortgage, LLC
Priority Bank
Priority Financial, Inc. dba Priority Funding
Priority Mortgage Corp
Private Capital Group LLC
PRMI 011
PRMI 018
Pro Mortgages LLC
Proctor Properties dba 1st Southwest Security Mortgage
Prodigy, Inc
Prodovis Mortgage
Production Mortgage, Inc.
Professional Advantage Financial Group., Inc.
Professional Consolidated Financial Goup, Inc.
Professional Lending, LLC
Professional Mortgage Bankers Corp.
Professional Mortgage Centers
Professional Mortgage Group, Inc.
Professional Mortgage Partners, Inc.
Professional Mortgage Service, Inc.
Professional Mortgage Services of WNC, Inc.
Professional Mortgage Solutions Inc
Professional Mortgage, Inc.
Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC
Profolio Home Mortgage Corp
Progress Bank & Trust
Progressive Lending LLC
Progressive Mortgage Group, Inc
Progressive Mortgage Inc. dba Key Mortgage
Progressive Mortgage Services LLC dba A&M Mortgage Group Inc
ProLender Solutions, Inc.
ProLending Mortgage, LLC
Properties, Etc., Inc dba Rescomm Financial
Property Network, Inc. dba Property & Mortgage Network, Inc.
Prospect Financial Services, LLC
Prosperan Bank
Prosperity Bank
Prosperity Bank (TX)
Prosperity Mortgage Company
ProtoFund Mortgage Corporation
Providence Mortgage Company
Providence Postal Federal Credit Union
Provident Asset Management, L.P.
Provident Credit Union
Provident Funding Associates, LP
Provident Mortgage Corporation
Provident Mortgage Corporation, A Calif. Corp.
Provident Savings Bank, F.S.B.
Providential Bancorp LTD dba Providential Mortgage Co.
Province Bank, FSB
Provincial Bank
ProviNet Mortgage Corporation, Inc.
PRS, LLC DBA The Mortgage Link
Prudential Lending Inc. DBA PLI Capital
Prudential Mortgage Services, LLC
Prysma Lending Group, LLC
PTF Financial Corp
Public Savings Bank
Public Trust Mortgage Corp.
Pulaski Bank (Pulaski Service Corp)
Pulaski Mortgage Company
Pulse Funding, Inc.
Pulte Mortgage LLC
Q Financial Direct Inc
QLending, Inc.
QMC Holdings Inc.
QR Lending, Inc.
Quad City Bank and Trust Company
Qualita Financial Group, Inc
Quality Home Loans
Quality One Mortgage, Inc.
Quantum Leap Mortgage Corp dba Supreme Lending Services
Quantum Servicing Corporation
Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company
Quick Loan Funding Inc.
Quick Mortgage Services, LLC
Quick Mortgage, LLC
Quickdraw Real Estate Service dba Homestar Lending
Quicken Loans, Inc.
R.O.C. Financial, Inc.
R.W. Allen Financial
Rabobank N A
Radian Guaranty Inc.
Radius Financial Group Inc.
Rancho Financial Inc.
Randall Mortgage Services, Inc.
Rapid Mortgage Co., Inc.
Rasmussen Mortgage Inc. dba Rasmussen Mortgage Specialists
Rate One Inc The Mortgage People
Raven Financial Services LLC
Raymond James Bank FSB
RBC Bank (USA)
RBC Mortgage Company
RBS Citizens, N.A.
Real Estate Financial Services, Inc
Real Estate Lending Group
Real Estate Mortgage Corp.
Real Estate Mortgage Network LLC
Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc
Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc.
Real Mortgage Partners, Inc.
Real Time Resolutions, Inc.
RealPros, LLC dba RealPros Mortgage LLC
Realty Funding Corporation
Realty Home Mortgage Associates, LLC
Realty Home Mortgage Co., LLC
Realty Mortgage – Home Office
Realty Plus Mortgage
Recorder of Deeds of Lancaster County
Red Mountain Bank, N.A.
Red River Bank
Red Rocks Federal Credit Union
Redmond Mortgage Company Inc
Redwood Trust, Inc.
Reed & Associates Mortgage Corp.
Referral Marketing Inc. dba Referral Mortgage
Refund Realty & Mortgage LLC
Regency Lending Services
Regency Mortgage Corporation
Regent Bank
Regent Mortgage Funding LLC
Regions Mortgage
Reliance Bank
Reliance First Capital, LLC
Reliance Plus Mortgage Co. L.P. dba Reliance Mortgage Co.
Reliance Preferred Funding Corp
Reliant Mortgage Company, LLC.
Renaissance Mortgage Corporation
Renaissance Mortgage Group, Inc.
Renasant Bank
Renew Investment Co dba Columbine Mortgage
Republic Bank
Republic Bank & Trust
Republic Mortgage Home Loans, LLC
Republic Northwest, LLC
Republic State Mortgage Co.
Rescomm Holdings No. 2 LLC
Rescue Mortgage Inc
Reserve Mortgage Investments, LLC
ResFund LLC
Residence Lending, LLC
Residential Acceptance Corporation
Residential Acceptance Network, Inc.
Residential Bancorp
Residential Capital Mortgage Corporation
Residential Credit Solutions
Residential Finance Corp.
Residential Funding Company, LLC
Residential Home Funding Corp.
Residential Home Funding Corporation
Residential Home Loan Center LLC
Residential Home Mortgage Corporation
Residential Lending Corporation
Residential Lending Network Inc
Residential Lending Services, Inc
Residential Lending, LLC
Residential Loan Centers of America, Inc.
Residential Mortgage Advisors LLC
Residential Mortgage Associates, Inc. dba RMA Lending
Residential Mortgage Capital
Residential Mortgage Center Inc.
Residential Mortgage Corp.
Residential Mortgage Corporation
Residential Mortgage Funding, Inc.
Residential Mortgage Group, a division of Inter Savings Bank
Residential Mortgage Network, Inc
Residential Mortgage Services Inc
Residential Mortgage Solution LLC
Residential Mortgage Solutions
Residential Mortgage, LLC
Residential Mtg. Group, Inc.
Residential Wholesale Mortgage, Inc.
ResMAE Mortgage Corporation
Resolutions Capital, LP
Resource Financial Services, Inc
Resource Lenders, Inc.
Resource Mortgage Corporation
Resource One Credit Union
Resource One, Inc.
Response Mortgage Services Inc.
Resurgent Capital Services
Reunion Mortgage, Inc.
Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Revolutionary Mortgage Company
RFC Trustee 01
RFC Trustee 02
RFC Trustee 03
RFC Trustee 04
RFC Trustee 05
RH Lending, Inc. d/b/a Residential Home Lending
Rhodes Financial Services Mortgage LLC dba Rhodes Fin’l Mtg
Rhome Asset Management Corporation
Ribble Real Estate LLC
Richland Federal Credit Union
Richland Mortgage Company, LLC
Ridge Mortgage Services Inc.
Ridgeview Mortgage Associates, Inc.
Riggs Real Estate Investment Corporation
Right-Away Mortgage, Inc
Rimrock Credit Union
Risk Management Group, LLC dba RMG
River Bank & Trust
River City Mortgage & Financial, LLC
River Funding Corporation dba River Home Lending
River Mortgage, LLC
River Region Credit Union
Riverbend Bank dba Riverbend Mortgage
Riverbend Mortgage Inc
Riverside Bank of the Gulf Coast
Riverside Mortgage Company LLC
Riverside Mortgage Company, Inc.
Riverside Mortgage Corp.
Riverside National Bank of Florida
Riverview Community Bank
Rivoli Mortgage
RJ Commercial Funding, Inc. dba Gateway Mortgage
RKS Financial Services, Inc
RMA Lending, LLC
RMC Vanguard Mortgage Corp.
RMK Financial Corp dba Majestic Home Loan
RMR Financial LLC d/b/a Princeton Capital
RMS & Associates
RNB Inc. dba Cornerstone Mortgage Company
Robertson & Anschultz
Rochester Home Equity, Inc
Rockaway Beach Financial
Rockwood Bank
Rocky Mountain Bank
Rocky Mountain Bank (MT)
Rocky Mountain Credit Union
Rocky Mountain Mortgage Group, LLC
Rocky Mountain Mortgage Specialist, Inc.
Rocky Mountian Mortgage Co.
Rogue Federal Credit Union
Rolwes Mortgage Co. LLC
Rose Rock Bank, a Division of Union Bank
Ross Mortgage Company, Inc.
Ross Mortgage Corporation
RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corp.
Royal Credit Industries, Inc.
Royal Mortgage Company, Inc.
Royal Pacific Funding Corp dba Pacific Banc
RP Funding, Inc
RPM Mortgage, Inc
RSR Home Loan Corporation
RTR Capital LP
Rubiola Mortgage Company, Inc.
Ryan Mortgage Co
Ryland Mortgage Company
S&L Investment Lending dba JC Mortgage
S&T Bank
S.M. Neider Mortgage Consultants, Inc.
S.W.I Financial Services, Inc. dba Integrity 1st Mortgage
S/C Financial LLC dba Quest Mortgage Consultants
Saab Financial Corporation dba Saab Mortgage
Sabal Palm Bank
Sacramento Credit Union
Sacramento Valley Mortgage Corp. dba Greater Valley Mortgage
Saddlebred Capital Mortgage, LLC
Safeguard Properties
Safeguard Properties Inc.
Sagamore Home Mortgage, LLC
Sahara Mortgage Corporation
Sajomi Holdings Corporation DBA Lenders Residential Mortgage
Sallie Mae Home Loans
Sam Houston Mortgage Co., Inc.
San Angelo National Bank
San Antonio Mortgage Company, LLC
San Diego Funding
San Jacinto Mortgage Inc dba Mtg. Spec. of Greater Houston
San Luis Capital, Inc.
Sanborn Mortgage Corp.
Sandhills Bank
Sandy Spring Bank
Santa Cruz Home Finance
Santa Cruz Mortgage Company
SASCO 1999 AL2/US Bank NA
SASCO 1999 SP1/FNB Chicago
SASCO 2000-3
SASCO 2000-4
SASCO 2000-RF1
SASCO 2001-1
SASCO1999ALS-1/Chase Manhattan Bank
Saugus Federal Credit Union
Savage Mortgage Services LLC
Savi Ranch Financial Inc. dba Western Pacific Financial Inc.
Savings First Mortgage LLC
Sawgrass Funding LLC
Saxon Equity Mortgage Bankers, Ltd.
Saxon MortgageServices, Inc.
SBMC Mortgage
SBW Management, LLC dba Capital Home Loans
SCD Recovery, LLC
Schaefer Mortgage Corp.
Schmidt Mortgage Company
Schmitt Mortgage, LLC
Scholastic Mortgage LLC
Schyndel Investments, Inc.
SCME Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
Scott Financial LLC dba Des Peres Mortgage LLC
SDK Real Estate Funding LLC dba Allied Banc Mtg/Allied Mtg L
Sea Financial Group, Inc.
Seabreeze Financial Services, Inc.
Seacoast National Bank
Seattle Bank
Seattle Pacific Mortgage, Inc.
Sebring Capital Partners, Limited Partnership
Sebring Capital Partners, LP (Subprime Div.)
Secure Lending Solutions, Inc.
Secured Funding Corp
Security Atlantic Mortgage Co., Inc.
Security Bank of Kansas City
Security Federal Bank
Security Federal Mortgage Corp.
Security First Bank
Security First Mortgage, Inc.
Security Home Mortgage LLC
Security Lending Wholesale
Security Mortgage Corporation
Security Mortgage Corporation (MI)
Security Mortgage Funding Corporation
Security Mortgage, Inc.
Security National Life Insurance Company
Security National Mortgage Company
Security National Partners Limited Partnership
Security One Mortgage
Security Real Estate Services, Inc.
Security Savings Bank, FSB
Security Service Federal Credit Union
Security State Bank
Security State Savings Bank
Select Fnancial Services Inc dba McColly Mortgage
Select Mortgage
Select Mortgage Corporation
Select Mortgage Group Ltd.
Select Portfolio Servicing Inc
Selene Finance LP
Selene RMOF BOA 063008 LLC
Selene RMOF Loan Acquisition LLC
Self Help Ventures Fund
Selleck Mortgage Group, Inc.
Sellers Financial Group, Inc. dba Sellers Mortgage Corp
Seminole Moneytree Inc.
Senderra Funding
Sente Mortgage Corporation
Sentinel Home Mortgage LLLP
Sentinel Mortgage Co.
Serramonte Mortgage Company, Inc. dba SMC Bancorp
Service First Mortgage Corp.
Service First Mortgage dba Trans-Act Mortgage
Service Mortgage Underwriters, Inc.
Servis First Bank
Seven Seventeen Credit Union
Severn Mortgage Corporation
Severn Savings Bank, FSB
SFF Mortgage, Inc. DBA Security First Financial
SFG Bancorp
SFJV 2005, LLC
Shamrock Bank of Florida
Shamrock Financial Corporation
Shamrock Mortgage Inc.
Share Plus Federal Bank
Sharp Mortgages, Inc.
Shasta Financial Services, Inc. dba First Capital
Shea Mortgage – Corporate Office
Shearson Home Loans
Shelby State Bank
Shelly K Hulse dba Shell Mortgage
Shelter Mortgage Inc.
Shelton Mortgage Group, LLC
Sher Financial Group, Inc. dba Citizens Lending Group, Inc.
Sherwood Mortgage Group, Inc.
Shore Mortgage
SI Mortgage Company
Sibcy Cline Mortgage
Sids Mortgage Inc dba Alliance Financial Mtg.
Sidus Financial Corporation (NC)
Sidus Financial Corporation (VA)
Sidus Financial LLC (SC)
Sidus Financial, LLC – New England Regional Office
Sierra Financial Mortgage, LLC
Sierra Home Loans, LLC
Sierra Pacific Home Loans, Inc.
Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc.
Sierra Star Financial, LLC
Sigmund Financial Group Inc.
Signature Bank
Signature Bank of Arkansas
Signature Lending Group, Inc.
Signature Mortgage Corporation
Signature Mortgage, L.L.C.
Signia Docs, Inc.
Silver Mortgage Bancorp, Inc.
Silver Oak Mortgage, LP
Silver State Bank
Silver State Financial Services, Inc. dba Silver State
Silvergate Bank
Silverstone Mortgage Group, LLC
Silverton Mortgage Specialists, Inc.
Simmons First National Bank
Simonich Corporation dba BWC Mortgage Services, Inc.
Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union
SIRVA Mortgage
Sisters Contract Mortgage Solutions Inc
SIU Credit Union
SK & Associates LLC dba Desert Sun Mortgage
Skofed Mortgage Funding Corporation
Sky Capital Mortgage, LLC
Sky Federal Credit Union
Sky Investments Inc. dba North Star Lending
Skyline Funding
Skyline Mortgage Company
Skyline Mortgage LLC
Slavie Federal Savings Bank
SLM Financial Corporation
Smart Choice Loan Center, Inc
Smart Wholesale Lending, Inc
SMI Lending, Inc
SMI Residential Mortgage, Inc.
SN Servicing Corp.
SNMLT 2001-2
Sno-King Mortgage Inc.
Societe Generale dba SG Mortgage Finance Corp
Sofin, Inc
Solace Financial LLC
Solstice Capital Group, Inc. dba Loanbus
SoluBanc Funding, Inc.
Solution One Mortgage
Solutions Bank
Solutions Funding, Inc.
Solutions Lending LLC
SolVerus Banc Incorporated
SOMA Financial
Somerset Investors Corp dba Somerset Mortgage Bankers
Sonterra Mortgage Capital, LLC
Sophia Ventures, Inc dba Elite Lending
Sotheby’s/Lehman Mortgage Services, LLC
Sound Mortgage, Inc.
Source Mortgage Corporation
Source Mortgage, LLC
Source One Mortgage Corporation
South Central Bank of Barren County, Inc.
South Chase Mortgage Corporation
South County Bank
South Lakes Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
South Pacific Financial d/b/a Funding Solutions Bancorp
South Shore Financial Services, Inc.
South Valley Bank & Trust
South Wind Tours & Excursions
Southcoast Community Bank
Southeast Bankers Mortgage Corp
Southeast Funding Alliance Inc.
Southeast Mortgage of Georgia
Southeast TX Equity Mgmt Inc dba Acq Funding or Home 1st Mtg
Southeastern Mortgage Corp.
Southern Equity Mortgage Services, LLC
Southern Fidelity Mortgage LLC
Southern Highlands Mortgage LLC
Southern Home Lending Corp
Southern Horizon Financial Group LLC
Southern Missouri Bank of Marshfield
Southern Mortgage Associates
Southern Mortgage Brokers Inc.
Southern Mortgage Co. of Central LA
Southern Mortgage Source, Inc
Southern Star Mortgage Corp
Southern Trust Mortgage, LLC
SouthFirst Bank
SouthPoint Bank
Southpoint Financial Services, Inc.
Southside Bank
SouthStar Funding, LLC
SouthTrust Mortgage Corporation
Southwest Funding, L.P.
SouthWest Missouri Bank
Southwest Mortgage Corp.
Southwest Mortgage Partners
Southwest Securities FSB (warehouse)
Southwest Securities, FSB
Southwest Stage Funding, LLC dba Cascade Financial Services
Southwood Mortgage Co.
Sovereign Bank
Sovereign Bank (PA)
Sovereign Bank (TX)
Sovereign Bank/NATCO
Sovereign Bank-Capital Markets (Newton)
Special Project RFC
Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC
Specialty Mortgage Corporation
Spectra Financial Inc.
Spectra Funding, Inc.
Spectrum Financial Group
Spectrum Funding Corp
Spectrum-Hale Partners, LLC dba Hale Financial Partners
Spire Federal Credit Union
Spirit Bank
Spurr Mortgage Corporation
SRI dba SRI Mortgage, SRI Wholesale, SRI Lending
ST Fin Corp dba Star Financial
St George Mortgage Inc
St Louis Federal Mortgage Co.
St. Francisville, LLC
St. Louis Bank
St. Louis Mortgage Connections Inc.
Stagecoach Mortgage, LLC
Standard Bank and Trust
Standard Equity Funding
Standard Mortgage Corp
Standard Pacific Mortgage, Inc.
Stanford Federal Credit Union
Stanley Capital Mortgage Company, Inc.
Star Funding, Inc
Starwood Vacation Ownership Inc.
Starwood Vacation Ownership Portfolio Services, Inc.
State Bank
State Bank of Delano
State Bank of Southwest Missouri
State Central Credit Union
State Farm Bank FSB
State Highway Patrol Federal Credit Union
State Lending Corporation
State Mortgage LLC
State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA)
Statewide Bank
Statewide Bank (Correspondent
Statewide Financial Group, Inc.
Statewide Lending, Inc.
Stearns Bank N.A.
Stearns Lending Inc., A California Corporation
Steel Mountain Capital, Inc and Its Wholly Owned Purchasing
Stellarone Bank
Steller Mortgage Corporation dba Freedom Financial
Stenton Mortgage Inc
Stephen H. Robin dba HMC Enterprises
Stephen W. Head dba Texas Premier Mortgage
Stepstone Mortgage Company, Inc.
Sterling Asset & Equity Corp
Sterling Bank
Sterling Bank & Trust, FSB
Sterling Capital Mortgage
Sterling Coast to Coast Financial Group, Inc.
Sterling Eagle Mortgage Investment Company, LLC
Sterling Empire Funding Association, LTD
Sterling Home Mortgage Corporation
Sterling Home Mortgage, LLC
Sterling Mortgage and Financial Services, Inc.
Sterling Mortgage Corporation
Sterling Mortgage Services of the Treasure Coast, Inc
Sterling National Mortgage Company, Inc.
Sterling State Bank
Stewart Financial Enterprises Inc dba City Fund Mort Lending
Stewart Mortgage Information Services
Stewart Mortgage Services, Inc.
Stewart Title of Northern New England, Inc.
Stifel Bank & Trust
Stillwater Mortgage, LLC dba Turnbury Mortgage
Stirling II Corporation dba Stirling Mortgage
Stock Financial, LLC
Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company
Stockman Bank of Montana
Stockton Mortgage Corporation
Stockton Turner LLC
Stoffer Mortgage Inc.
Stone Creek Capital Mortgage
Stone Mortgage Corporation
Stonebrook Mortgage Corporation
Stonebrook Mortgage Services, Inc.
Stonecreek Funding Corporation
Stonegate Mortgage Corporation
StonehamBank-A Cooperative Bank
Stonetrust MortgageLending LLC
StoneWater Mortgage Corporation
Straight Line Mortgage, Inc.
Strait Financial Corporation
Strata Bank
Strategic Capital Mortgage, Inc.
Strategic Lending, Inc.
Strategic Mortgage Company
Stratus Mortgage, LLC
Streeter Brothers Mortgage Corp.
Stronghold Funding LLC dba Stronghold
Structure Mortgage Inc.
Suburban Federal Savings Bank
Suburban Mortgage Company of New Mexico
Suburban Mortgage Inc.
Success Investments, Inc.
Success Mortgage Partners, Inc
Sullivan Financial Services, Inc.
Summatyme LLC
Summit Bank
Summit Bank, Tulsa
Summit Credit Union
Summit Credit Union (WI)
Summit Financial LLC
Summit Funding Inc
Summit Investments Loan Corp dba Loanisland
Summit Lending Group, Inc.
Summit Lending Solutions Inc
Summit Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
Summit Mortgage Corp. IL
Summit Mortgage Corporation
Summit Mortgage Corporation LLC
Summit Mortgage Corporation TX
Summit Mortgage Inc
Sun American Mortgage Company
Sun Capital Inc
Sun Home Loans, Inc.
Sun Quest Funding LLC
Sun Valley Mortgage Services LLC
Sun Vista Mortgage Services Ltd Co
Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.
Sunbelt Lending Services
Sunbelt Mortgage, LLC
Suncoast Financial, Inc.
Suncoast Mortgage Bankers Inc
Suncoast Mortgage Corporation
Suncoast Mortgage Group, LLC
SunFirst Bank
Sunflower Bank N.A.
Sunlending Mortgage Corporation
Sunmark Federal Credit Union
Sunrise Financial Services, Inc.
Sunset Bank & Savings
Sunset Direct Lending
Sunset Financial Resource Inc.
Sunset Mortgage & Investment Corp.
Sunset Mortgage Co.
Sunset Mortgage Company, LP
Sunset Portfolio Servicing Company, LLC.
Sunset West Mortgage, Inc.
Sunshine Financial Group, Inc.
Sunshine Mortgage
Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
Sunwest Bank
SunWest Mortgage, LLC
Superior Bank
Superior Lending Corp.
Superior Lending Mortgage Inc
Superior Mortgage and Equity Corp.
Superior Mortgage Corporation
Superior Mortgage LLC
Superior Mortgage Services LLC
Supreme Funding Corporation
Surecredit USA Home Loans, Inc.
Susquehanna Bank
Susquehanna Mortgage Corporation
Sussex Group, Inc.
Sutton Bank
SVO 2008-A VOI Mortgage Corp.
Swan Investments Intl., Inc. dba International Mortgage
SWBC Mortgage Corporation
Sweetwater Home Fin. of Houston, Inc. dba Sweetwater Mtg Co
Swinford Capital Corp.
Sycamore Funding Inc.
Sydion Financial LLC
Symmetry Mortgage Corp
Synergy Capital Mortgage Corporation
Synergy Home Loans, LLC
Synergy Mortgage Group, Inc.
Synergy One Financial Services, LLC
Synovus Mortgage Corp.
Syracuse Securities Inc
Syringa Bank
T.D. Service Company
T.J. Financial, Inc.
T.R. Hughes Home Mortgage Co. LLC
Tahoe Executive Enterprises, Inc dba Paragon Mortgage Serv
Tamayo Financial Services, Inc.
Tartak Mortgage LLC
Tarzana Capital
Taylor Morgan Inc dba Community Lending Services
Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp.
TBI Mortgage Company
TBS Financial Services Inc. dba Lenders Mortgage Services
TC Preferred Funding Inc.
TCD Mortgage Corporation
TD Bank, N.A. – Commerce Bank
TD Banknorth NA
TDA Capital Group, LLC DBA Atlas Capital Mortgage
Team Lending Concepts, LLC
Team Mortgage, LLC
Team USA Mortgage, LLC
TeamBank N.A.
Technology Credit Union
Telemetry Mortgage Opportunities Fund, L.P.
Telesis Community Credit Union
Telhio Credit Union
Tenacity Mortgage
Tennessee Bank and Trust, A Div. of Farmers Bank & Trust Co.
Tennessee State Bank
Tennessee Valley Mortgage of Florence LLC
Terrace Mortgage Company
Terwin Advisors, LLC dba The Winter Group
Texas Bank and Trust Company
Texas BRV, Inc. dba Blue Apple Mortgage
Texas Capital Bank, N.A.
Texas Commercial Funding Group LLC
Texas First Family Mortgage Inc.
Texas Heritage Mortgage, LTD.
Texas Loan Star, Inc.
Texas Mortgage Professionals, LLC
Texas Mortgage Team LLC
Texas Security Bank
Texas Western Mortgage, LLC
The Addison Mortgage Group, Inc.
The Advantage Mortgage Group,Inc
The American Eagle Mortgage Corp.
The American National Bank of Dekalb County’s Mortgage Div.
The Anderson Financial Group, Inc.
The Andover State Bank
The Arlington Bank
The Bancorp Bank
The Bank of Canton
The Bank of Charlotte County
The Bank of Commerce
The Bank of Fayette County
The Bank of Georgia
The Bank of Holland
The Bank of Missouri
The Bank of New York
The Bank of New York as Trustee
The Bank of Northern Michigan
The Bank of San Antonio
The Bank of South Carolina
The Bank of the Pacific
The Bollin Mortgage Group, Inc.
The Broadstone Mortgage Company
The Bryn Mawr Trust Company
The Business Bank of St. Louis
The Carroll Mortgage Group, Inc.
The Citizens National Bank of Meridian
The Clinton Mortgage Network
The Coastal Bank dba Coastal Mortgage Company of SC
The Columbia Bank
The CU Mortgage Center, Inc. dba The Mortgage Center, Inc
The Delaware County Bank & Trust Company
The El Paso Mortgage Company
The Equity Group Financial, Inc.
The F & M Bank and Trust Company
The Family Credit Union
The First Mortgage Corporation
The First National Bank
The First National Bank Of Chicago – Non-Member
The First National Bank of Deerwood
The First National Bank of Granbury
The First National Bank of Jackboro dba The Highlands Bank
The First National Bank of Ogden
The First, A National Banking Association
The Freedom Bank of Virginia
The Funding Source LLC
The Gordon Group, Inc.
The Grange Bank
The Guernsey Bank
The H55 Group, Inc.
The Herring National Bank
The Hinks Company, Inc.
The Home Equity Network, LLC
The Home Loan Pros, Inc.
The Huntington National Bank
The Hurricane Mortgage Company, Inc.
The Joshua Group Co. LLC dba U.S. Lending
The Kent Group Ltd
The Klein Group, LLC
The LaPorte Savings Bank
The Lenders Group LLC
The Lending Company Inc
The Lending Connection, Inc.
The Lending Group
The Lending Partners, LLC
The Loan Experts Corporation dba All Amrican Finance
The Louisville Mortgage Group
The McCue Mortgage Company
The Milan Group Inc dba Milan Mortgage Bankers
The Money Source Inc.
The Money Source, Inc.
The Mortgage Advantage, Inc
The Mortgage Bankers Corp.
The Mortgage Broker, LLC
The Mortgage Center, Inc.
The Mortgage Center, LLC
The Mortgage Company
The Mortgage Company LLC
The Mortgage Connection
The Mortgage Depot Inc
The Mortgage Firm, Inc
The Mortgage Funding Group, Inc.
The Mortgage Group, Inc.
The Mortgage Group, LLC
The Mortgage House, Inc.
The Mortgage Lending Group, Inc.
The Mortgage Makers, Inc.
The Mortgage Network Wholesale Lender
The Mortgage Network, Inc., dba Mortgage Network North Ameri
The Mortgage Network, LLC
The Mortgage Outlet, Inc.
The Mortgage Place
The Mortgage Shoppe Inc
The Mortgage Source Inc
The Mortgage Specialist LP
The Mortgage Store Financial, Inc.
The National Bank
The New York Mortgage Company, LLC
The Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. dba Northwestern Mutua
The Pappadakis Corporation dba Plaza Mortgage Group of FL
The Park Bank
The Peoples Bank Co.
The Petkewich Corp dba The Mortgage Outlet
The Ping Mortgage Company
The Poca Valley Bank
The Premiere Mortgage Corporation
The Private Bank
The PrivateBank Mortgage Company dba The PrivateBank
The PrivateBank Mortgage Company, LLC
The Situs Companies
The Stone Hill Group
The Vault Mortgage Co.
The Warren Group
The Washington Savings Bank
The Washington Trust Company
The Watermark Group Inc. dba Watermark Financial
Thomas Louis Mortgage Inc
Thomas Mortgage & Financial Services
Thornburg Mortgage Home Loans, Inc.
Thoroughbred Lending Company LLC
Three Rivers Financial Services, Inc.
Three Rivers Mortgage
TIB Bank of the Keys
TIB-The Independent Bankers Bank
Tidewater Home Funding, LLC
Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc.
TierOne Bank
Tim Simko dba First United Lending
Timberland Mortgage Services, Inc.
Tippecanoe Mortgage, Inc.
Titan Funding
Titan Lenders Corp.
TLP Funding Corporation
TM Capital, Inc.
TNBank dba TNBank of Oak Ridge
Token Mortgage Corporation
Tomahawk Community Bank, SSB
Top Mortgage Corporation
Top Performers Financial Services, Inc.
Total Funding Corporation
Total Home Source, Inc
Total Mortgage Services, L.L.C.
Tower Mortgage and Financial Services Corp
Tower Mortgage Capital Inc., dba National Home Lenders
Tower Mortgage Corporation
Town & Country Bank
Town North Bank N.A.
Towne Mortgage Company
Townebank Mortgage
Townstone Financial, Inc.
TPI Mortgage, Inc.
Trade Street Mortgage Inc.
Trademark Mortgage LLC
Tradition Mortgage LLC
Tranex Financial, Inc.
Transcontinental Lending Group, Inc
TransLand Financial Services, Inc.
Transnational Financial Network, Inc.
Travis Mortgage, LLC
Treeside Financial, LLC
Tremont Credit Union
Triad Bank, N.A.
Tribeca Lending Corp.
Tri-County Bank
TriCounty Mortgage Corporation
Trident Mortgage Company
Triduanum Financial Inc
Trinity Mortgage Capital, Inc.
Trinity Mortgage Company of Central Florida, LLC dba Trinity
Trinity Mortgage Corporation
Tristate Capital Bank
Tristone Community Bank
Triton Commercial Capital Incorporated
Triumph Funding, Inc.
True Lending Company, LLC
Truemark Lending, Inc
Truliant Federal Credit Union
Trust USA Mortgage Group
Trustmark National Bank
TrustMor Mortgage Company, LLC
Tucker Mortgage, LLC
Turner Mortgage Company
Turtle Creek Mortgage Inc.
TWA Corporation
Twin Capital Mortgage
Twin City Bank
Twin Star Credit Union
TXL Mortgage Corporation
U S Capital Home Loans Inc
U. S. Lending Group, Inc.
U.P. Catholic Credit Union
U.S. Bank as Trustee
U.S. Bank N.A.
U.S. Bank National Associaton
U.S. Capital Funding, LLC
U.S. Financial LTD
U.S. Mortgage Corporation
U.S. Recordings, Inc.
UBS Home Finance
UBS Real Estate Investments Inc.
UBS Real Estate Securities Inc.
UBS Special Servicing Group
UBS Warburg Real Estate Securities Inc. (Warehouse)
Ulster Savings Bank
UM Acquisitions LLC
UMG Mortgage LLC
Unified Capital Group
Unifirst Mortgage Corp
Unifirst Mortgage Corp.
Unilenders, Inc.
UniMortgage LLC
Union Bank
Union Bank and Trust Company
Union Capital Mortgage
Union Capital Mortgage Business Trust
Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis.
Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis..
Union Federal Mortgage Corp.
Union Federal Mortgage Corporation
Union Federal Savings Bank
Union Fidelity Mortgage Inc
Union Home Mortgage LLC
Union Mortgage Group, Inc
Union Mortgage Group, Inc.
Union Mortgage Omaha Inc
Union National Mortgage Company
Union River Mortgage LLC
Union Savings Bank
Union State Bank of Everest dba Bank of Atchison
Union Trust Mortgage Corporation
United Bank
United Bank & Trust – Washtenaw
United Bank (VA)
United Bank Inc.
United Capital Financial of Atlanta, LLC
United Capital Mortgage Corporation
United Capital, Inc.
United Commercial Bank
United Community Bank
United Community Mortgage Corp.
United Community Mortgage Services Inc.
United Equity LLC
United Federal Credit Union
United Federal Mortgage a div. of United Medical Bank, FSB
United Fidelity Bank
United Fidelity Funding Corp.
United Financial Mortgage Corporation
United Funding Mortgage Corp.
United General Mtg Corp dba CLS Mtg a subsidary of UGMC
United Group Acquisition, LLC
United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company of N.C.
United Heritage Credit Union
United Home Mortgage
United Home Mortgage Corporation
United Lending Solutions LLC dba Home Lending Solutions
United Liberty Mortgage Corp.
United Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
United Mortgage Company – Washtenaw
United Mortgage Finance Group, Inc
United Mortgage Funding
United Mortgage Investors, Inc.
United Mutual Funding Corp
United Northern Mortgage Bankers
United Pacific Mortgage
United Pacific Mortgage as Vendor
United Pacific Mortgage DBA Mandalay Mortgage
United Prairie Bank
United Residential Lending LLC
United Security Financial
United Western Bank
UnitedOne Credit Union
Unitrust Mortgage, Inc.
Unity Mortgage Corp.
Universal American Mortgage Company, LLC
Universal Financial Group, Inc.
Universal Lending Corporation
Universal Lending Services, Inc.
Universal Mortgage & Finance, Inc.
Universal Mortgage Company, LLC
Universal Mortgage Corporation
University Bank
University Mortgage Inc.
University of Wisconsin Credit Union
Uniwest Mortgage Corporation
Unprime Securities Company LLC
Unversity Federal Credit Union
Uptown Mortgage
Urban Financial, Inc.
Urban Trust Bank
US Bank as Custodian/Trustee
US Bank National Association (Warehouse)
US Capital Financial Services, Inc dba Primestreet Lending,
US Employees O.C. Federal Credit Union
US Equity Mortgage, LLC
US Financial Funding Inc. dba US Financial
US Lending & Finance LTD
US Money Source, Inc. d/b/a Soluna First
US Mortgage Bankers Inc. dba USMB Inc
US Mortgage Capital Inc.
US Mortgage Corp.
US Mortgage Corporation dba Mortgage Concepts
US Mortgage Finance Corp
US Mortgage Group, LLC
US Mortgage Network
US New Mexico FCU
USA Bank
USA Funding Corp
USA Home Loans, Inc.
USA Mortgage Business Inc.
USA Mortgage Corporation
USAA Federal Savings Bank
USB Home Lending
USU Community Federal Credit Union
Utah Community Federal Credit Union
Utah Financial, Inc dba Federal Mortgage Funding
Utah Housing Corporation
Uvantage Home Lending Services, Inc.
V.I.P. Mortgage Inc.
Valley Bank
Valley Bank of Helena
Valley Mortgage Solutions LLC
Valley National Bank
Valley National Bank (OK)
Valley View State Bank
Valley Vista Mortgage Corporation
Valley West Corporation DBA Valley West Mortgage
Valley Wide Home Loans
Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance, Inc
VanDyk Mortgage Corporation
Vanguard Funding LLC
Vanguard M & T, Inc.
Vanguard Mortgage Corporation
VantageSouth Bank
Vantium Capital Markets, L.P.
Vantium Capital, Inc., d/b/a Acqura Loan Services
Vaughan Financial Mortgage Group, Inc.
VCH – 1998-A (Wells Fargo as Trustee)
VCH – 1999-A (Wells Fargo as Trustee)
VCH – 2003-A (Wells Fargo Bank of Minnesota, N.A as Trustee)
VCH – Beethoven (Dresdner as Lender)
VCH -Alpine (Credit Suisse First Boston as Lender)
Vectra Bank Colorado
Venta Financial Group, Inc.
Venture Bank
Venture Financial Services
Venture One Mortgage Corporation
Veridian Credit Union
Veritas Funding LLC
Veritas In Commercium LLC
Verity Credit Union
Vertical Financial Group
Vertical Lend dba Mortgage Warehouse
Verus Bank, NA
Veterans Home Mortgage Inc.
Victoria Capital Inc dba Victoria Funding Services
Victorian Finance LLC
Vieux Carre Mortgage
Viewpoint Bank
ViewPoint Bank (Warehouse)
Viewpoint Bankers Mortgage
Vigilant Federal Savings Bank
Vigio Lending Corp.
Viking Capital
Village Bank Mortgage Corporation
Village Capital & Investment, LLC DBA Village Home Mortgage
Village Mortgage Company
Vinson Mortgage Services, Inc. dba Vinson Mortgage Group
Vintage Hills Mortgage Corporation
Vintage Mortgage Corporation
Vintage Mortgage Group
VIP Mortgage Corporation
VIP Mortgage Inc.
VIP Mortgage Solutions, LLC
Virgin Money USA, Inc.
Virginia Credit Union Inc.
Virginia Heritage Bank
VirtualBank Seniors Lending Group
Visalia Community Bank
Vision Bank
Vision Mortgage Company, Ltd. dba Vision Mortgage Company
Vision Mortgage LLC
Vision Mortgage Professionals Inc.
Vision Mortgage Resources, Inc.
Vision One Mortgage, Inc.
Vision, Inc.
Vista Mortgage Corp.
Vista Mortgage Corporation
Vista Mortgage Services, Inc.
Vitek Mortgage Group
Volunteer Mortgage Lenders Inc
Volunteer Trust Mortgage Corporation
Voorhees Ventures, Inc.
W J Capital Corporation
W. R. Clouse & Associates Mortgage Company
W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital Corp.
W.M. Howard Inc.
W.R. Starkey Mortgage LLC
W/E Mortgage Services Inc.
Wachovia Bank National Association
Wachovia Bank, NA as Trustee
Wachovia Correspondent Warehouse Lending
Wachovia Mortgage Corporation
Wachovia Mortgage Corporation – Winston-Salem
Wachovia Mortgage, FSB
Wachovia Mortgage, FSB (CP)
Wachovia Securities
Wachusett Mortgage Corporation
Wahlstrom Financial Group
Walker Jackson Mortgage Corp.
Wall Street Financial Corporation
Wall Street Mortgage Bankers, Ltd.
Wallick and Volk
Walter Mortgage Company
Walton Mortgage
Wantland Realty Corporation DBA WRC Mortgage
Ward Lending Group, LLC
Warehouse Lender #1005308
Warehouse USA Capital, Inc.
Warren Bank Mortgage Company, LLC
Wasatch Capital Mortgage, Inc
Washington Financial Group, Inc.
Washington Mutual Bank (Interim Funder)
Washington Mutual Bank (vendor)
Washington Mutual Bank, F.A.
Washington Mutual Mortgage Securites Corp.
WashingtonFirst Bank
Washtenaw Mortgage Company
Waterfall Victoria Master Fund 2008 – 1 Grantor Trust Servic
Waterfall Victoria Master Fund Ltd
Waterfall Victoria REO, LLC
Watermark Credit Union
Watermark Financial Partners, Inc.
WaterStone Bank SSB
Waterstone Mortgage Corp.
Watson Group Financial Corporation
Watson Mortgage Corp.
Waukesha State Bank
Waukesha State Bank (WI)
Wausau Mortgage Corporation dba Broadstreet Mortgage
WCRSI 2007-3 LLC
WCS Funding Group Inc.
WCS Lending LLC
Weatherford National Bank
Webster Bank, Inc.
Weger Mortgage Corporation
WEI Mortgage Corp
Weichert Financial Services
Welcome Home Finance, LP
Welcome Home Loans, Inc.
Welcome Home Mortgage Inc
Wells Bank of Platte City
Wells Fargo – Acquisition
Wells Fargo as Trustee
Wells Fargo Bank, NA dba Wells Fargo Home Equity
Wells Fargo Foothill, LLC dba Lender Finance Division
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage a Division of Wells Fargo Bank NA
Wells Fargo Mortgage Document Custody
Wendover as SubServicer for Chase
Wendover Financial Services
WesBanco Bank, Inc.
West Alabama Bank & Trust
West Coast 2007-1 LLC
West Coast 2008-1, LLC
West Coast 2008-3, LLC
West Coast 2008-4, LLC
West Coast Bank
West Coast Realty Services, Inc.
West Coast Servicing, Inc.
West Community Credit Union
West Gate Bank
West Michigan Bank & Trust
West Penn Financial Service Center, Inc.
West Suburban Bank
West Town Savings Bank
WestAmerica Mortgage Company
Westbridge Bank and Trust dba Westbridge Mortgage
Westbury Bank
Western Estates, Inc.
Western Fidelity Mortgage Company
Western Financial LLC dba American Guaranty Mortgge
Western Horizon Mortgage
Western Mortgage Brokers Inc dba Western Mtg Bankers Inc.
Western Mortgage Corporation
Western Ohio Mortgage Corporation
Western Reliance Funding Group
Western Reserve Bank
Western Residential Mortgage Inc
Western Security Bank
Western State Bank
Western States Mortgage Corporation
Western Thrift & Loan
Western Vista FCU
Western World Financial
Westfield Bank FSB
Westlend Financing Inc dba American Capital Funding Inc
Westminster Mortgage Co. a Division of Shapell Industries
Westsound Bank dba Westsound Mortgage
Weststar Mortgage Corporation
WestStar Mortgage, Inc.
WFS Mortgage Services Inc.
Whidbey Island Bank
Whitney National Bank
Whitney National Bank (fka Access Mortgage)
Whitney National Bank (fka Parish National Bank)
Wholesale America Mortgage, Inc.
Wholesale Capital Corporation
Wiedman Mortgage, Inc.
Wieland Financial Services, Inc.
Wilber National Bank
William M. Perlmotter dba Executive Mortgage Lenders
William Raveis Mortgage, LLC
Willow Bend Mortgage
Willow Financial Bank
Wilmington Finance, Inc.
Wilmington Mortgage Services Inc
Wilshire Credit Corp.
Wilson & Muir Bank and Trust Company
Wilson Mortgage Services, Inc.
Wilson Resources, Inc.
Windermere Mortgage Services Series LLC a DE Series LLC
Windom Capital Inc. dba Windom Mortgage
Windsor Capital Mortgage
WinStar Mortgage Partners Inc. sub of Partner Loan Services
Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation
WM Specialty Mortgage LLC
WMC Mortgage Corp. Minnesota
WMC Mortgage Corporation
WMD Realty, Inc.
Wolfe Financial, Inc. dba Integrity Mortgage Group
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
Wood & Huston Bank dba Wood & Huston Bancorporation Inc
Woodfield Planning Corporation
Woodforest National Bank dba Woodforest Mortgage Company
Woodland Mortgage Partners, Inc
Woodlands Bank
World Alliance Financial Corp
World Capital Mortgage, LP
World Group Mortgage, LLC
World Mortgage Corporation of Miami
World Mortgage Group, Inc.
World Wide Credit Corporation

World Wide Financial Services, Inc.
World Wide Mortgage Group, Inc.
Worldwide Financial Resources, Inc.
Worthington Federal Bank
Worthington Mortgage Group, Inc.
Wow Financial Inc
Wow Financial LLC dba Advanced Mortgage Concepts
Wright Financial Inc
Wright-Patt Credit Union, Inc.
Wyman Funding Group Inc.
Wyndham Capital Mortgage, Inc.
Wyoming Bank & Trust
Wyoming State Bank
Xenia Financial LLC
Xetus Corp.
Xtra Mile Financial Services, LLC
Yale Financial Group, Inc.
York Financial Inc.
Your Best Rate Financial, LLC
Your Community Bank
Your Mortgage Company, LLC
Your Mortgage Source LLC
Your Mortgage Source, Inc.
Yvonne K Yung Kwan Chau DBA YKC Mortgage
Z.T.F. LLC dba At Home Mortgage Group
Zeus Mortgage Ltd
Zino Financial, Inc.
Zions First National Bank
Z-Mortgage Company, L.L.C.



RULE 1                                                                  MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                      Page 2

RULE 2                              REGISTRATION ON THE MERS® SYSTEM                                                                                           Page 8

RULE 3                              OBLIGATIONS OF MERS                                                                                   Page 15

RULE 4                              RULE CHANGES                                                                                                   Page 18

RULE 5                              FEES                                                                                                                                                                                        Page 19

RULE 6                              PROCEDURES                                                                                                                                                                Page 22

RULE 7                              DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS                                                                                   Page 23

RULE 8                              FORECLOSURE                                                                                                     Page 25

RULE 9                              USE AND OWNERSHIP OF INFORMATION                                                                                       Page 28

RULE 10 INTERIM SECURITY INTERESTS                                                                                    Page 31

RULE 11 SERVICES                                                                                                                              Page 32

RULE 12 WARRANTIES                                                                                                                     Page 33

RULE 13 INDEMNIFICATION                                                                                                          Page 37


LAWSUITS                                                                                                             Page 39




Section 1.                                                                    MERSCORP, Inc. (“MERS”) shall make the services of its mortgage

electronic registration system (the “MERS® System”) available to any Member of MERS. A Member is defined as an organization or natural person who has signed a Membership Agreement and is not more than 60 days past due as to the payment of any fees due and owing to MERS.

Section 2.                                                                  Actions with respect to approval or disapproval of applications for

membership shall be taken on behalf of MERS by such persons as may from time to time be designated by the Board of Directors of MERS. Subject to Section 3 of this Rule, no applicant shall be approved unless it meets each of the standards of financial condition, operational capability and character defined below:

(a) If the applicant anticipates registering transactions on the MERS® System, the applicant has demonstrated to the satisfaction of MERS that it has adequate personnel capable of registering transactions on the MERS® System with necessary promptness and accuracy, that such personnel shall complete the computer-based training program designated by MERS, and that the applicant has internal security procedures in place to conform to any condition and requirement which MERS reasonably deems necessary for its protection and the protection of other Members:


(b) MERS has received no information which, in the sole discretion of MERS, would adversely reflect on the applicant, or any person associated with the applicant as defined in Section 3 below, to such extent that access of the applicant to the MERS® System should be denied, and any such applicant may be deemed not to meet the qualifications set forth in this paragraph only if:

(i)      MERS shall have reasonable grounds to believe that the applicant, or any person associated with the applicant, has been or is responsible for (A) fraud, fraudulent acts or breach of fiduciary duty, (B) making a misstatement of a material fact or omitting to state a material fact to MERS in connection with its application to become a Member, or thereafter while a Member, or (C) the violation of such statutes, rules and regulations applicable to the applicant.

(ii)    the applicant, or any person associated with the applicant, has been convicted prior to the filing of its application to become a Member, or at any time thereafter while a Member, of any crime, felony or misdemeanor which involves the purchase, sale or pledge of a mortgage loan or any interest therein or arose out of conduct of the business of funding, acquiring, lending on the security of, or servicing mortgage loans (or any business ancillary or related to any of the foregoing), or involves robbery, larceny, embezzlement, fraudulent conversion, forgery or misappropriation of funds or other property, or other dishonest acts; or


(iii) the applicant has been, or while a Member is, prohibited from transacting business with one or more of the following: (A) Fannie Mae, (B) Freddie Mac, (C) Ginnie Mae, (D) the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or (E) the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; provided, however, that such prohibition shall not be the sole basis for denial of membership.

(c) Eligible organizations and natural persons seeking to become Members shall make application on such form as MERS shall from time to time prescribe. In connection with its application, an applicant shall submit its audited financial statements for its two most recent fiscal years. MERS shall review the application to verify that the applicant satisfies all of the standards for membership, and in connection therewith the applicant shall make available to MERS such books and records and shall provide such other information as MERS shall reasonably request for such purpose. Failure of an applicant to cooperate in providing requested books, records, and information shall be grounds for denial of the application for membership.

Section 3.                                                            MERS may approve the application of any applicant, either

unconditionally or on an appropriate temporary or other conditional basis, if MERS in its sole discretion determines that any standard specified in this Rule, as applied to such applicant, or any person associated with such applicant, is unduly or disproportionately severe or that the conduct of such applicant or person associated with such applicant has been such as not to make it against the interest of MERS, the existing Members, and the public to approve such application. MERS shall notify each applicant of the action taken with respect to its application and the reasons therefore. For purposes of this Rule, the term “person associated with” when applied to any person or entity shall mean (i) any partner, senior officer, director or controlling person of such


person or entity or (ii) any officer or employee of such person or entity who has, or shall have, access to the MERS® System.

Section 4.                                          Notwithstanding the foregoing, MERS may decline to accept the

application of any applicant upon a determination by MERS that the MERS® System does not have adequate space, data processing capacity or other operational capability at that time to permit the inclusion of additional Members without impairing the ability of the MERS® System to provide services for existing Members; provided, however, that applicants whose applications are denied solely pursuant to this section shall be approved as promptly as the capabilities of the MERS® System permit, in the reasonable judgment of MERS, in the order in which their applications were filed with MERS or in such other order as may be determined by MERS from time to time in its reasonable judgment.

Section 5.                                              An applicant whose application to become a Member has been approved

by MERS shall be considered a Member after signing and delivering to MERS a Member Agreement as approved by the Board of Directors of MERS and paying the initial MERS membership fee.

Section 6.                                                               Each Member shall immediately notify MERS if at any time it fails to

meet any of the membership criteria specified in this Rule.

Section 7. Any Member may withdraw its membership from MERS by giving 90 days written notice to the President or Secretary of the Corporation. Such withdrawal shall be effective

on the ninetieth day after receipt at which time all rights and obligations of the withdrawing Member shall cease, except any obligation of such Member to pay fees or assessments assessed prior to withdrawal to the extent such obligation has not been fulfilled and except for any conditions the Board of Directors may establish for the de-registration of mortgages from MERS, including fees to defray the costs of such deregistration.

(a)          Any Member that sells, transfers, or otherwise disposes of all or substantially all of its assets to any entity that is not a member of MERS, shall be treated as having withdrawn from membership in MERS as of the effective time of such disposition of assets or combination with such entity unless the acquiring entity signs a Membership Agreement with MERS and as such shall be bound by the Rules of Membership and Procedures of MERS.

(b)         If any Member that merges or otherwise combines with any other entity and such other entity is the surviving entity and is a non-Member of MERS, then the Member Agreement entered into by the Member shall remain in full force and effect as to the non-Member entity unless the surviving non-Member withdraws from membership or is removed in accordance with the Rules of Membership or Procedures.

(c)Members have an affirmative obligation to notify MERS in writing in the event of (i) any merger or combination with, or acquisition of, another member or (ii) merger, combination or acquisition by another entity.

Members acknowledge and agree that the Member’s Organization Identification Number (Org ID) and each Mortgage Identification Number (MIN) associated with that Org ID are the property of MERS and the use of such Org ID and MINs are subject to the terms and conditions of these Rules and the other Governing Documents for membership.

(d)   If a Member sells the contractual rights to service a loan registered on the MERS® System to another Member, then the selling Member shall reflect such transfer on the MERS® System in accordance with MERS rules and procedures and a Seasoned Servicing Transfer Fee in the amount specified in the MERS Fee Schedule in effect at the time the transfer is effective shall be due to MERS for each loan transferred, provided that the transfer date is more than 270 days from the Note Date for that loan. If (i) a Member initiates a servicing transfer transaction on the MERS® System between two Org IDs issued to that Member or (ii) a Member initiates a servicing transfer transaction on the MERS® System to another Member who is affiliated with that Member, then such transfer transaction shall be subject to a Intracompany Transfer Fee for each loan transferred in the amount specified in the MERS Fee Schedule in effect at the time the transfer is effective, provided that the transfer date is more than 270 days from the Note Date for that loan and further provided that the affiliate relationship between the two Org Ids is shown on the MERS® System (i.e., referred to as a Parent/Child relationship in the MERS Procedures).

Section 8.                                                   A Member may change its Membership Profile on the MERS® System at

any time. Each Member shall designate one individual within its organization as its contact person for all of such Member’s dealings with MERS. It is the Member’s responsibility to update the MERS® System if the contact person changes.




Section 1.                                                    MERS, in its sole discretion, shall determine the type and level of access

to the MERS® System permitted to each Member and the types of transactions that such Member may register on the MERS® System. No Member may register or attempt to register any transaction not authorized under the Rules of Membership or the Procedures.

Section 2.                                           Subject to Section 1 above, each Member may register any mortgage loan

on the MERS® System in accordance with the Procedures.

Section 3.                                                      Each Member shall promptly, or as soon as practicable, register on the

MERS® System, in accordance with the Rules of Membership and the Procedures, any and all of the following transactions to which such Member is a party which involve a mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System until such time as the mortgage loan is deactivated from the MERS® System:

(a)    the pledge of any mortgage loan or security interest therein and the corresponding release of such security interests;

(b)   the pledge of any servicing rights or security interest therein and the corresponding release of such servicing rights or security interests;


(c)    the transfer of beneficial ownership of a mortgage loan by a Member to a Member;

(d)   the transfer of beneficial ownership of a mortgage loan by a non-Member to a Member;

(e)    the transfer of beneficial ownership of a mortgage loan by a Member to a non-Member;

(f)     the transfer of servicing rights with respect to a mortgage loan by a Member to a Member;

(g)    the registration of servicing rights with respect to a mortgage loan from a non-Member to a Member;

(h)   the transfer of servicing rights with respect to a mortgage loan from a Member to a non-Member (requiring deactivation);

(i)      the initiation of foreclosure of any mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System;

(j)     the release of a lien with respect to a mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System;


(k) the creation of a sub-servicing relationship with respect to a mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System; and

(l)   any renewal, extension or modification of a mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System that involves the recording of a new security instrument and does not merely change the rate, principal balance or term.

    Section 4.                  (a)                                                                          The transfer to a non-Member of servicing rights with respect to a

mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System shall require the deactivation of such mortgage loan from the MERS® System in accordance with these Rules and the Procedures. Upon the withdrawal or removal of a Member, all mortgage loans for which such Member acts as servicer shall be deactivated from the MERS® System, provided, however, that the mortgage loans shall remain registered with MERS if the substitute servicer is a Member and all MERS fees relating to the servicing transfer to the substitute servicer are paid. The transfer to a non-Member of a beneficial interest in a mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System shall not require the de-registration of such mortgage loan from the MERS® System unless: (i) the servicer is a non-Member of MERS or (ii) such non-Member beneficial owner shall require deactivation.

   (b)                                                             As long as there are no contrary instructions, when the beneficial

ownership of a mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System is vested in a non-Member,
MERS and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. shall at all times comply with the
instructions of the Member shown on the MERS® System as the servicer of such mortgage loan


with respect to transactions relating to such mortgage loan. Such Member shall indemnify and hold harmless MERS, and any employee, director, officer or affiliate of MERS, for any and all liability incurred as a result of compliance by MERS with instructions given by such Member on behalf of the non-Member beneficial owner.

Section 5.                          (a)                                                                          Each Member, at its own expense, shall cause Mortgage Electronic

Registration Systems, Inc., to appear in the appropriate public records as the mortgagee of record with respect to each mortgage loan that the Member registers on the MERS® System. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MERS created for the purpose of serving as the mortgagee of record in the appropriate public records. The Member shall monitor the public records to verify that it has complied with the preceding sentence and shall maintain an adequate quality assurance program to ensure that its verification procedures are effective. The Member hereby warrants to MERS that either (i) an appropriate mortgage, or deed of trust, or other such instrument as may be required under applicable state law, naming Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as mortgagee, or (ii) an appropriate assignment of mortgage, or assignment of deed of trust, or other such instrument as may be required under applicable state law, naming Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as mortgagee, has been or as soon as practicable shall be, properly prepared and delivered to the appropriate recording office and the Member shall promptly register on the MERS® System the date on which such instrument was delivered. As soon as practicable, the Member shall register on the MERS® System the specific recordation information provided by the custodian of public records which evidences that Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. is mortgagee of record with respect to such mortgage loan. Upon the Member’s becoming aware of any discrepancy between


the information shown on the MERS® System and the information in the public records, the Member shall promptly correct the information on the MERS® System.

(b)      At or prior to the time a Member registers a mortgage loan on the MERS® System, such Member shall provide evidence reasonably satisfactory to MERS demonstrating that Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. is, or as soon as practicable shall be, properly recorded as mortgagee of record in the appropriate public records with respect to such mortgage loan.

(c)       Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. shall not act as mortgagee of record for the purpose of procuring borrowers for the Member or making mortgage loans on behalf of the Member.

(d)      Reference herein to “mortgage(s)” shall include deed(s) of trust, and any other form of security instrument under applicable state law. References herein to “mortgagee of record” shall include the named beneficiary under a deed of trust in those jurisdictions where deeds of trust are used to secure loans, and any similar status as used in connection with any other form of security instrument under applicable state law.

Section 6.                                                                MERS shall at all times comply with the instructions of the holder of

mortgage loan promissory notes. In the absence of contrary instructions from the beneficial
owner, MERS and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. may rely on instructions from
the servicer shown on the MERS® System in accordance with these Rules and the Procedures


with respect to transfers of beneficial ownership, transfers of servicing rights, and releases of security interests applicable to such mortgage loan. The beneficial owner shall give any such contrary instructions to MERS and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. in writing and they may rely on such instructions until receipt of further written instructions from the beneficial owner.

Section 7.                                               Each Member shall review for accuracy and completeness all information

shown on the MERS® System with respect to mortgage loans and related transactions registered by such Member, and promptly update any incorrect information.

Section 8.                                                                 Within ten (10) business days of receiving notice from the Member

servicing the loan that the mortgage loan has been paid in full, MERS shall give notice to all Members shown on the MERS® System as having interests in such mortgage loan. The Member servicing the mortgage loan shall be responsible, at its own expense, to:

(a)        take, or cause to be taken, appropriate action, including delivery to the appropriate recording office of an instrument of satisfaction or release (which may be signed by a certifying officer of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.), to extinguish the lien of such mortgage in the proper manner within the applicable state imposed time frames, and register on the MERS® System the date of such action, or

(b)        notify MERS that, in fact, the mortgage loan has not been paid in full. If MERS is notified that a lien release has not been executed in compliance with applicable state


imposed time frames, and the Member fails to take such action or give MERS notice that the mortgage loan has not been paid in full, then MERS reserves the right to release such mortgage. Such Member, upon demand, shall reimburse Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. for its out-of-pocket costs in connection with release of the mortgage, including any penalties for failure to release the mortgage or take other action in a timely manner, and shall pay an administrative fee determined by Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., and

(c) indemnify MERS and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. with respect to any liability which may arise as a result of the failure of such Member to take such action or give MERS such notice in a timely and accurate manner. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such indemnification shall extend to circumstances in which a mortgage is released by Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., but the mortgage loan has not been paid in full, or in which such Member wrongfully refuses to authorize Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. to release the mortgage.




Section 1.                                                               MERS shall within two (2) business days forward to the appropriate

Member or Members, in the form prescribed by and otherwise in accordance with the Procedures, all properly identified notices, payments, and other correspondence received by MERS with respect to mortgage loans registered on the MERS® System for which Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. serves as mortgagee of record.

Section 2.                                                             MERS shall provide to Members certain standard reports concerning

information contained on the MERS® System, as specified in the Procedures, and such other reports as MERS may determine from time to time.

Section 3.                         (a)                                                                            Upon request from the Member, Mortgage Electronic Registration

Systems, Inc. shall promptly furnish to the Member, in accordance with the Procedures, a corporate resolution designating one or more officers of such Member, selected by such Member, as “certifying officers” of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. to permit such Member (i) to release the lien of any mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System to such Member, (ii) assign the lien of any mortgage naming MERS as the mortgagee when the Member is also the current promissory note-holder, or if the mortgage is registered on the MERS® System, is shown to be registered to the Member, (iii) to foreclose upon the property securing any mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System to such Member, (iv) to take any and all actions necessary to protect the interest of the Member or the beneficial owner of a mortgage loan in any bankruptcy


proceeding regarding a loan registered on the MERS® System that is shown to be registered to the Member, (v) to take such actions as may be necessary to fulfill such Member’s servicing obligations to the beneficial owner of such mortgage loans (including mortgage loans that are removed from the MERS® System as a result of the transfer thereof to a non-Member), (vi) to take action and execute all documents necessary to refinance, amend or modify any mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System to such Member, (vii) endorse checks made payable to MERS to the Member that are received by the Member in payment on any mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System that is shown to be registered to the Member. In instances where Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. designates an officer of a Member as a certifying officer of MERS for the limited purposes described above, such Member shall indemnify MERS and any of its employees, directors, officers, agents or affiliates against all loss, liability and expenses which they may sustain as a result of any and all actions taken by such certifying officer.

(b)              Upon request by Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. , the Member shall deliver to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. a corporate resolution naming the Corporate Secretary of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as a “certifying officer” of the Member solely for the purpose of installing Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as mortgagee of record on mortgage loans which have been registered on the MERS® System by the Member.

(c)                                   At the request of the beneficial owner of a mortgage loan, or any designee thereof as shown on the MERS® System, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. shall provide to such beneficial owner or designee a recordable assignment for such mortgage loan to


another party designated by the beneficial owner or designee; provided, however, that such beneficial owner or designee shall warrant to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. that such assignment shall be promptly recorded. Requests for recordable assignments may be made only for purposes of deactivating a mortgage loan from the MERS® System. The deactivation of a mortgage loan for any reason shall be subject to the payment of all applicable fees and expenses, including, without limitation, the costs of preparing and recording the assignment. All such applicable fees and expenses shall be included in a fee schedule.

Section 4.                                       Unless otherwise specifically stated herein, any action required or

permitted to be taken by MERS or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. pursuant to these Rules shall be taken on behalf of MERS by such persons as may from time to time be designated by the respective Boards of Directors of MERS and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.




     Section 1.                                          (a) MERS shall notify in writing all Members of any proposed changes to

the Rules of Membership, and shall provide a copy of such proposed changes to all Members no fewer than ninety (90) days prior to the proposed implementation date of such changes.

(b)      Members may submit to MERS for its consideration their comments with respect to any such proposal, and such comments shall be reviewed by MERS and filed with the records kept by MERS. Notwithstanding the receipt of any such comments, the Board of Directors of MERS, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to amend, add to or repeal any Rule or part thereof after the expiration of such ninety (90) day comment period, so long as such amendment is not contrary to the Certificate of Incorporation of MERS.

(c)       Each Member shall be bound by any amendment to the Rules with respect to any transaction occurring subsequent to the time such amendment takes effect as fully as though such amendment were now a part of the Rules; provided, however, that no such amendment shall affect the Member’s right to withdraw from MERS in accordance with the procedures set forth in these Rules before such amendment or change becomes effective.

(d)                                 MERS shall provide a ninety (90) day written notice for any changes to the MERS Membership Terms and Conditions.




Section 1.                          (a)                                                                                                 Each Member shall pay such fees, charges and assessments to

MERS for membership, registrations, transfers, and other transactions on the MERS® System and other services rendered by MERS as shall be determined from time to time by MERS in its sole discretion, and specified in a fees schedule promulgated by MERS which may change from time to time.

(b)                  MERS shall provide all Members with at least thirty (30) days advance written
notice of changes to the fees schedule with the effective date of the new fees.

(c)                   Transaction fees for the transfer of servicing between MERS Members (including
Intra-company Transfers) shall be payable by the transferor. If the transferor fails to pay such transaction fees due to bankruptcy, or because the transferor is no longer in business or cannot otherwise be located or contacted, MERS will invoice the transferee and the immediate payment of those transaction fees shall be the responsibility of the transferee. Any monies received by MERS from the bankruptcy estate of the transferor shall be applied as a credit to the transferee’s MERS account. MERS has invoked this provision because the transferee has received the benefit of the service provided by MERS and is in the best position to protect itself by holding back a portion of the purchase price when purchasing the corresponding loans. The transferee will also be responsible for the cost if the servicing transfer transactions have not been initiated on the MERS® System, and the transferor cannot initiate the transactions themselves due to the circumstances listed in the preceding sentence and the transferee requests such transaction to be initiated by MERS. If the transferee fails to pay any transaction fees by the invoice due date,


MERS may suspend the transferee’s access to the MERS® System pending the payment in full by the transferee of such transaction fees.

(d)                                  If a Member registers a mortgage loan on the MERS® System pursuant to the

Rules of Membership and Procedures, and that Member subsequently transfers the servicing rights to that mortgage loan to another Member without first paying the registration fee to MERS pursuant to Rule 5, Section 1(a), and the transferor fails to pay such transaction fees due to bankruptcy, or because the transferor is no longer in business or cannot otherwise be located or contacted, MERS will invoice the transferee and the immediate payment of those transaction fees shall be the responsibility of the transferee. Any monies received by MERS from the bankruptcy estate of the transferor shall be applied as a credit to the transferee’s MERS account. MERS has invoked this provision because the transferee has received the benefit of the service provided by MERS and is in the best position to protect itself by holding back a portion of the purchase price when purchasing the corresponding loans. If the transferor has not registered the mortgage loan on the MERS® System and is unable to register the mortgage loan due to bankruptcy, or because the transferor is no longer in business or cannot otherwise be located or contacted, then the transferee must register the mortgage loan and pay the corresponding registration fee pursuant to Rule 5, Section 1(a). If the transferee fails to pay any transaction fees by the invoice due date, MERS may suspend the transferee’s access to the MERS® System pending the payment in full of such transaction fees.

Section 2.                                                                 MERS shall have the authority to charge a Member for any unusual

expenses caused directly or indirectly by such Member, or incurred at its request, including,
without limitation, the cost of producing records pursuant to a court order or other legal process


in any litigation or other legal proceeding to which such Member is a party or in which such records relating to such Member are so required to be produced, whether such production is required at the instance of such Member or of any other person, provided however, that MERS shall give the Member written notice of such Court Order or legal process in advance of producing the records to enable the Member to pursue its legal rights to refuse the request.

Section 3.                                        Each Member shall pay interest on any delinquent fee payments at the rate

set from time to time by MERS. Said interest rate shall be specified in the fees schedule.

Section 4.                                                Whenever a Member receives notice of a foreclosure proceeding, service

of process on a lawsuit naming MERS as a defendant, or a code violation notice, that is forwarded to the Member by MERS on a property where MERS holds a lien or held a lien for that Member, the Member has an affirmative duty to MERS to review the document and respond accordingly. This includes retaining counsel to defend MERS against any possibility of a monetary judgment against MERS. If the lawsuit or document involves a foreclosure action with MERS holding a lien on behalf of the Member, and the Member determines not to contest the foreclosure or answer the lawsuit, the Member should inform the foreclosing party to send subsequent documents in the lawsuit or foreclosure to MERS c/o of the Member’s address.

If MERS determines that MERS receipt of mail involving a foreclosure proceeding, lawsuit or code violation resulted from a violation of any of the MERS Rules or Procedures, then MERS shall be entitled to charge the Member a fee of $12.00 for each filing or document in the proceeding or for each piece of mail received related to the code violation that MERS forwards to the Member beyond the initial service of process or notification that MERS received on behalf of that Member.




Section 1. (a) MERS shall prescribe from time to time reasonable Procedures with respect to the business and operation of MERS and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. and the execution of transactions on the MERS® System. Each Member shall be bound by such Procedures and any amendment thereto in the same manner as it is bound by the provisions of the By-Laws and these Rules.

(b) MERS shall give Members sixty (60) days notice prior to implementation of any amendment to the Procedures.




Section 1.                                              MERS, in its sole reasonable discretion may sanction a Member for one or

more violations of these Rules or the Procedures or for errors, delays or other conduct detrimental to the operation of MERS or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., the MERS® System or other Members, including, without limitation, a Member’s failure to provide adequate training and supervision to its employees to enable proper use of the MERS® System, by imposing any of the following:

(a)          removal as a Member, but only if the notice requirements of Rule 7, Section 2 below have been met by MERS;

(b)         suspension, for a period and upon terms determined by MERS;

(c)           fines, in an amount determined by MERS;

(d)         censure; or

(e)          any other fitting requirements that may be determined by MERS.

Section 2.                                                   MERS shall give written notice to the applicable Member of the terms of

any such violation and possible sanction, which shall include a brief description of the basis for the imposition of the sanction. The Member shall then have fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of the notice to provide a written response and have an opportunity to be heard. At the expiration of the fifteen (15) days, if MERS determines that a breach has occurred and that sanctions may be imposed, the Member shall be given thirty (30) days to cure the breach. If the breach is not cured within the thirty (30) days, MERS may impose such sanctions on the


Member. If the Member does not cure the breach during the thirty (30) day curing period, then upon the expiration of the curing period, MERS shall notify any other member of MERS for whom the breaching Member acts as an authorized servicer or sub-servicer of mortgage loans registered on the MERS® System.

Section 3. If the nature of the breach is the same or similar to a breach by the Member that has occurred within the last year, there may not be a curing period.



Section 1.                         (a)                                                                              With respect to each mortgage loan for which Mortgage Electronic

Registration Systems, Inc. is the mortgagee of record, the beneficial owner of such mortgage loan or its servicer shall determine whether foreclosure proceedings with respect to such mortgage loan shall be conducted in the name of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., the name of the servicer, or the name of a different party to be designated by the beneficial owner.

(b)                  The Member servicing a mortgage loan registered on the MERS®
System shall be responsible for processing foreclosures in accordance with the applicable agreements between such Member and the beneficial owner of such mortgage loan.

(c)                     In the State of Florida, the authority to conduct foreclosures in the
name of MERS granted to a Member’s Certifying Officers under Paragraph Three of the Member’s MERS Corporate Resolution is revoked. Effective June 1, 2006, the Member shall be sanctioned $10,000.00 per violation for commencing a foreclosure in Florida in the name of MERS.

(d)                  In the event that the beneficial owner or its designated servicer determines that foreclosure proceedings shall be conducted in the name of a party other than Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., the servicer designated on the MERS® System shall cause to be made an assignment of the mortgage from Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. to the person designated by the beneficial owner, and such beneficial owner shall pay all recording costs in connection therewith.

Section 2:          (a)                   If a Member chooses to conduct foreclosures in the

name of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., the note must be endorsed in blank and in possession of one of the Member’s MERS certifying officers. If the investor so allows, then MERS can be designated as the note-holder.


(i)                    The Member shall not plead MERS as the note-owner in any foreclosure document; including but not limited to, the foreclosure complaint.

(ii)                   The Member shall not plead MERS as a co-plaintiff in a foreclosure action.

(iii)       If the note is lost or cannot be located, the Member shall not commence a foreclosure action in the name of MERS, but rather must assign the mortgage out of MERS.

(b)      In non-judicial foreclosure states, if the Member chooses to foreclose in MERS name under the power of sale provision in the security instrument and is not seeking a deficiency judgment, then the note does not need to be in the possession of the Member’s MERS Certifying Officer when commencing the foreclosure action; provided, however, that under no circumstances may the Member allege that the note is in their possession unless it so possesses.

(c)       If the Member pleads MERS as the note-owner or as a co-plaintiff or commences a foreclosure in the name of MERS when the note is lost or cannot be located, it shall be considered a violation of the MERS Membership Rules and MERS may dismiss such foreclosure action. Effective June 1, 2006, the Member shall be sanctioned $1,000.00 for the first violation and $5,000.00 for each subsequent violation of this Rule.

(d)      For all foreclosures conducted in the name of MERS, the member shall take all reasonable and necessary steps to avoid having Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. take title to the applicable property that is the subject of a mortgage loan. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. shall not be obligated to take title to any property that is the subject of a mortgage loan; provided, however, that if the Member so requests, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. may take title at the conclusion of the foreclosure sale upon prior written consent to the Member from Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. If title is taken in the name of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., the Member


shall take all necessary and reasonable steps to remove Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. from title as soon as possible.

(e) If title is put into Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.’s name and there is a violation of state, county or city codes or any other applicable regulation; including, but not limited to, non-payment of tax bills, the Member shall be responsible to promptly take all necessary action to prevent fines or judgments from being entered against MERS. If the Member fails to do so, MERS may take such action and will sanction the member for all costs and expenses; including, but not limited to, attorney fees.



Section 1 (a) Each Member shall at all times keep confidential and shall not sell or otherwise disclose any information contained on the MERS® System that is (i) not owned by such Member, (ii) was not originally provided by Member to MERS, or (iii) not available in public records or otherwise known to the Member. MERS and the Member shall use a reasonable degree of care consistent with the Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information (16 C.F.R. parts 314) (the “Safeguards Rule”) to preserve the confidentiality of any such information, and to take all reasonable action by instruction, agreement or otherwise with its directors, officers, employees, affiliates and agents to satisfy its obligation with respect to confidentiality, non-disclosure and limitation of use of any such information. The obligations of MERS and the Member under this Rule 9 shall survive termination of this agreement

(b) MERS shall have no ownership rights whatsoever in or to any information contained on the MERS® System. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MERS is authorized to (i) use the information contained on the MERS® System to compile transaction volume reports to track current or previous usage levels, project future usage and provide the mortgage industry with usage data which may be used to gauge the success of the MERS® System, but excluding any references to a particular borrower name or address other than in reports given to the MERS Board of Directors, (ii) use the information contained on the MERS® System as part of its quality control process to monitor compliance with operational standards and time frames, (iii) furnish any information contained on the MERS® System to any governmental authority pursuant to a subpoena or court order, provided, however, that MERS


shall undertake, to the extent it reasonably can under the circumstances, to notify all Members shown on the MERS® System as having an interest in a mortgage loan which is the subject of such subpoena or court order to allow such Members time to attempt to quash such subpoena or court order, or (iv) provide information and reports (as approved by the Board) regarding mortgage activity and mortgage loans registered on the MERS® System that otherwise could have been obtained through the public land records if not for the implementation of MERS.

(c) Any reports given to third parties shall not identify individual Members or borrower names and addresses as to transaction information without the Member’s prior consent.

Section 2. (a) MERS acknowledges and agrees that: (a) the Member will be entering customer information into the MERS® System to which MERS has access as a part of the services provided to the Member, and (b) such customer information is subject to Section 1 of Rule 9 of the MERS Rules of Membership – “Use and Ownership of Information”.

(b) MERS has implemented and will maintain an information security program consisting of reasonable administrative, physical, and technical safeguards designed to meet the Objectives set forth in 16 C.F.R. 314.3(b) of the Safeguards Rule.

MERS’s controls and procedures designed to safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information stored on the MERS® System are generally described in the MERS Integration Handbook (Volumes I and II). MERS believes the controls and procedures so


described meet the Objectives specified in the Safeguards Rule. MERS agrees to maintain controls and procedures designed to safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information stored on the MERS® System that are no less stringent than those described in the current version of the MERS Integration Handbook. MERS further agrees that any changes or modifications to such controls and procedures will also be designed to meet the Objectives specified in the Safeguards Rule. Each Member shall inform MERS in writing whenever the Member believes that the controls and procedures designed to safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information stored on the MERS® System fail to meet the Objectives specified in the Safeguards Rule. MERS agrees the Member (or a mutually agreeable third party representative) will be given access to monitor that MERS has satisfied the provisions of this paragraph, including access to any audits, summaries of test results or other equivalent evaluations of the controls and procedures designed to safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information stored on the MERS® System. MERS will promptly report to the Member any actual or suspected breach of the confidentiality or security of any information contained on the MERS® System.

(c) As part of the controls and procedures described in paragraph (b) of this section, MERS maintains, and will continue to maintain, a Disaster Recovery Plan, a summary of which will be supplied to the Member upon request. MERS agrees that the Disaster Recovery Plan will be reviewed at least annually and will include annual testing to ensure that the MERS® System can be restored within 48 hours after the declaration of a disaster under the plan.




Section 1.                                                     The pledge of a security interest in any mortgage loan registered on the

MERS® System to an interim funding lender, such as a warehouse lender, shall be shown as released on the MERS® System when the security interest has been released in accordance with the methods and procedures established among the interim funding lender, the lender granting the security interest and the subsequent purchaser of such mortgage loan, if any, as specified below.

Section 2.                                            An interim funding lender’s security interest shall be shown as released on

the MERS® System: (i) for investors selecting Option 1 of the Procedures, when the beneficial owner registers its interest on the MERS® System; or (ii) for investors selecting Option 2 of the Procedures, when the beneficial owner registers its ownership of the loan and the interim funding lender registers the release of its security interest on the MERS® System.

Section 3.                                                        In the event that Member provides to MERS specific wiring instruction

information relating to mortgage loans registered on the MERS® System, MERS and Member agree that: (i) such information is for informational purposes only, (ii) Member makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy and completeness of such information, and (iii) Member shall not be liable to MERS, any other member, or any other party based on the provision of, and reliance on, such information.




MERS shall provide, either directly or through a third party, all services, resources, software, equipment and facilities (collectively, the “Services”) as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors of MERS and described more particularly in the Procedures. MERS shall provide the Services in compliance with reasonable performance standards (the “Performance Standards”) as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors of MERS and described more particularly in the Procedures.




Section 1.                                         Work Standards. MERS represents and warrants that the Services shall be

rendered with promptness and diligence in accordance with the practices and high professional standards used in well-managed operations performing services similar to the Services and shall be performed in a workmanlike and cost effective manner. MERS represents and warrants that it shall use, and shall require all third-party vendors to use, adequate numbers of qualified personnel with suitable training, education, experience, and skill to perform the Services and satisfy the Performance Standards.

Section 2. Maintenance. MERS represents and warrants that the equipment and software used in the performance of the Services shall be maintained so that they operate in accordance with the Performance Standards, including (i) maintaining such equipment in good operating condition, subject to normal wear and tear, (ii) undertaking prudent repairs and preventive maintenance on such equipment, and (iii) performing prudent software maintenance, including timely updating software used in the performance of the Services, including the MERS® System, to meet any applicable legal or regulatory changes.

Section 3. Technology. MERS represents and warrants that the Services shall be provided using proven technology which shall take advantage of technological advancements in the industry.


Section 4. Non-Infringement. MERS represents and warrants that it shall, and shall require its Third Party Vendors to, perform its responsibilities in a manner that does not infringe, or constitute an infringement or misappropriation of, any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other propriety rights of any third party.

Section 5. Software Ownership or Use. MERS represents and warrants that, with respect to the software used in the performance of the Services, it either owns, or is authorized to use, the software in the performance of the Services.

Section 6. Authorization. MERS represents and warrants that it has the requisite corporate power and authority to carry out its responsibilities.

Section 7. Viruses. MERS represents and warrants that it and any third-party vendors providing the Services shall not code or introduce any Viruses (defined herein) into the MERS® System and any other systems and software used to provide the Services and it shall take reasonable business precautions to ensure that no Viruses are coded or introduced into the MERS® System and any other systems and software used to provide the Services. The term “Viruses” shall mean any (i) program code, programming instruction or set of instructions intentionally construed with the ability to damage, interfere with or otherwise adversely affect computer programs, data files or operations; or (ii) other code typically designated to be a virus.

Section 8. Disabling Code. MERS represents and warrants that it and any third-party vendor providing the Services shall not insert into the MERS® System and in any other systems


and software used to provide the Services any code which would have the effect of disabling or otherwise shutting down all or any portion of the MERS® System or Services.

Section 9. Millennium Compliant. MERS represents and warrants that the MERS® System shall have the ability to provide all of the following functions: (a) consistently handle date information before, during and after January 1, 2000, including without limitation accepting date input, providing date output, and performing calculations on dates or portions of dates; (b) function accurately and without interruption before, during and after January 1, 2000, without change in operations associated with the advent of the new century; (c) respond to two-digit year-date input in a way that resolves any ambiguity as to century in a disclosed, defined, and predetermined manner; and (d) store and provide output of date information in ways that are unambiguous as to century.

Section 10.                      Licensing and Qualification. MERS                      and                                        Mortgage                         Electronic

Registration Systems, Inc. represents and warrants that each has obtained all state licenses and has qualified to conduct business in all fifty states and the District of Columbia where such licensing and/or qualification is required by law for an entity serving as mortgagee of record, solely as nominee, in an administrative capacity, for the beneficial owner thereof.

Section 11.                      Disaster Recovery Plan.                                                    MERS represents and warrants to the

Member that it has in place and will continue to maintain a fully effective disaster recovery plan.
MERS will routinely (no less often than once per year) test its disaster recovery plan to ensure its

continued effectiveness and capability of protecting its Members in the event of a disaster. MERS will provide the results of such test to the a Member in writing upon request.



Section 1. MERS and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. agree to indemnify the Member and the Member agrees to indemnify MERS and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. in accordance with Section 9 of the MERS Terms and Conditions . In addition to Section 9 of the Terms and Conditions, the following provisions shall apply:

(a)    the indemnified party may but shall not be obligated to participate in the defense at its own expense and using counsel of its own choosing; provided, however, that the indemnifying party has the right to control the defense.

(b)        the indemnified party shall cooperate and provide assistance as the indemnifying party reasonably requests and shall be entitled to recover reasonable costs of providing assistance.

(c)    the indemnifying party shall keep the indemnified party informed on status of claim and litigation.

(d)   the indemnifying party shall not, without indemnified party’s written consent, compromise or settle the claim if such compromise or settlement would impose an injunction or other equitable relief upon indemnified party or such compromise or settlement does not include the third party’s release of the indemnified party.


(e)    if indemnifying party fails to timely defend, contest or otherwise protect against the claim and fails to contest in writing the indemnified party’s right to indemnification, the indemnified party may, but shall not be obligated to defend and make any compromise or settlement and recover the costs thereof from the indemnifying party.

(f)     If the indemnifying party contests in writing the indemnified party’s right to indemnification, then the indemnified party shall defend the claim and may seek to recover all expenses paid by the indemnified party from the indemnifying party, and if successful, shall not be liable to pay the fees and expenses of initiating the mediation or arbitration pursuant to the Member Agreement.




Section 1. The provisions set forth in this Rule 14 are in addition to those provisions set forth in Rule 13 of the MERS Rules of Membership and Paragraph 9 of the MERS Membership Terms and Conditions. To the extent that any provision of this Rule 14 conflicts with any provision of Rule 13 of the MERS Rules of Membership or Paragraph 9 of the MERS Membership Terms and Conditions, the provisions of this Rule 14 shall control.

Section 2. Without regard to responsibility under Paragraph 9 of the MERS Membership Terms and Conditions:

(a)                  It is the Member’s affirmative duty to immediately notify MERSCORP, Inc. of any and all lawsuits or written threats to initiate lawsuits that (i) involve a mortgage loan in which the Member has ownership rights, servicing or subservicing rights, secured interests, or any other significant right or interest, and (ii) name (or threaten to name) MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (whether or not the Member is also a named party).

(b)                  The Member shall notify MERSCORP, Inc. of any claims that are filed against MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (whether or not the Member is also a named party) in response to a proceeding initiated by such Member (either in its own name or in the name of MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.), including without limitation counterclaims that are filed in response to a


foreclosure action commenced by the Member in the name of MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

(c)                                   If the Member has transferred or otherwise terminated its rights and

interests in a mortgage loan, and receives notice of a lawsuit, a written threat to initiate a lawsuit or a claim (as such lawsuits, threatened lawsuits and claims are described in Section 2(a) and (b) of this Rule 14) from the MERSCORP, Inc. mailroom, the Member must notify MERSCORP, Inc. of (i) such lawsuit, threatened lawsuit or claim, and (ii) the transfer or termination of the Member’s rights and interests in the subject mortgage loan.

Section 3. The Member shall notify MERSCORP, Inc. of all lawsuits, threatened lawsuits or claims (as such lawsuits, threatened lawsuits and claims are described in Section 2(a) and (b) of this Rule 14), regardless of the method, person or entity by which the Member receives notice of such lawsuits, threatened lawsuits or claims.

(a)                                                                                     All notifications required by this Rule 14 shall include (as applicable):

(i)                    the name of the lawsuit, and the county, state and court in which the lawsuit is filed;

(ii)                   the Mortgage Identification Number (MIN) of the mortgage loan involved;

(iii)                 the date the complaint was filed and the date the Answer is due;

(iv)                 the name and phone number of the contact person of the Member with respect to the subject lawsuit, threatened lawsuit or claim (which may be in-house counsel);


(v)                  the name and telephone number of the attorney and law firm, if any, retained by the Member with respect to the subject lawsuit or claim; and

(vi)                 a copy of all pleadings with respect to the subject lawsuit or claim in the possession of the Member or a copy of the written threat to initiate a lawsuit (as applicable).

(b)                  All notices required by this Rule 14 shall be sent to the attention of the General Counsel of MERSCORP, Inc. either via fax to (703) 748-0183 (which is confirmed by transmission report or equivalent thereof), via e-mail to (which is confirmed by delivery report or equivalent thereof), via registered or certified mail (return receipt requested and postage prepaid) to 1818 Library Street, Suite 300, Reston, VA 20190, or via a nationally recognized overnight courier (prepaid and providing proof of delivery) to 1818 Library Street, Suite 300, Reston, VA 20190.

(c)                   A Member shall in no way be relieved of its obligations under Paragraph 9 of the MERS Membership Terms and Conditions by (i) the failure of the Member to receive proper notification from a third party with respect to a lawsuit, threatened lawsuit or claim, or (ii) the proper notification, pursuant to this Rule 14, of a lawsuit, threatened lawsuit or claim from the Member to MERSCORP, Inc.

Section 4. It is the responsibility of the Member to inform its retained counsel of the Member’s indemnification obligations under the MERS Membership Terms and Conditions and the MERS Rules of Membership (including without limitation this Rule 14). With respect to


a Member Indemnified Claim (as that term is defined in Paragraph 9 of the MERS Membership Terms and Conditions), Member and/or its retained counsel shall take all necessary and appropriate actions to assert promptly valid defenses available to MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (as applicable), even if such defenses are unavailable to the Member, including without limitation the defense that the claim against MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (as applicable) should be dismissed as a claim against an inappropriate party.

(a)                                         If a Member and/or its retained counsel fails to acknowledge in writing its

obligations (including its obligation to defend) under Paragraph 9 of the MERS Membership Terms and Conditions with respect to a Member Indemnified Claim, within the earlier date of (i) thirty (30) days after receipt by the Member of notice of the Member Indemnified Claim, either from MERSCORP, Inc., Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. or a third party, and (ii) thirty (30) days prior to the deadline for MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (as applicable) to submit an initial response to the Member Indemnified Claim, then MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (as applicable) shall have the right (but not the obligation) to hire independent counsel and to undertake the defense, settlement and/or compromise of such Member Indemnified Claim on behalf of, and at the sole expense of, the Member.

(b)                                                                                                               Regardless of whether a Member, MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage

Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. defended a Member Indemnified Claim or none of these
entities defended such claim, and regardless of whether MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage




Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. had notice of the Member Indemnified Claim, if a judgment is entered against MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. for such claim, the Member shall immediately post a Surety Bond or Letter of Credit for the amount of the judgment pending any motions to set aside or vacate the judgment; or appeal of the judgment; or any challenges made by either the Member or MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. to the judgment. It is the Member’s responsibility to pay the amount of the judgment and any other related Indemnified Payments (as that term is defined in Paragraph 9 of the MERS Membership Terms and Conditions) on behalf of MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (as applicable), and (ii) if MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. defends against the enforcement of a judgment (which MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. shall have the right to do in its discretion), the Member shall promptly reimburse MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (as applicable) the amount of the Indemnified Payments related to such defense.

(c)                                                                                                  With respect to a Member Indemnified Claim, the Member shall

provide MERSCORP, Inc. with (i) copies of all public pleadings it receives from third parties (and notice of protected pleadings it receives from third parties), (ii) copies of all public pleadings it files on its own behalf, and (iii) copies of all pleadings it files on behalf of MERSCORP, Inc. and/or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

Section 5. The obligations of the Member under this Rule 14 shall survive the termination of the Member’s use of the MERS® System

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There might be a few job-related disadvantages however. 

Your name, if you use your real one, which is optional, will be published throughout the internet and all other forms of the media. You face countless depositions from attorneys, but we usually get those blocked for you at no expense to you. you don’t get a salary, health benefits or insurance, but you do get a really fancy title like vice president or assistant secretary. We may only employ you for a short time, depending on the amount of lawsuits we face because of the actions you performed at our request.

If you have a conscious, morals, or hate the site of homeless people no need to apply




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Right of Rescission

Regulation Z: The Right-of-Rescission

The right-of-rescission rules are technical, and the consequences of noncompliance can be very costly to the Banks.  Take the time to review the right of rescission rules for closed-end credit.

What is the right of rescission?

The right of rescission is a consumer protection law found within the Truth in Lending Act

Truth In Lending Act — Regulation Z

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Title I of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, is aimed at promoting the informed use of consumer credit by requiring disclosures about its terms and costs. In general, this regulation applies to each individual or business that offers or extends credit when the credit is offered or extended to consumers; the credit is subject to a finance charge or is payable by a written agreement in more than four installments; the credit is primarily for personal, family or household purposes; and the loan balance equals or exceeds $25,000.00 or is secured by an interest in real property or a dwelling.

TILA is intended to enable the customer to compare the cost of cash versus credit transaction and the difference in the cost of credit among different lenders. The regulation also requires a maximum interest rate to be stated in variable rate contracts secured by the borrower’s dwelling, imposes limitations on home equity plans that are subject to the requirements of certain sections of the Act and requires a maximum interest that may apply during the term of a mortgage loan. TILA also establishes disclosure standards for advertisements that refer to certain credit terms.

In addition to financial disclosure, TILA provides consumers with substantive rights in connection with certain types of credit transactions to which it relates, including a right of rescission in certain real estate lending transactions, regulation of certain credit card practices and a means for fair and timely resolution of credit billing disputes. This discussion will be limited to those provisions of TILA that relate specifically to the mortgage lending process, including:

1. Early and Final Regulation Z Disclosure Requirements

2. Disclosure Requirements for ARM Loans

3. Right of Rescission

4. Advertising Disclosure Requirements

Early and Final Regulation Z Disclosure Requirements:

TILA requires lenders to make certain disclosures on loans subject to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) within three business days after their receipt of a written application. This early disclosure statement is partially based on the initial information provided by the consumer. A final disclosure statement is provided at the time of loan closing. The disclosure is required to be in a specific format and include the following information:

  • Name and address of creditor
  • Amount financed
  • Itemization of amount financed (optional, if Good Faith Estimate is provided)
  • Finance charge
  • Annual percentage rate (APR)
  • Variable rate information
  • Payment schedule
  • Total of payments
  • Demand feature
  • Total sales price
  • Prepayment policy
  • Late payment policy
  • Security interest
  • Insurance requirements
  • Certain security interest charges
  • Contract reference
  • Assumption policy
  • Required deposit information

Disclosure Requirements for ARM Loans:

If the annual percentage rate on a loan secured by the consumer’s principal dwelling may increase after consummation and the term of the loan exceeds one year, TILA requires additional adjustable rate mortgage disclosures to be provided, including:

  • The booklet titled Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages, published by the Board and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board or a suitable substitute.
  • A loan program disclosure for each variable-rate program in which the consumer expresses an interest. The loan program disclosure shall contain the necessary information as prescribed by Regulation Z.
  • TILA requires servicers to provide subsequent disclosure to consumers on variable rate transactions in each month an interest rate adjustment takes place.

Right of Rescission:

In a credit transaction in which a security interest is or will be retained or acquired in a consumer’s principal dwelling, each consumer whose ownership is or will be subject to the security interest has the right to rescind the transaction. Lenders are required to deliver two copies of the notice of the right to rescind and one copy of the disclosure statement to each consumer entitled to rescind. The notice must be on a separate document that identifies the rescission period on the transaction and must clearly and conspicuously disclose the retention or acquisition of a security interest in the consumer’s principal dwelling; the consumer’s right to rescind the transaction; and how the consumer may exercise the right to rescind with a form for that purpose, designating the address of the lender’s place of business.

In order to exercise the right to rescind, the consumer must notify the creditor of the rescission by mail, telegram or other means of communication. Notice is considered given when mailed, filed for telegraphic transmission or sent by other means, when delivered to the lender’s designated place of business. The consumer may exercise the right to rescind until midnight of the third business day following consummation of the transaction; delivery of the notice of right to rescind; or delivery of all material disclosures, whichever occurs last. When more than one consumer in a transaction has the right to rescind, the exercise of the right by one consumer shall be effective for all consumers.

When a consumer rescinds a transaction, the security interest giving rise to the right of rescission becomes void and the consumer will no longer be liable for any amount, including any finance charge. Within 20 calendar days after receipt of a notice of rescission, the lender is required to return any money or property that was given to anyone in connection with the transaction and must take any action necessary to reflect the termination of the security interest. If the lender has not delivered any money or property, the consumer may retain possession until the lender has complied with the above.

The consumer may modify or waive the right to rescind if the consumer determines that the extension of credit is needed to meet a bona fide personal financial emergency. To modify or waive the right, the consumer must give the lender a dated written statement that describes the emergency, specifically modifies or waives the right to rescind and bears the signature of all of the consumers entitled to rescind. Printed forms for this purpose are prohibited.

Advertising Disclosure Requirements:

If a lender advertises directly to a consumer, TILA requires the advertisement to disclose the credit terms and rate in a certain manner. If an advertisement for credit states specific credit terms, it may state only those terms that actually are or will be arranged or offered by the lender. If an advertisement states a rate of finance charge, it may state the rate as an “annual percentage rate” (APR) using that term. If the annual percentage rate may be increased after consummation the advertisement must state that fact. The advertisement may not state any other rate, except that a simple annual rate or periodic rate that is applied to an unpaid balance may be stated in conjunction with, but not more conspicuously than, the annual percentage rate.

The closed-end rescission rules discussed in this article are found in Title 12 CFR Regulation Z 226.23

The open-end rescission rules discussed in this article are found in Title 12 CFR Regulation Z 226.15

Who is able to rescind a loan?

The right of rescission doesn’t apply just to borrowers.  All consumers who have an ownership interest in the property have the right to rescind.

While other parts of Regulation Z typically focus on the borrowers, this is one area where you need to look beyond the applicants, and identify any and all owners of the home being pledged on the transaction. Often times this will require looking at title work and making note of all fee owners of the property.

What does the right of rescission require of lenders?

The right of rescission requires lenders to provide certain “material disclosures” and multiple copies of the right of rescission notice to EACH owner of the property.  Following proper disclosures, lenders must wait at least three business days (until you are reasonably satisfied that the owners have not rescinded) before disbursing loan proceeds.

When does the three-day rescission time clock begin to tick?

The three-day right of rescission period begins once the material disclosures and notice have been given, and lasts three full business days. Business days are defined by Regulation Z to include all calendar days except Sundays and federal holidays. Saturday IS considered a business day for rescission purposes, regardless of whether your offices are open.

In order to properly complete the Notice of Right to Rescind form, you need to know how to calculate the rescission period.  Consider the following example.

Assume a closing is set for Thursday, November 15th, 2001, and that all material disclosures and notices are provided to the parties at that time. The rescission period would run:

Friday, November 16, 2010;

Saturday, November. 17, 2010, and

Monday, November 19, 2010.

Sunday is not counted since it is not considered a business day. The rescission period would end at midnight on November 19, 2010.

When may a borrower waive the right of rescission?

Regulation Z allows borrowers to waive their rescission rights, but this exception only applies in very limited circumstances. The law is protective of the right of rescission, and you should be too.

Borrowers may waive their rescission rights and receive their loan proceeds immediately only if they have what is called a “bona fide personal financial emergency.” This means a financial emergency of the magnitude that waiting an additional three days will be personally or financially devastating to the borrower.  It might include situations involving natural disasters such as flooding, or a medical emergency that requires immediate funds. When this type of situation does arise, the borrower must provide a written explanation of his or her circumstances to the financial institution. This is not a document that you should draft for the borrower.

Waiving the right of rescission is not a common practice, mostly because doing it wrong can backfire and create a rescindable loan, causing all kinds of problems down the road.

What happens once the rescission period is over?

After the right-of-rescission period has expired, make sure you feel reasonably certain that the consumer has not rescinded before you disburse the loan proceeds.  There are some risks in disbursing after the third day.  For example, the law allows consumers to exercise their rescission rights by mail, and a rescission is effective when mailed.  Thus, a rescission mailed on the third day after closing is effective even though the lender may not receive it until the fourth or fifth day after the closing. Because of this potential timing problem, Regulation Z suggests that lenders take extra precautions to ensure that the loan has not been rescinded.

To avoid further delay of the loan proceeds, you may want to obtain a confirmation statement from all the owners stating that they have not exercised their rescission rights. Such a written confirmation provides written documentation that the transaction has not been rescinded. Notice of rescission form contains this confirmation language, which can be an effective way to resolve the rescission issue quickly.

(Note, however, that owners should not sign this confirmation until after the three day period is over.  Otherwise, it may look like they have improperly waived their rescission rights.)

What are the consequences of noncompliance?

There are serious consequences for failing to follow the right-of-rescission rules.  First, until a lender provides the material disclosures and the proper Notice of Right to Rescind, the three-business day rescission period does not start to run, and the transaction remains rescindable for up to three years.  And once a consumer rescinds a transaction, the security interest in the property becomes void and you must reimburse the consumer for all of the finance charges collected over the life of the loan.

Keep in mind that most rescission errors are alleged in response to collection actions or other litigation initiated by the lender.  Because of this, it is important to regularly review your institution’s right of rescission compliance program generally, as well as to verify compliance on the individual level before initiating action against any one borrower.


  1. Examine Mortgage documents for TILA violations (up to $2,000.00 in fines for each violation may be available)
  2. Write rescission letter to Lender and Agents
  3. Send rescission letter to Lender and Agents certified mail
  4. Wait 20 business days for Lender and Agents to respond
  5. Receive Lenders response (if any; usually the Lender defaults)
  6. Write default letter to Lender and Agents
  7. Send default letter to Lender and Agents certified mail
  8. Write “Qualified Written Request
  9. Send  “Qualified Written Request” letter to Lender and Agents certified mail
  10. Wait 60 business days
  11. File complaint (lawsuit)
  12. Lender may respond by sending many (300) pages of fluff. (stall tactics)
  13.  In some cases Lender will make offer to settle
  14. You negotiate to void Lenders security interest in the property and demand payment of violations fines and free and clear title. (all of these damages may not be available in your case)
  15. Lender agrees
  16. Security interest in the property is voided and you collect violation fines and Lender gives you free and clear title

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As any detective or investigator will tell you, “follow the money”, it will always lead to solve the crime. The crime we are talking about here is foreclosure fraud (Fraudclosure) . The main crime consists of many smaller crimes such as perjury, forgery, false credentials, improper paperwork, etc. However, the common factor in all these crimes is the fact that they leave a paper trail. The trail cannot be undone or hidden because the documents are either in the Public Records or Court filing, and several other locations not commonly known.

Everyone always looks at the “Robo-Signer” aspect of foreclosure defense, which is obvious and well established now. We know who they are and were, but that took us years to uncover. The banks don’t have the proper paperwork, and the law firms under investigation aren’t going to continue the practice they got away with for years, so the next logical question is “ What are the banks going to do now?” One simple answer is get all new robo-signers, it will take us years to uncover this, and if they are less careless and cavalier this time around, they will change their M.O.. One thing they can never change is the Pooling and Service agreements, certified accounting and sworn reporting to the IRS and the SEC. Insofar  as SEC filings can be found at Edgar’s Database which contains all 8K & 10K filings necessary to be filed.

The documents you need to defend are contained within the accounting practices. All securitized loans must be registered and properly accounted for. No matter how the Banksters “cooked the books”, the money has to show up somewhere, you just need to know where to look. This also creates an excellent item for discovery and production purposes. The standards and requirements for this are extremely stringent and carefully monitored by the government. Without the ability to prove an equitable transfer, or best case scenario, satisfaction of the loan debt, Summary Judgment standards are not possible. In Bankruptcy Court, this creates the ideal adversarial proceeding.

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